First, up is how you could have an important role to play in helping decide the future of the drone industry and the hobby in the uk in case youre not aware. A couple of days ago, the cia launched a consultation focused on the current drone regulations. In a nutshell, the current regulations allow us to use our current drones, which are known as legacy drones until the end of 2022, under something called transitional provisions. These transitional provisions allow us to use our drones without specific c classifications in certain useful ways, and once the current transitional period ends, then youll really only be able to fly in open spaces or countryside unless you have specific permissions from the caa, rendering these perfectly capable Drones, mostly useless for getting any usable or interesting data, now im massively simplifying things here to keep it short and sweet. Theres plenty of videos and information around on the different flight categories and what you can and cant do so be sure to go and check those out. If you need to know more on the specifics, this video is purely to make you aware that youve got an option to have your say on whether we can continue to fly as we do now, if thats, what youd like to do or whether weve got to Shelve our current drones and wait until a manufacturer decides to bring out a c rated drone. Now this in itself forms an important part of the cas consultation.

One of the reasons there are no c rated drones in the uk yet is that we dont yet have the mechanisms and the infrastructure in place to allow a drone to receive an official c rating. So please take the time now to go and check out the cas consultation and have your say this is a massive opportunity and weve only got ourselves to blame if we dont get the results that we want. I pleaded with the community years ago to make their voices heard when the cia held their initial consultation about this changes over to the easter drone regulations and then did the same again when they launched the consultation on drone opera registration and the only time the community Took an interest and used their collective power, their collective voices was to complain after the consultations closed and you werent happy with the outcome, the changes and the costs involved. So please lets not let this happen again. If you want to be able to make the most of your kit, your qualifications, the money and time youve invested, then take the two or three minutes it takes today to head on over to the caas website, complete the survey and have your voice heard now: ive Dropped a link to the consultation in the description below too, to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved. The consultation itself closes on the 13th of may so just a couple of weeks away, and it only takes a few minutes to read the information that theyve got there about what its all about and to have your say so, rather than scrolling through facebook.

Once you finish, this video go, take a look. Let the ca know what your thoughts are and help steer them in the direction that we as a community want things to go. As an aside, i personally think we should extend the transitional provisions indefinitely and allow the new regulations to apply to c class drones as and when they come to market, because, ultimately, a drone, thats, safe and works a day wont automatically become dangerous overnight. On the 31st of december, if you feel the same, please as ive said go and let the caa know now just before you do head over and have your say, though, please consider heading over to our new website. Thedronementor.Com im super excited to finally be able to announce the official launch of the site and well be going live on thursday, the 5th of may at 9 00 pm gmt. To tell you more now, you can book your seat at the live launch event over on the website now, and everyone who signs up for the event will be entered into a prize draw where well be giving away more than a thousand pounds worth of prizes. On launch day, including a brand new dji mini 2 drone, a full gbc course and 5 a2 courses now im back the drone mentor will be the home of all. My drone related content moving forwards and i cant wait to let you all in on the plans for the community over there moving forwards and if nothing else, the live, launch event will be my first time and going live and doing all the video pressing buttons and Stuff in a couple of years, so um itll be yeah worth it to come and watch me sweating, getting stressed and pressing everything wrong and uh yeah well go from.

There see how it goes. Um thats all ive got for now guys so um. All thats left to say is thanks for watching, thanks for bearing with us while ive been away ive been matt williams.