Today i have a camera drone from banggood. I purchased this for about 25 dollars. It was 24.62 and with the shipping it cost me 27.30, which is great. It has a camera. It came with two batteries, it is called, fly, hole e69 drone and it doesnt have anything too sophisticated like gps or high resolution camera, but it should be a nice drone to be able to fly indoors as well as outdoors. I will call these kind of drones not really toy grade, but beginner drone so lets open it up and see so here it is all the contents. The package is very basic, came in a cheap plastic, clamshell thats, fine, the drone itself. It is a folding drone. So lets fold out the the arms i wouldnt call it uh like a micro drone, its between mini and outdoor size. I think this can be flown indoors as well as outdoors when there is not much wind, it looks uh nice i mean typical. The camera is on this mount that you can just manually change the angle by going up or down the most it goes down is about 45 degrees, as you can see, it doesnt go any further, but probably dont need. There is something here. Is this a camera? No, probably not, i think, theres a place where a camera for on downward facing for optical flow positioning sensor, but it is not, i think, and here on one of the motors i found this a tiny little screw.

I dont know where it came from. It may be one of these, but nothing seems to be missing, so all the screws i have to recheck everything just make sure. Maybe this was from the fact it got stuck to the magnet of the motor so ill. Keep it as a spare over here and then the controller. The transmitter lets see how many batteries it takes. It takes three aaa batteries. Then there is the phone holder that should be going in here like this and interesting. This top is pretty plasticky im, not sure. If its going to able to hold my thick samsung phone, i may have to take the casing off for it to stay and all the buttons are labeled. I love that you know. Sometimes you get a transmitter, nothing is labeled, so i start putting little sticky tape and then writing on them. But here everything is well labeled here you have photo and video button, and here is the 3d roll folders doing flips, and then i can tell like this. These are trim buttons, probably for the right hand, stick, and then this is should be the speed button im, assuming that it has like three speeds: low, medium and high in terms of rates. How fast it flies. This may be the headless mode im just guessing, and this should be take off. One key take off and one key land buttons very nicely presented. The drone itself has the battery one of the batteries.

Already, on the back, as i mentioned, this is the two battery version, so they put the second battery in this little package. What else do we have the ubiquitous micro, phillips screwdriver for opening this and as well as replacing the props, and they gave one of each type of prop? One is a one is b, so, as you know, on the drones, there are two types of prop: one is counterclockwise rotating, the other one, its clockwise rotating. So when you are replacing, you have to replace a with a or b with b. If you ever hit the wall and then break something and what is missing in this package, in my opinion, i have to check if there is nothing else, are the prop guards. Usually these come with prop cars they attach over here, and i have seen those like that before very similar on very similar drones like this, but this one doesnt have it. They should have put that in the package i mean: how much more will it cost? Probably a couple cents and it will probably help a beginner flying indoors because you are bound to hit the walls of the furniture, so it will protect the props, and here is the charger, so it just connects to a usb adapter and then the other end goes Directly to the battery itself, i like that, because in some drones and helicopters it goes on to the body of the drone. So in order to be able to charge the battery, you have to have it inside the drone.

So its not like that this has its own port and then the instruction manual it comes in six different languages, as you can see, and its a color. It feels high quality and im just going to skim through it. It has color images for the app and then here there are the qr codes for the app depending if you have an iphone or android phone its. So it looks like a well written with little schematics and images screenshots of the app so overall, its a nice package for what i paid about. You know 25 over 25. So when i connected the battery, the red light came on means its charging. The light will go off once the charging is complete. Well, the second battery is charging lets, take a closer look at the drone and the transmitter. So this is what i would call a mini drone, its not really micro, its, not really the ones that are the toy drones. This is maybe one level higher ill call this one, the beginner, drone or kind of like a transition drone. It is a really small, very compact, the way you fold the arms. You know you, the the bottom ones first and then the top ones. Otherwise, these get in the way, as you can see the front ones next, and this way it will easily fit in your pocket, of course, not the back pocket. If you sit on it, its going to break the plastic quality is good.

It doesnt feel too brittle its kind of like a soft touch to it, the camera in the front it can just tilt up and down. This is not very tight, so it may move a little bit. I wish they did it a little tighter like if you push it all the way up, it just tries to come back, so there is a sweet spot where it just stays on, and if you try to pull it too too far down, it will also resist A little bit so the camera angle can be changed about 45 degrees, not 90 degrees. There are two white led lights in the front. Let me turn this on by just pressing on this button, so they are blinking right now, as you can see, and to bind it to the transmitter. You turn on the transmitter. The left stick is the altitude and rotation stick so with this one. In order to bind you go up and it will be, and you go down and the lights stop blinking, meaning that they formed a connection. So now this drone is bound to this transmitter. This drone has altitude hold, meaning that you do not need to modulate the throttle. Stick the left hand stick going up and down controls the altitude changes. If you push it up its going to go up, it is push it down. It will come down at the center, it should hold its lt thats, the reason its called altitude hold.

This is done via an integrated barometer, and usually these kind of drones tend to drift a little bit up and down a couple inches up and down and the higher the quality the less drift. Now this drone doesnt have, as i mentioned, an optical flow sensor, meaning that it doesnt have a downward facing camera looking down at the image and keeping it in one location from that image. So when you are flying this indoors around objects or outdoors in the wind, this is going to drift, so its a very basic drone. But as i mentioned, i like the controller, because everything is labeled and the way you calibrate this drone just using the transmitter, you dont need the app to fly it. You pull both of the sticks to the lower right hand, corners like that, and then the lights will blink quickly and it does the calibration when you are doing that, make sure it is on a flat surface and to start it up. You pull these down and out both of them and hold it there for like a split second like that, and then it will start the motors and then to turn them off just pull down the altitude. Stick the left stick, and there is also, of course, a one key takeoff and landing im not going to show it here, because you have in close quarters but ill come to that very quickly. Now the app provides a lot of functionality and the biggest one is being able to take videos and pictures, and when you take those that will be saved on your smartphone, you download the app using one of the qr codes.

My phone is on android phone, so im just going to close the other two qr codes. So it goes to the play store and it is this app vs fpv, and i already have this app for another drone and just opens it up and waits for us to connect to the drone. You go to the wi fi settings of your phone and this should come up as vs 1080p and with some numbers and thats the network, the wi fi network of this drone. So you select that and it will start connecting now the reason, its called a 1080p because it has its claimed to have a 1080p camera. So this is an hd camera. Of course we are going to test it out later and once we take some videos, i will include them in the review and i will indicate what resolution they have now. It is connected the next thing we are going to go to its app, which is vsfpv. So lets start that app and once that app starts lets connect its connecting right now and now we have live feed. As you can see, we have live feed and it looks like the camera is not a fish eye or wide angle camera. It is just a great regular camera, because this is looking really close to my face and it is not giving a wide view of the room right now. So this is not one of those fisheye cameras that have a wide viewing angle.

In order to be able to control the drone with the app, what you have to do is just push to that button called off. It will turn it on, and then you have to put it to ltd tool, because this app can be used with other drones. As well, and some of them are just regular drones with the throttle control no altitude at all, so we have to put it in the altitude hold mode, which is those two triangles facing each other. And now, as you see the left hand, stick came to the center now its in the altitude hold, and then you can change. Of course, many other things. So in the middle top you have the rates. Thirty percent, you click it once it becomes. Sixty percent and hundred percent go back and then this is the gravity mode right now activate it. So the phone is horizontal. The right stick is centered, and then you go forward back right left. I dont like this mode, so i always prefer flying it sticks and if the transmitter is not available, just use it use this manually by with my finger and then, if you go to the settings, you have different things like this is reversing the image lets response And then its turn, the image upside down and press it again pull bring the right side up. The second one from the top on the red is the virtual reality view. So if you have these goggles, where you can slide in your your phone, you can slide that in and then have kind of like a view through the drones camera and to feel like you are actually riding the drone.

So lets turn that off. This must be the headless mode, its showing the north, south, east and west, and then on the bottom of it. This should be the calibrate, but it doesnt look like its working because i press it and then i dont see the lights blinking. So again you have to you know to calibrate you pull both sticks to the lower right hand, corner and thats the app. There is also the camera and then video. So you can just take a picture, so it looks like it took a picture and let me try again rotate it and then see. If i can take a picture by using this button on the on the transmitter, it just blinked, i dont know if it saved it or not, cannot tell and then im going to start the video using the app. So it should be. Recording now lets stop that and then im going to do a long press here it should be recording now, but i dont see it on the app. Maybe when the app is on, maybe it doesnt record that way in any case, im going to long press again. If it has been recording im just going to stop it and then theres like the music button and you just select the music and then record – probably a music video lets close that so probably these are the one key take out one key landing and emergency: stop. Okay, let me now turn off the app, so lets see ill, be able to use these buttons to take a picture im going to press it again.

Maybe just take a picture of the box. Okay, this time it made a sound and then maybe like a do. A long press, yes now the app is showing actually the video is recording, so you can either use the app when its on or let me stop it or the transmitter. When the app is on you know, you can use the app and when the app is off, you can use a transmitter lets see if its going to. Let me take a picture using the app right now, although its off it well, it sounds like it had a click, so it sounds like it took a picture. Lets take a video start, the video is it taking the video right now well see.