com. Now, if you recently purchased the dji mavic 3, then you got this remote right here. If youve got the standard or the fly more combo, those two combos come with this remote right here, which is the dji rc. N1, remote control. Now this is the same remote control that you would get if you also bought the dji mini 2, as well as the air 2 air, 2s, so very similar or actually the same remote control as those if you did buy the mavic 3 standard or the fly More combo now, if youre, the type that likes using tablets when you fly this one right here will hold tablets between seven to ten inch tablets. This one is the nine and a half a little bit over nine and a half inch tablet the ipad and this one does fit in there. Fine, this one is the 11 inch ipad pro its a little bit too, i mean youre talking like a quarter of an inch too big for this tablet, so this one wont fit, but dji says that you can fit any tablet between that 7 to 10 inch Tablet and this one does fit. I tried using the triple tech on this bracket and, just like you guys know, this one does not fit the brackets, not deep enough to hold the thickness of the triple tech and ill show you that, once i hook it up now, this mount from dji is Full plastic, so you know it does have a little bit more kind of sway in it.

If you are moving your controller around a little bit more, this right here is actually made of all aluminum, and this one is from a company called mav mount and ive done a bunch of videos on them as well. This particular bracket is called the scout, and what this one does it actually fits on the entire inside of the controller here up top kind of fits right in there, nice and snug to provide you a lot of stability because it is filling in that whole gap. Once you put it down, you can lock it in place right there. This also has a aluminum ball head for you to adjust it around just to move it just around like that, and this particular mount does fit multiple sizes. So this is that 11 inch ipad. That actually does fit in there, nice and fine, and, like i said this, one doesnt move around that much the aluminum versus that plastic is is a big difference, and then this one theres this particular mount actually does fit the new triple tech one. This is actually the the new latest triple tech one. I havent gone through my full review on this one im currently working with it and testing it out, but it does fit the triple tech one now, because the buttons on the triple tech are a little bit lower. Here, you actually have to slide the mount over. Just a little bit or slide the tablet over a little bit, so its not perfectly centered, but once its in there.

It works really well because of this bracket. This ball head right here. It does hold everything nice and sturdy inside the cable thats on the back or that comes in the remote control is really short, its really just made to hold or accommodate a mobile phone. Something thats really close to this bracket here. So this cable is a little bit too short. Youre gon na need something like this ill put: the link down below, but its really just a usbc to whatever device youre using so im using a ipad, so im gon na have the lightning or, if youre, using a triple tech or something like this. It does use the usbc youll just need a usbc to usbc. This is the one from pgytec ill leave. The links to this cable that ive been using down below in the video description. But you can, you should be able to use uh. You know most of the ones out there just as long as you are going into that usbc here on the back of the remote control and then the other end just goes to your device. Now, as far as clearance goes because of fact, you have such a tall bracket here easily enough clearance to hold your ipad well above your fingers, so both of them as far as finger clearance. You should be fine there plenty of room for you to grip. Your remote control now with the dji one like i mentioned it – is plastic and youre not able to tighten up those hinges.

So you know you can kind of move it around and adjust it. The only thing i did notice with the mav mount though there is that mav lock in the back. The thing is, you have to actually lift the bracket up. First put the cable in which i have a 90 degree cable here, which works out really well, and then you put the lock on and then bring it down. If you have the lock on there, first youre not going to be able to get that cable in there. It is a pretty tight fit, so ive been actually flying with the without the lock. Because this thing, this aluminum piece fits completely in that top area and its actually really secure. So you might want to just do that. But if you wanted an extra security, youre gon na need to put the cable in first and then youre gon na put the lock on afterwards not a problem, even if you didnt have an inner, because this thing does not move now with this map mount bracket, You are able to fit in a little bit bigger of tablets. Like i said this is the 11 inch tablet, the ipad, so that holds fine and actually do have id say another three quarters of an inch half an inch to three quarters of an inch more room. So if you did have an even larger ipad than this one, you can actually fit it in here.

Of course, when you go on the mav mount website, itll show you exactly the dimensions of it and which size tablets youre able to use as well as this on the dji one on their website. It just says seven to ten inch tablets and then on the map map one. It actually gives you uh some diameters and millimeters so before you order, whichever one just make sure you guys know which tablet youre going to be using or a device like this, a you know, a triple tech or something like that make sure it is compatible with That mount that you plan on getting so, if youre looking at flying with a tablet. These are just a couple options out there. I know theres a few other ones also ill leave the links to these tablet holders down below, as well as the cables that im using, because you will need a little bit longer of a cable. As always, if you guys got some value from this video. A big like would be much appreciated. Also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is aldrin estacio with ill see you guys.