But the purpose of that video was to encourage people to go out support their time. Centers um and you know, get back out there, especially after everythings been going on with the pandemic. Personally, i really think um that supporting time centers and supporting local businesses is something we have to do. If you have a strong town center, its going to be a place where people come its going to create a sense of community its going to create a sense of pride – and i think that all creates this feedback look into just improving local society. Local culture in general, so yes support your time. Centers. If you can always be willing, i always say always be willing to pay a bit more uh. I can sort of think of that as im. You know: im not im. Im im. Yes, im spending a little bit more than i have online, but im contributing to something that long term is going to benefit me if youre going to be selfish about it, but thats also going to benefit a lot of other people as well. Now, high on earth did manage to shoot that video. How did who gave me permission? Was it legal and what equipment did i use well? First of all. Yes, it was legal. I had permission that was done for the council and for the local business improvement district and what made it okay from a regulation point of view all boils down to the fact.

I was able to use this tiny, tiny, little fpv drone. That means that i flew this with a pair of goggles on, and i can see like this camera on the front here as it flies. It means you can do a lot more like close quarters flying and more kind of complex moves than you could get with a normal video drone. So, yes flew with this its under 250 grams thats, a big part of it. We had to shoot really really really early in the morning, but 6am well, ive been up earlier, but 6am um, just after sunrise, so the sun was bright enough. I had a spotter with me who was able to watch out for traffic and made sure that when we were flying, we did not fly over anybodys heads or over traffic, even though, even though flying this category of uh quadcopter, this at this weight actually means its Fine to fly over peoples, peoples heads as long as youre, not doing it uh deliberately. We still want wanted to avoid that. I also have a a2cfc certification, which removes a lot of restrictions uh for me and means i can do commercial operations. Ive got insurance um and i created a risk assessment. A flight plan and a lot of paperwork went into making sure that this was all done safely and legally and thats how it was done. Please do not have your knuckle down center with your drone thinking that you can just go and fly you cant and then from a more technical point of view.

If you really want to know um the camera on here shoots this um, if you really under the gopro here, wait on here, shoots this sort of raw flat, looking image, thats, really jittery and shaggy, and then what is clever. Gopros have uh a gyroscope inside records. Gyroscopic information that gyroscopic information is then fed into stabilization software, which analyzes the footage it takes. The takes the gyro information and smooths it. I use really steady, go and it gives me the smoothest footage possible, and i then take that into my editing. Software. Do a color pass on it just to bring out the colors that were in the skies that day, do my edit and my sound effects? Add music and i get the final video. So, yes, its a lot of work and quite a bit of investment, sort of work id like to do more of so, if youve any projects that might require this kind of thing you can, let me know, but just want to give you a little bit of Insight into how that was done have a look around the channel. I make videos about outdoor stuff about drones, about running bit of an odd mix. Have a look you might find stuff you like and uh. Maybe at some point youll hear buzz buzz get over the top of your head ill.