Im going to do a review of the be wine f7 quadcopter open space, ive never flown here before, but got ta, give it a shot. Its kind of nice open space, uh checked on the wind finder and its varying, sometimes its almost wind, still but other times its six to eight mile, an hour thats what it was saying all right. Hopefully i got this in the frame, so you can actually see it. Put the guy the protector off wow those arms move, tight, the back ones, go swing out, front swing up all right, oops, Music, its a Music rough thing, make sure you take this off. I got the guard on the gimbal on the camera, all right, okay and these are actually working antennas. So i want those up just gon na leave. The screen cover thingy on there all right. So first thing turn this on press and hold Music. That says connecting so lets. Do the compass calibration three times around. I think it i heard a beep so one to just make sure i go three. I heard a beep after once, so okay, what i realized is i had to go into the app permissions and allow me allow it to use a local network which it wasnt set for: okay, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, all right, let me land it And take it out of beginner mode, Music, foreign Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, normal mode, sport mode and then the first one is camera mode, thats, a slower speed.

All right lets take her up and the wind is picked up a little bit 100 feet. All right here it comes down, lets see how close we get. Applause yeah. I want to hit my bag Music. Okay, im still not touching it. Wow return to home Music, okay, okay, so three feet: maybe off Music jesus, Music, okay, im down to ‘ 38 already, Music, all right loses altitude, quite a bit. Oh my god. All right lets try this again. I dont know what that microphone thing here. So you can see, i dont think that records off of the controller off of my phone in the app on the drone. Okay, its getting windy so lets, do a slow fly around again with a windy like that and see Music. How well that gimbal holds lets. Go up a little bit: okay, the wind is kicking it around sound, okay, gon na look at some video footage and some stills also a little bit of footage. That was my screen record on my phone. I also noticed that um, the sd card was not formatted correctly. So all of this footage is actually what recorded to my phone and is a little bit lower resolution than it would have been if it was on an sd card, so youll notice, when i doing any yawing at all, it really gets jittery from the 15 frames Per second, it just cannot handle much side to side movement for sure and not much fast movement at all.

Keep in mind that a 15 frame per second is really about the same as the old eight millimeter movies, the old silent movies, so those run at 16. um. So this is not going to give real smooth movement. Now, look at that, like the car moving. You see it jump its just jittery same thing with that: fedex truck its just jittery and youll notice that the gimbal jerks every once in a while a little bit off the side. I dont know what thats about but theres some jitter, and then you even notice some jello every once in a while just a little bit so its not working super. Well, i mean its its working, you know, and it is if indeed a three axis gimbal. So its working, but it you still get some dirt every once in a while now there again, that was that situation where it yaws after im yawing and i let loose it jerks back. I think i noticed that a little later on here too, that i comment about it. The colors are actually quite sharp, maybe a little over saturated but for the most part, not not bad, pretty pleasing there again. That was that jerk back on after the yaw. Okay, okay, now access the microphone. Oh, i see now lets see what happens says it wants to access the microphone, so it must be using my phone microphone somehow lets see all right lets do a little.

I dont know hi. Sometimes, when you release the yaw, it wants to snap right back to where it was sometimes it doesnt. So here we go see if we can get a smooth video up there in that wind theres. Some fair amount of wind, not a lot, but some im guessing at the 15 frames per second im gon na have, when i yaw is one thats gon na really show up lets see if it works there. It goes on the route. Okay, that should turn go to the next one: okay, its working im, not sure i want to fly that far though i want to come home. Okay, you heard the beep when i was doing the return to home and that apparently shut the microphone off on recording on my phone, so ill just go from this now. This is just showing the screen record, showing me setting the waypoints or the route or whatever they call it in this app, i just wasnt paying close enough attention to the actual distance, and so i got a little bit further away than what i wanted to, but Youll, you can see here that it does indeed work and it works. You know pretty well its going to start off and fly out to the first point and then turn right there and go to the second point now. I think i shift over to the map here again and there you can see it moving on the map thats.

What the app looks like going to 0.2 and thats about where i hit the return to home now were back to the stills. Not back were at the stills and just my comments on this drone. It could be a really good beginners drone, even with the gimbal and everything it could be, really good. Drone, the 15 frames per second really kind of messes everything up and beyond that, then youve got the price. I you just cant justify spending 400 for a drone that performs at this level when you can get the mini sc for 300. That would be a much better video drone. Now this takes really nice 4k photos. The video is clear, just not as smooth as it should be or could be well. I hope you got some good information out of this and got some help.