courtesy of check out their site for more cool quadcopters. Just like this one. Now this foldable brushless gps drone has a 4k camera thats stabilized with a 3 axis. Gimbal and digital image stabilization, it has optical flow positioning and plenty of automated features such as auto takeoff, auto land return to home waypoints. Follow me circle me gesture control and plenty of others, so lets check it out. Now the drone comes in this white rectangular box, showing the quadcopter there in the front, and this is the flyhal fx1 for ages, 14 plus – and this is an exact rebrand of the mjx bug 16 pro. So both drones are exactly identical, except for cosmetic differences and down below. You could see a group of icons there showing all the features it has, such as 4k, camera 3 axis, gimbal, 5g, wi, fi, etc, etc. On the top, not much going on here on the side, you could see the gimbal on this side. You can see the controller nothing below and in the back you have some qr codes for uh, the app and various other materials, and you have some product notes down below so now. Lets open this up and take a look inside see what we get and right away. We could see that we have a nice case here. Silvery grayish case so well set the box here over to the side and now lets take a look here, its a nice.

Well constructed case good material and its kind of like leathery and pretty solid, has a nice handle here and a zipper and it says, fly how there so lets open it up and take a look inside lets unzip here and open it up and theres a protective Cover so well set that aside and as you can see, theres an inner pocket with the instruction manual and some accessories and the drone is nice and neatly packed away in there, along with the transmitter, so lets first open up the inner pocket and take a closer Look here it comes with the instruction manuals and accessories so heres, the instruction booklet and theres also a quick start guide, so theres a lot of good information there on the operation of the drone and well set that aside, then we have the drones, charge, cable and A screwdriver to change the propellers and the charge cable can be plugged directly into the battery to charge the batteries, and then here we have the spare propellers. It comes with four spare propellers, so pretty good. There are four folding spare propellers so well set. That aside here now lets take a closer look at the drone here. So this is a folding drone, but it has a different style of folding, its more of an elongated shape, not quite as compact as say, a mavic um, but uh it folds more like a parrot, an offi, as you can see here, simple folding and then the Legs come out like so and uh.

It does quite look like a mavic, but its also kind of like an anafi paired. An offi here is the gimbal guard that protects the three axis gimbal inside there and down below. We have the bright, led landing light. The optical flow positioning, sensor or camera, and we have some rubbery landing legs, and then we have bright leds around the drone with different colors. We have the smart battery here. That shows the level of charge. So very neat drone very well constructed lets. Look here at the transmitter, this kind of looks like a mavic, dji mavic transmitter and has these folding arms here. So you have good grips there. Then it has these folding antennas and you know good comfortable controls and ergonomics, and it has this fold out mobile device or phone mount right here. So you can put a pretty large phone on there and it takes two double a batteries. So uh pretty nifty controller. Here with some telemetry there on the screen, and so a very good set that you can get with one two and i believe up to three batteries so now lets take a closer look at the drone. Now, taking a closer look at the drone, this is a very sleek looking drone that somewhat resembles a dji mavic, but also has some of the characteristics of a parrot anafi, especially in the way that it folds here in the front, you could see its 4k camera On a 3 axis gimbal and the camera shoots at 60 frames per second in 1080p and 30 frames per second in 4k um.

It also has electronic image stabilization, which you could see here. It says 4k eis, and it has powerful brushless motors, which are 2204 1000 kv motors, and also it has onboard footage by using this sd card slot located right here on the side of the drone. So you could put up to a 32 gig sd card and record on board footage which is great now lets take a closer look at the battery and it has a locking mechanism here, where you can simply snap it out and its a pretty large battery at 11.4, volts 3200 milliamps and it takes about four or five hours to fully charge the battery and it charges through a usbc port right here on the side of the battery. So you need a usbc cable which it comes with and its somewhat of a smart battery. In the sense that it shows you the level of charge here with these led lights and it provides the quadcopter with around the 28 minute flight time, so it just simply snaps and locks back into place there, and, as mentioned before, this is a folding drone that Folds somewhat like a parrot, an offi, its pretty simple to fold in and out you just just bring in the legs there and snap everything back into place there and align the propellers accordingly and, as you could see it its quite long and elongated there, when its All folded and compact, but it still fits in the case very well and unfolding.

It is very simple: just snap everything back out again and its very solid and stable and right below you could see the bright led landing light. You could see the optical flow camera underneath the drone and there are several rubbery landing legs throughout the bottom, so its very stable and the landing light provides optical flow during dark environments. Also, there are many bright leds throughout the drone very colorful, so you can see theres lights there at the top on the back here in the front, so definitely good for orientation, especially flying during the early evening hours, so very bright, colorful well oriented drone, and then You can simply shut it down by double pressing the uh battery button there, so very good, solid drone, and so now lets take a closer look at its transmitter. Now, taking a closer look at the controller, this is a very comfortable and compact dji, like transmitter and here on the front of the screen. Theres a lot of telemetry such as the signal strength, the distance, the height the number of satellites, whether gps is enabled or not the rate of speed the charge level on both the drone and controller. So a lot of good telemetry there on the screen heres the on off switch. Then we have the motor lock and unlock button. We have our left throttle stick followed by our right rudder. Stick then we have the photo and video button. So a short press takes a photo, long press shoots video.

Then we have our return to home button right here on the upper right. Here we have the gps switch, so you can enable or disable gps and if you disable gps, itll use the optical flow positioning. Here we have the fold out antennas and one of them is a valid antenna because it has wiring behind it, and then we have these fold out grips underneath the controller, so it provides a very comfortable folding grips there and behind the controller we have a lid. Here that holds a slot for two double a batteries which is what powers the controller and then right here we have a fold out mobile device or mobile phone mount here, so you could put a pretty uh large cell phone there, because theres plenty of space, but Not quite a tablet and itll hold it securely in place and then looking here at the top of the controller, we have these two wheels. The one on the left is just for decoration, but the one on the right is an actual uh spin wheel for tilting the camera up or down at the upper left. Here youll see the button for the auto takeoff and land and then over here, on the right hand, side this button. If you short press it itll turn on and off the landing lights. And if you long press it itll change the rates of speed to either low or high, and so this controller provides the quadcopter with around a kilometer range of control.

So now lets take a closer look at setting this up for a first time flight. Now, setting up for a first time flight is very straightforward. Once you have a fully charged battery inserted into the drone along with an sd card and have a fresh set of batteries inserted into the transmitter, along with a mobile device, youd proceed to activate the drone by double pressing and keeping the battery button pressed at the Top of the drone like so until it turns on, and you should see the bright leds start to flash at this point, you keep the red motor, lock button, pressed and turn on the controller at the same time, and it should automatically bind with the quadcopter so Make sure the drone is at the ground level flat and not moving, because during this initialization phase it will calibrate the gyros and level off the drone for flight. And then you should see an icon on the transmitter indicating that the gps compass will need to be calibrated, so you will need to rotate the drone uh three or four spins on its flat horizontal axis until the colors on the drone lights change, so youd rotate. It about three or four spins and you should see the lights change at that point. You got ta rotate the drone either upwards or downwards, and rotate it another three or four spins on its vertical axis. Until the lights change once again, so you just spin it three or four times and youll see the lights change.

Then you set the drone flat on the ground level again and just simply wait for satellites and gps connection. You should see the lights go green on the drone, and you should also see the satellite count on the transmitter go up. At that point, you have home, lock and youll be able to do return to home. You could start the motors by pressing the red unlock button and it should start the rotors and then you can simply take off. You can hit the auto takeoff button. You can turn off gps and take off if necessary, so theres plenty of takeoff options, but during this phase were going to connect to the drones wi fi, to use the app so lets do that. So once in your mobile devices, wi fi settings, you want to make sure you connect to an entry that says drone 4g dash and a serial number and initially there is no default wi fi password or anything like that. So you could simply connect to that. Drone. 4G entry and then you want to make sure youve downloaded and installed this mrc pro app in either the ios or android app store. So once downloaded, you go ahead and proceed to launch that app by clicking the icon, and you should be greeted with this screen. Right here and at the upper left, you have your language options and lower right. You have the photo gallery. So if you click the language options, you can switch between english, french, so on and so forth.

If you click the photo gallery icon on the lower right, you can access all the safe photos and videos in either the sd card or the app. But the main option you want to enter on the main screen is start. So once you click start, you will have a couple of intro screens such as this one here that tells you what all the icons within the app indicate or what they mean and then youll have another sub screen here. That shows you in more detail what all the options and icons represent, but then youll go into the live fpv view mode with the drone, and the fpv range on this drone is around 500 meters. So youll have the live view here and here in the app you have lots of telemetry and indicators and statuses at the top. You can see the number of satellites um the signal, strength, um and and theres plenty of options and settings. You can also see the distance and the height so a lot of different options there. If you click the eyeball icon there at the top, you can switch to vr mode or fpv mode. So itll basically split the screen and then you can put the mobile device or cell phone in vr goggles and fly this in fpv style. And then you can exit out of that and then moving on to other options here on the screen, you can click the settings icon on the upper left and here you can adjust the max flight altitude, the distance.

You know a lot of different parameters. Then you have a subset of options here where you can perform gyro and compass calibrations, and then you finally have your flight logs here. So you can see the dates and the distances and the altitudes for all your flights going back again to the main screen uh, where you can record the photo and video on the right, theres, more options for photo and video uh. Here you can pick whether you record at 4k, 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 frames per second, you can also adjust the saturation, the brightness uh, the color scales so on and so forth, the iso and – and then you can of course go to the Last subset of options on your framing options and uh, whether you format the sd card and now on the left side of the main screen. Theres a map view at the bottom. Where you can draw your waypoints, then you have your auto takeoff and land icons, but the first icon is where you choose your advanced flight mode, such as follow me circle me or headless mode. So a lot of neat features and options within the app overall. An excellent package, a drone with many features at this budget price point. This can very well be candidate for budget drone of the year since it has a very smooth, high quality camera, the stabilization and the quality of the 4k camera. At this price point – and this range are excellent – and the performance and the number of features for this budget drone are amazing, so definitely highly recommended so uh lets take it up for a flight and see how it performs Music, good, Music, so Music, oh, so, hmm! Oh, oh, Music, hmm, um, Music, Music, ah Music Applause, so so so so so: Music, uh Music, so Music, so Music, so so so, Music, so Music.