I got in just a few days ago. This is a fly barless, but yet beginners helicopter by first step. Rc is a name of this. The manufacturer, the model is the heli 101, and this is, as i said, a fly. Barless helicopter so i’ll explain that here in a moment, if you’re unfamiliar with that i’m far from an expert helicopters, but i know just enough to be able to comment on it, and this also has altitude hold. So this is, of course, gyro stabilized it’s, not an acro helicopter, something that you would see. You know on some of the stunt videos and of course it comes in pink and it looks like they also have a yellowish greenish color. Here they also you can get, and it says that has 15 minute flight time and i have to say that’s, probably pretty accurate. I didn’t get an exact flight time, but i flew it really long. The other day and the battery wasn’t even dead, and even the flight review you’ll see coming up in a few minutes. I didn’t even run the battery. I took it inside and flew it, for i don’t know seven or eight more minutes with my daughter inside before the battery finally went dead. So let’s take a closer look at the helicopter and take a look at accessories. A little bit you get here and the controller. So again here is the helicopter, just as pink plastic, canopy, it’s, really lightweight, so it’s not going to be able to handle a whole lot of wind.

So keep that in mind, but you can certainly fly it outside. As long as it’s, not really windy, of course, but it’s really a bit more of an indoor flyer for most circumstances, but it’s rather sporty and it’s, not super small it’s bigger than those sema and the little ones you buy at the grocery store. So it’s not going to be as easy to fly inside, but again it doesn’t have that counterweight or fly bar that you see and the other uh toy helicopters that help stabilize and uh counterbalance the rotor. So when it’s flying on the other ones. You know that it helps to balance it. I don’t understand all the mechanics behind that, but this being fly barless it when these swing open. You know in the in the helicopters moving this helps to there’s servos in here and there’s, two of them in here, and it will be hard to see in the video. But if you watch when you watch a flight review, i do landed at one point and show you how, when you move the controller um the pitch roll on the controller that the rotor will move a little bit in each direction and that’s to help move it To balance it with the motion of the helicopter, so that it, the helicopter doesn’t, probably shake or oscillate or go crazy whenever it’s moving in you know pitching forward and then the rotors not doing the same thing so that’s what this does it’s.

Of course, much more advanced and probably requires more flight control or power and such compared to what they had years ago, but yeah that’s. What that does so here is the rear. Little you know deal that helps i think, that’s to help it whenever you’re, yelling and stuff, but again i’m performing experts. So if you’re, a helicopter guy, you can correct me, but the little you know rotor here in the back that also spins, which all those other ones also have that as well. It comes with a charger. You need to use this micro usb charger because it has a little light. That’S, i think red and then it goes out when it’s done charging. So if you use a regular micro, usb you’re going to end up over charging the battery – and that would be really really bad because if you over charge the battery you’re going to you know it would swell up and damage it. And then here is the control right. I have to go. Grab the battery i’m, not sure where the battery went. It might have fallen out, so i have to go grab that i’ll get in here in a second it’s, a little plastic case battery. I just for some reason it slides in right here for some reason i don’t have it here at the table. I didn’t realize i didn’t have it to now so i’ll stop the video here in a minute and go grab.

It i’m sure i can find it, and then you get the um you get a little like allen, wrench and a phillips screwdriver. I believe that is yeah some little repair parts the little pieces for the rear rotor. I believe in there to do any kind of repairs and then you get to the two main rotors replaced because, as with any helicopter just about all of them, maybe the most toyist grades might have some sort of a canopy prop guard this doesn’t. So if you hit the wall or hit something you’re going to damage these, these have some scuffs here where i flew out of the garage and a wind gust came, and it caused the helicopter to dive on me and i flew into the rock pile in our Driveway but everything’s fine it just it did nick them up a little bit and then here is the controller. It reminds me sort of the controllers that mjx uses on some of their newer bug series. It looks quite a bit like that. This is your take off and your landing. You can trust this. It fires a rotary, it will take off. You can have altitude hold that’s one of the features that all these drones have and then you stress it again to land. I think a long press will do an emergency motor kill. This button just does something mold ones and two unless you, unless you can’t, fly with the mode two that set out, i wouldn’t don’t even touch that these are your trims here on the over here.

For your pitch roll – and this is a trim on the yaw, if you, if the helicopters wanted y’all, which it shouldn’t do, but it might, but this uh trim button for the throttle – is actually to go between rates one and two. So when you press this it’ll beep twice and two beefs just increases it, the yaw does pick up considerably and it pitches forward more and it’s, of course, sportier. So that’s how you go between rate one and rate two. I would stick to rate one if you’re a beginner but rate two is fun for flying outside when you do press this button here to take off and land there’s a little red light here, that’s your only real sign of power on the on the helicopter. It will flash as it’s landing and flash as it takes off and if you, when you first fly, you might want to do a gyro calibration so that the drone knows what’s level. And if you crash, i would recommend doing that as well and that’s. Where you pulled both sticks down to the left, pretty common, a lot of drones will be left or to the right. This is down and to the left, and one thing i don’t think the instructions mean to mention is, it might have maybe overlooked it, but you can’t also manually take off. I think it was both sticks down and out started the props up, and then you can just give it a throttle.

I think it was both sticks down and in would uh stop the rotors. If you fire them up and then you wanted to decide, you wanted to to stop them. Um i’ll show it in the flight review coming up. So if that’s wrong um, you know i’ll correct myself out there. So let me go real, quick and see if i can find the battery, so i can show you the i don’t know what the milliamp hour is on it though it’s possible, the instruction manual might say, but i don’t think it does it’s right in here. It just you can’t see what the what the capacity is on that let’s see. Does it say anything right here? It says it takes about 75 minutes to charge your battery. That sounds about right and it mentions a 15 minute flight time, which i think is probably pretty accurate, shows the battery here, but it doesn’t say anything about the capacity um yeah there’s, nothing, he mentioned. Let me go real, quick here and see if i can find the battery to show you guys and then we’ll go to the flight review all right guys. So i did find the batteries sitting upstairs in the kitchen when i just got done testifying earlier, and it probably fell out of the helicopter. Again, i don’t see any markings. It just tells you. The battery goes this side up. You make sure that you don’t put it upside down, so these little three pin connector here, slides in and makes contact and then the light will light up, there’s, no on and off switch.

But again here is that micro usb. Let me make sure it’s focused in here micro, usb connector that you plug it into and again you got to use the provided charger. Some of these batteries a lot of times in a drone, so we’ll have a voltage regulator, light inside the battery, but this doesn’t. So you have to use the provided charger all right guys. Let me just show you real quick how that battery does go in. There just goes in like that, and then the light will light up there. Yep that’s how it works. I don’t know how much juice it has if it has enough juice here, real quick, you just do the binding motion up and down i’ll see if i can show you guys how that the since i i’m here inside how that the rotor moves with it. I don’t know if you can see and see that guys i hold the the servos are adjusting that and that’s different from fly bar helicopters, since this is fly barless all right that should wrap up the table review guys let’s head on outside now. For that table view that i filmed earlier so i’ll be right back all right guys, so let’s take the fly. Barless heli101 from first step rc out now for a test flight. Now i did do a uh, a practice run on this. Yesterday, the test flight it’s really really fun, and i just wanted to you know i’d, never flown a fly bar list before so i just wanted to see how it worked now.

The one thing i noticed is if there’s a if there’s a little bit of wind, it does have trouble being so light and being brushed that you know going into a headwind and the highest rate it’s still struggle at times so i’m going to start out here. In my garage where i don’t know, there’ll be really no breeze unless it comes in from the front, so i can show you a little bit there and then i’ll try to take it out and fly it really isn’t very windy right now. So i think it’ll be okay, but i thought at least start out with it here indoors. So here is a battery. You just insert it here in the bottom and it immediately powers up there’s, no on and off switch there’s, the red light and i’m just going to grab the controller and we’ll set it down and we’ll bind it and then we’ll get it up in the air. So let’s set it down here turn on the controller, and i think you do it up down and now it’s bound, and then you want to go ahead and do an auto takeoff. This is also auto landing. This is your speed. Rates should be in the lowest rate, so let’s go ahead, we’ll see if i need to trim it up at all. I had to trim it a little bit yesterday if i did hit that rock pile coming out of the garage, and even though i did a gyro calibration it, it sent it to need to be trimmed, and that could have been because i you know, i kind Of uh scarred up the props a little bit so a gyro calibration.

If you want to do that. First is down uh. Both sticks down to the left and it beeps so we’ll go ahead and do that to start out let’s go ahead and do a auto takeoff, so it looks pretty stable. It looks like it’s going a little to the left so i’m going to trim it up. A little bit after you do a gyro calibration, you might need to trim it a little bit you shouldn’t, but if your trims are off and it recalibrates see, i need to do a little bit sort of trim it up a little bit guys, because i did That a little bit yesterday and it’s still wanting to go to the left all right. It looks pretty good, alright, there’s, a yaw rate and that’s the lowest rate let’s go to the highest rate. Let me bring it up a little bit, so you guys can see and then here’s the highest rate. You can see. Look at that. The yaw increases it’s sportier really whips around the fly. Bartlett is really cool because those servos are adjusting the rotor and it doesn’t use any kind of balancing. You know: counterweights let’s go back to the lowest rate. You see it’s, not as sporty, but this would be a better rate for flying this. This helicopter indoors, because it’s so sporty the highest rate you’re. You have nothing to protect that rotor. If you hit the walls you’re going to scar up the rotors or you could even end up scaring up your walls a little bit with black marks, it does have auto landing if you do that same button, let’s take it out now and flight outside the garage.

So i think it’s going to be okay, okay, so there’s the lowest rate. I just want to start out in the garage just in case, so i could at least hover it there with that it’s out here, there’s still enough breeze that you can’t just trim it up and hover it. I would. I would recommend um trimming this helicopter up indoors, so you’re not affected by the wind, so i’m, bringing it back. So you see it’s, not slowest rate’s not really ideal for outside. So let’s go up to the highest rate like see much sportier. It looks like there’s a bit of a breeze here. I think it’s going right to left that’s what it was yesterday. You see the helicopter drifting off there. So if i go into that a little bit, which is not much it does, you know it’s a little slower that way, but you can just sort of let off it and let it glide with the wind if there’s a uh, you know if you get to When it’s back, but if this is a perfect day actually now that i out here more to actually fly this helicopter outside, but i don’t review too many helicopters, i’ve done a few of my channel. They’Ve always been very popular though, but i just uh. I want to keep calling it a drone i’m, so used to thinking i’m flying is, is almost always been a drone. Now this is altitude hold that’s.

Why the centers it is gyro stabilized. This is not an acro capable helicopter you’ve seen those guys fly. Those they’re amazing, i mean they hop around so fast flying those acro. That it’s looks almost like it’s cgi it’s literally i mean it’s so fast. I can’t even keep up but it’s unbelievable. Obviously, you know those are a stunt helicopter without any stabilization, but this is cool. I mean this is going to give you more um, more freedom. I believe in a fly bar for helicopter and at this price point this is not a real expensive helicopter. I don’t i’ve not really seen too many fly, barlest ones right now at this price again, this is brushed and it has a really long. I think advertised around a 15 minute flight time. I flew it yesterday and it was much more wind. Yesterday i didn’t uh. I didn’t even run it dead. The red light in the rear is your only like power indicator on this there’s, not any other leds on this, and that red light will flash whenever you’re landing. It also flashes during auto takeoff, just sort of gets a notification, because you may see that and think that means it’s low battery i’m, pretty sure that will blink whenever it does reach lvc. I just didn’t even reset let’s go over here and i’ll do auto landing, and you guys i don’t know if we’re going to see that let’s try it again get closer and see if that flashes yeah see it’s flashing now, hopefully, that shows up let’s go ahead And do it you kept it, you have to use there’s no way.

I don’t believe to do any kind of well. They did unlock. The props. I was going to see, looks like maybe you can’t unlock them manually, both sticks down and out does okay and both sticks down and stops it. I don’t think the instructions told you that one thing i wanted to show you guys, though, is being this is fly bar less. I wanted to see if i could show you guys here how that rotor moves with the controls without even having spinning see how those hopefully shows up my head cam. How, when i move this around that servo’s adjusting that and that’s what a fly bar list does it? It adjusts the tilt on the rotor to keep it balanced, while you’re flying and moving all right, let’s go ahead and try the let’s try an auto. Take up! Excuse me a manual takeoff, i didn’t know you could do that yesterday. So bolt sticks down and out. I think i said let’s give it some throttle yeah, so you can take off. I don’t think construction manual mentioned that they did have the gyro calibration in there, which is both sticks down to the left, but don’t believe it mentioned. You could manually start up the rotor, so you don’t have to do an auto. Take often i thought you did but i’m glad. I figured that out that’s a little bit of experience. Just from all the drones i reviewed over the years.

That’S both sticks down in or out is usually your combinations to auto. To excuse me to manually start the road uh, the propellers or rotors props, whatever you want to call it depending on the craft, because it’s pretty sporty in a way, it really uh, it’s, really quick to y’all whip around it’s, just it’s, much more agile than the Fly bar version of toy helicopters, i’ve flown i’d like to get a brushless one some days. I think that’d really be neat so much more power, but this is fine. This is a good uh, beginner helicopter. In my opinion, this is not difficult to fly um. It is a little bit more difficult than a fly bar, the little sema toy. You know the smaller ones and it gets to be just fine. I would just keep it a lower rate if you’re just new to helicopters or start out with a little sema uh fly bar version get comfortable with that, because you still have to be good at orientation and obviously this helicopter. You know you almost have to stop and hover, because you don’t have lights or anything to tell your orientation with get comfortable with that, and you can move up to this, but i don’t this. I know this wasn’t real, expensive i’ll have a link to this at all the different amazon us amazon uk, and i think there was amazon, australia, there’s three different links that the seller asked me to include and i’ll include those if you’re interested picking up.

I know it wasn’t terribly expensive and it comes with a uh. You know it comes with some extra props in case you do break that rotor that’s good, because since it’s uh you know there’s nothing to protect the rotor on a helicopter you’re bound to scar them up. Mine were fine until i hit that rock pile. I hit that rock pile coming out of the garage and a gust of wind, caused it the nose dive and it just hit the it didn’t hurt it anymore. They just scarred up it chipped scarred up a little bit of the props that that’s not a big deal on a helicopter there’s, no camera on this it’s, not like you’re gon na you know the broader gets a lot of balance it’s gon na cause jello. So we have to worry about that, a drone you could score up the props and then all of a sudden get vibrations, because that can cause propellers to get out of balance, and this doesn’t have any kind of flips or anything um. You know i can’t raise up and do a flip, because you know it’s, just a single rotor it’s, not a stunt copter like a drone that can you can kill a couple props and flip and recover it’s a little different yeah. This is. This is really cool, though i mean it’s, very agile, long flight time. Very quiet just be mindful that you, since it’s, you know it.

I think it’d be easier to fly this into your face, it’s just a little bit more loose than a drone. You know a drone tends to. You: may have prop guards on a drone, especially if you’re, a beginner and that’s going to protect stuff and this doesn’t have it. So we wear glas sunglasses or something if you’re flying us outdoors and you’re, just starting out, because you wouldn’t want to hit your eyes with that. Propeller look that’s, pretty look how stable! That is guys outdoors, because we don’t have a lot of wind today. Finally, a pleasant day but yeah that’s cool all right guys. I think that should be enough on this flight review again, if you’re interested in this just purchase links down in the description of the video. So i appreciate you guys watching this. If you’re new to the channel, you know make sure you do click the subscribe button and click the bell so you’re notified when i upload new videos, you’ll know that i uh uploaded and you won’t miss them i’m waiting for the props to fire down.