You got to catch one at over 18 pounds just 18., no 18, 2 whats the prize. If we catch a lake record, the news people come in one of those buttons and a button. Okay, all right, Music, all right whats happening, ladies and gentlemen, were back man. This guys, like on the channel all the time im gon na just change the name of the channel to greg and obity thats. What im talking about man? We can bring so much love and entertainment to everyone, but last last video out on os boat root. Beer did us kind of get us dirty yeah, but hows she doing. Is she okay? Well, i got a new battery for tried to start her, no all bad, so i called my buddy. He said bring her on in so this week. Im bringing both boats in and then get them all baby back up, and then we back on the water baby, like i said man, if you dont, break down in your boat break down in your kayak, do a little stumble when you walk in the bank, you Aint fisting enough baby, you got to keep on fishing and keep coming out. Shenanigans will happen. Remember we are here to have fun fishing and i enjoy all this beautiful scenery and everything so thats the beauty of the cavs. We got the kayaks today, so different, different vessels. I got the the slayer max 10.. Oh hes got an old school bonafide.

Yes, sir and uh yeah were here, and you know this is a traditionally a place. The fish is tough, gets a lot of pressure. So i figure who better to call than mr peoples champ himself to see if we can figure these fish out. I have no clue what its gon na be like today. I think its gon na be a grind. Were gon na really have to piece something together, but uh im gon na slap a camera on os boat? You know the standard deal with my cameras and um yeah well see what happens and if we can catch a lake record we get a pin. Apparently. So we just got ta catch like an 18 pounder thats, it thats it, but they say if we catch anything over five theres a button. Oh okay, we get a button, theres buttons, theres, pins, that staked and uh and theres records record breaking fish out there. All right well, im excited you ready man lets, do it baby lets do it. I got ta, pull out all my tricks today. Yeah. Thank you brother. All right did you bring a scale or a measuring board. I got a scale. Oh me too. So im going to scale them, man, youre, really uh thinking youre going to catch a lake record man, man, i feel it i feel pretty. I feel pretty good today thats the attitude you got ta have to catch. One though see bluegill, oh dude, not even kidding.

Probably a six pounder right there, oh my god, not kidding giant, so they are in the grass. Some of them at least i mean punching, would kind of make sense right off the get go. Uh, maybe well start with. You lets start with a little crawdaddy action. It has begun, ladies and gentlemen, get Music. I got the eastwood on. Ladies and gentlemen, i know lets see see. Oh he aint big, but well. Take her well. Take him. First, fish of the day he dont ski yo, great whats up baby – is that about 18 pounds, not here about 17 pounds short Laughter. Oh that was fun. Last thing today, guys is were gon na have to figure these fish out. I mean again were fishing a very, very pressured small body of water, its just after labor day weekend too. So you know it got hit hard. Ive got a bunch of baits behind me: drop shot, big rat got the gilly brought some unconventional stuff for for me for the most part that maybe this fish havent. Oh, you see that i dont know what that was, but it was something big, but maybe some baits that these fish havent seen and then, of course it is toasty right now, its like 85 degrees and its only like 8 30 in the morning. So that tells me that these fish could be buried up in this grass and what better way to catch them than on a punch rig im, seeing tons of life in this grass too, so youd.

Imagine grass bait should be bass. What else, let me try something guys, you guys probably noticed we dont have a raymarine on the boat, but you know i mean its light the graph, but i dont want to put the extra battery in here, not just yet. I still really like this boat because its so simple and like you know, theres absolutely no weight to it. Luckily, a nice little tool to remedy the fish finder deal not necessarily to find fish. But ive said this before i mainly like a fish finder to know, depth and bottom composition, so heres what we got right here, a deeper chirp too new product by deeper. So pretty excited to give this a whirl ill show you guys how were going to set this up. We got our mount right here, paddle over here for a minute but heres the beauty of this product right here. So we open the app im going to lock this guy down pretty good and you dont even have to do anything. You just drop this in the water. You can use a mount or whatever you want. I just have a little tether right there and you are good to go connected. I like it just because it is so small, so light and kind of fits this uh this kayak, but this is exactly what i wanted it to do. Give me a depth and some bottom composition where we started fishing tons and tons of grass.

I want to see if we can use it really to find a grass line, so were bare out here. No grass out here in about seven make this bigger smaller too. So, like i said, this is actually the newer chirp. We use the chirp one before this is the new chirp too. A lot of improvements theyve made battery. Now, instead of six hours up to 15 hours, increased depth, i think it can go up to 400 foot. Now and i dont think theres a spot in this lake – thats 400 foot, but you never know some of the deeper reservoirs that people fish improve connection ive never had an issue with the connection, but i guess a new feature is the improved connection. They are super cool people over at deeper and they have given me a discount code. If you guys do want to look into this item, ill link it in the description below, but oh yeah. There we go so there we go, we started transitioning. I can start seeing that grass up on the screen and its just a bonus that this is so small and so compact, actually its fun to take it out. This is where im storing it right here, perfect cup holder, pretty cool deal, though so. How you kind of look up out here come here baby little guy, look how ben he is my buddy need to eat. Oh man, that was fun, lets catch a big one.

Man lets get that button all right mama, i was catching them man. I think i know what the difference is other than that hes a better puncher than i am, but we got to go, get a little assist. I know hes got something that i think could help our chances once again, always showing me up out punching me, but hey man youve got about a million more punches under your belt than i do there you go. Are you sure i got two ill give it back? Well, i usually use the dip yeah quick and easy, though not too sloppy with this exactly thats. Why i like it? It really gets that green pumpkin too, like glowing exactly yep and youve. Seen a lot of bluegill in here go! Thank you, sir. That looks good yeah. You can imagine when that gets in the dark crevice that gives a little glow exactly. It catches the eye. I think, even when its falling that brightness real fast. Like oh yeah, let me check it. Real quick man punching might be the name of the game i dont know. I think its gon na get windy too. So that might help even lets see here connected uh 12 foot right here. I thought it was deeper. You know why this lake dropped a ton. You can see the water line, yeah no activity out here, no grass just bare bottom. I know old school kayak fishing with the paddles Music youre still moving pretty fast, though ill be honest like oh.

I hate to do it but yeah how many? How many bites you got so far? How many fish you have man youre, the puncher man, i guess seeing some fish activity, oh god theres a bacon right there. This is the thing with this place. You see the giants theyre just so hard to trick, so it really does feel like this would be. Maybe a bait that could work here. You know because the grass is seeing theres a lot of bass, just cruising around cruising around tons of grass, something to sink slowly stay in the strike zone. Something realistic it seems like this should get bit were gon na, give it a little try a little time, another one, a little fella anything. No, how about you? No thats, nothing ive, seen a bunch really! Oh yeah, big ones, cruising cant! Damn get them to light! Damn im about to head back to where i got some bites. This is a grassland out here. Music, oh well! Well, winds! Picking up so sling around the old chatter, dude thats! Oh god! There we go come here! Baby come here. Baby stay pinned, stay pinned, keep guy. What do i got? Where are you? Are you there? Are you there? Music, oh yeah, buddy, no skunk! Thank you, sir man. These fish are in the thick. I have to worry about this later. Dude. Look at this grass thats wild whole pit, boss, black and blue. Maybe they want black and blue.

I hit it like on the fall and kept them pinned there. We go there. We go nice chunk. I hope i can get them back in the water. All this grass so thick no skunk, now you guys saw we gooped around with a lot of stuff finally got bit on the punch, so i think its probably safe to say well be punching for the majority of our remaining time out here need a big weight, Though man i mean this is barely getting through and i know oh is using a ounce and three quarter, he might even have switched to a two ounce, or this is an ounce and a half, and this is barely getting through there. We go there, we go yeah baby, okay, almost three pounds, hey fred, told greg from the beginning as soon as greg hit himself with the sunscreen frank was like youre not about to catch anything, see what hes doing yep hes just ruining this. I was like. Let me catch something today, all right baby get you back in the water, oh man, that was fun. Nothing beats kayak fishing baby see how they get the hat. Keep the sun on my eyes, real low. You know greg, he has the the hair hat. You know hes really bald low key, so he got this hair hat that he just slaps on and just look like here, its actually a hat. I got one coming its like. I got a high top one and an afro one coming so i can blend in with greg on these videos.

Oh god, no didnt even know he was on son of a gun. Did you hear the dolphin screech the dolphin screech is when theyre pulling back on you? Oh yeah yeah blew that one. Oh there we go come here. Baby get over here, thatll put a smile on your face. I dont know what will baby look at that? One. Look at that belly shirt, muffin topper, oh, my goodness, lets get actual factuals on it. Oh whats, the actual factuals all right lets. Take a look. Three calendar easy three under lets. Get you back home baby thanks for coming and hanging out with the peoples champ. Oh man lets get back to work baby. I cant stop smiling that was fun. Oh yeah, oh there we go. Oh god get over here, baby, all right, sweetheart, folks, what a day, what a grinder out there yeah it was a great one. I had a lot of fun for me, yeah yeah, i mean i caught fish. I cant complain. I cannot complain. We came into the day. Knowing you know were in a highly highly pressured place. A lot of these fish see a lot of baits. I mean ive been here in the winter and it was tough. Even then i mean you only got a few options when you want to trick highly pressured fish and today was a reaction right reaction, bite, yep, ill, say a reaction or or uh dead sticking a lot of grass – and i know for this guy right here.

That means one thing get out: the punching stick right, Music. This is something that i just love to do. I say i had great days and tournaments with it and some days i should have been doing something else, but i cant not do it by getting into the thicker part of the grass it kind of held the kayak in place. For me, some of the fish i caught earlier they were, it was so thick. I had to go over there and get them to get them out, yeah thats, what i did and then get up in there, so that was nice and snug and it seemed like you kind of had to drop it on their head or uh kind of leave. It in there for a minute we will definitely be back and then, when we come back ill, do a little bit more experiment and they definitely are in there. They are definitely going to put my hand on until we get that button in that pin. Yeah yeah thats uh gon na do it for today and uh man, let off close it out close it up. Man. Thank you guys for participating in this adventure today, man. I hope it brought a smile to you and uh.