You got to get used to the controls and, as you can see, um i definitely highly recommend you guys do this in a much bigger area. But look how fast this thing goes. I mean its Music. It can go up high very fast. It hovers better high. So keep this in mind the higher you are, the better. It seems to hover uh. You just got to learn the remote Music a little bit. It does slowly want to work its way up a little bit that and when you get lower it wants to work its way lower. So you just got to play with it and you got to learn it. So i dont know if you guys saw that we did a flip, so yeah once we just learned this Music, hello, everyone and welcome back today were checking out holy tongue. This is the ht02 mini drone. Ages, 14 and older can do 360 degree. Flip three speed modes and altitude hold thats, pretty impressive for a small drone, all right guys in the box we got two batteries right there. We have thats, pretty awesome wow. So this is the controller and it looks like inside. Here is the drone. So the controller actually holds the drone. What that is pretty cool, so the drone actually sits down inside thats pretty awesome, so it says uh a warning when installing the battery please pay attention installing it correctly. Otherwise, the drone will be damaged so make sure you place it in the correct way.

Lets go ahead also actually got three batteries because theres one already in here now for the battery. You just pop this open right here and you slide this out. We just want to make sure that we dont get this connected and it slides right out theres a little antenna right there. This is the drone that is really cool, guys, look at that little guy, really awesome so yeah and then, when you put the battery in you just slide it right in its actually really simple and plugging this in so it said, please make sure you plug it In right, uh so were gon na go ahead and were gon na. Look at the warning to see exactly how it says. So it looks like so. The red faces the left and uh. Once you got that plugged in you are ready to go. We need to add batteries in here, so lets check that out the controller takes three triple a batteries, all right guys once you got it plugged in and once you have it plugged in right, it will start blinking. That means its ready to pair um, then go ahead power. This on it looks like one of the blades there we go now its working. So look at that auto, hover mode Music. Alright, so yeah were getting the hang of it. Now you just got ta play with it, so were not doing it outside because its extremely windy today – and i believe this thing – would get blown away uh its a lot of fun, though, as you guys can see, the response is pretty good, but its not as You know sharp, definitely a good beginners and, yes, you can rotate it around.

If you want uh, it just seems to be. You know indoors a little harder to do that, a little hard to rotate the drone indoors. We can give it a shot here, rotate it there. We rotate it a little bit. Uh theres. Definitely a lot more features. You guys can do. I highly recommend you check out your manual but uh once you get the hang of it, its actually pretty easy, and it is fast like it goes up very quickly: um overall yeah, its nice and to land. So landing is pretty simple. Um you just go down on your joystick on the power so lets see. If we can do this here and you just keep going down – and you just keep holding down on your joystick until it turns off overall pretty cool, i like it by the way they provide you with two chargers: a screwdriver and some tools in here extra blades. For charging again, i recommend you keep this piece in here this warning label and make sure you read what it says to charge your batteries so make sure you charging it right, but overall this is actually a lot of fun um. I do highly recommend this for a small drone. Uh just make sure you always unplug this right out. I wish there was an on and off switch, but thats all right. You know you just have to unplug it. So, overall, it is a cool kit.