Welcome to this video in this video im going to give you a closer look very first, closer look at hubsan e acese sitting right here. This is a production version and instead of doing unboxing once again, i thought it would be better that i give you a closer look at the production version of ase from hubsan now also notice. The ace pro is sitting right next to it. Yeah. Let me just bring it closer to the camera, so this is the ace pro which also came to me for my video review and basically before video review for my testing now there will be a totally different video, a complete, dedicated video on hubsan ace pro on My channel right after this video the next day, i will upload the video of hubsan ace pro, so you dont have to wait and you can also watch it. I can do both of them in one video but thats, going to make a very long video. So lets continue, but before we continue, i know i know you have a lot of questions, including the very important. The very first question: where is the ass asse flight video? As you remember, i posted about a month ago, the unboxing of hudson ase and after that everybody kept on waiting and there was no flight video on my channel well im gon na talk about that at the end of this video, so stay with me and do Watch do not miss that segment of this video.

All right so lets bring the camera closer, and let me give you a first closer look at the production version of hubsan asse all right. So this is a hubsan ass e, the aerial filming drone with 4k camera 3 axis stabilized gimbal, im gon na give you a closer look at the drone in this video and right after that. Well, talk about its features came with a charger two batteries, a radio controller, some cables, a screwdriver and uh. Two extra sticks for the radio control. Now, as you can see, the radio control is very very same. There is no change in the radio controller on ase. Everything is same, its basically the same radio that hubsan always use uh. We have seen this with xenomini uh and mini se and mini pro, so we have seen this so im, not gon na talk about this radio lets talk about the drone itself uh. We have all agreed that it is a very beautiful uh clone of uh dji um mavic mavic air. I believe that was the drone. Did you have mavic air? So i have no idea why hopson had to go for the similar kind of shape anyway. So this is the drone. Now you see for the very first time that there is no clear cover transparent cover like it was before, on the very first model that i unbox, so theres, no transparent, color everything is incomplete, white on the front. You see the places for the obstacle avoidance sensor same as on the back side, but there are no obstacle avoidance, sensors.

Those sensors are in s pro well talk about those there, okay and at the right side of the drone. You have this compartment where you can insert a tf card, theres a little led light hole as well and the kind of button kind of button which normally we have seen in older, apps and drones. You use those buttons normally to bind the drone to the radio control. Now at the left side of the quadcopter, you have an led light and a usb mini. I have no idea why hopson is still using usb mini. These are outdated. Now here have a port like a tf card slot, but its blocked and at the right side, also like a tf car slot, its blocked so lets call them mini wentz. For you know, i dont know how much air they will take in on what they will cool down. Lets just call them that on the bottom, you see a floodlight downward facing uh. You know led floodlight for night flight, which automatic auto automatically turns on uh. Upon take off – and you can also turn it on and off manually, and then we have an optical flow and tof sensors time of flight sensors for precise position hold without gps position and altitude held without gps. We have a fan here and a heat sink. I can see theres a big heatsink inside there, which is metallic, is inside, but up here is a plastic plastic cover that is protecting that heat sink.

They provided a plastic right here and a fan that will effectively cool it down their vents all sides on all sides. There are vents so im, hoping that there will be no overheating issue in this one. Okay, now comes the gimbal and its a three axis: gimbal camera and it suspects you can easily see on their website. Okay, its a three axis stabilized gimbal and it is held on a damping platform. So you know it will not get vibrations. There are damping platforms right here and up there and i believe the replacement of this should be easier. Should you break, however, what i like about it is that the gimbal is completely protected. With this side cover, you can see the color all around it, so just in case youre crashing the drone. The gimbal is hitting a little bit on the floor, but it should not damage the gimbal. Also. There are two notches kind of legs here that should be able to protect the gimbal from hitting the ground. Dont forget that these two antennas unfold and they might take the first hitting if youre crashing or hard landing and might break so these folding antennas are still here. Okay, as you have seen my very first video, the intelligent or smart battery is here and um. This one is 11.4 volt, 43.32 watt hour battery and um. They claim that it will give you 35 minutes of flight time its kind of rattling inside, but the second battery that i have is fine.

So this this is one issue i faced and i told hobson that you know you might need to pay attention on qc. More because uh, you know if, if a person first time receives a drone with a rattling battery inside its not going to be happy possibly, this is something that slipped out of qc quality control and they couldnt put the tape or double sided tape or couldnt secure It well anyway, it charges properly theres no issues on charging and it will fly the drone properly. I hope so, okay. So what else left to see here? You can also see with the folding arm the all the cables are properly protected in a cover. Very nice cover that should protect the cables uh for anything that can damage or harm them. Okay, nothing else to see here if i have missed something. Please do uh type comments in the video comment section and let me know what your questions are and what you want to ask okay. So let me just unfold the antennas down here. Basically, i can just rotate the drone very slowly, so you can take a very nice closer look at it all right, okay, so lets take a look at all those features together. Now, when it comes to the battery charging, i have no idea why hubsan went for these old types of chargers that used to come with xeno2, plus and xenopro. Something like that and you can see theres an in there is an out on these, and you can see that this side is a usb port which you can use for usb out and charge your devices using the battery power as well.

Converting this into a power bank, i mean converting the battery into power bank uh im, not sure why theyre still using this i mean it is good that you can. You know have multiple of these and from in to out into out you can connect multiple of these in series and connect all the batteries and once one battery charges, the second one will start charge and the third one will start charge uh. They will not charge simultaneously, but they will charge one by one. So you know you can make it, but this makes a kind of mess. You know you mean i you i mean you can see that, after connecting with this cable, as there will be a long train of these and this, this takes a lot of space to actually put all the batteries to charging and also theres this wall, adapter, which Is kind of old style wall adapter as well, so i heard previously that these were having a lot of issues. They didnt charge batteries properly and even damaged the batteries im, not sure if this is the case, i hope hubsan has improved this im gon na get more information on these and im really really hoping that hubsan has improved these a whole lot. I would rather prefer to have a charger like xenomini, se or xeno mini pro. Look at that this was nice. I mean you can connect four batteries to it. Still they will not charge simultaneously, but they will charge one by one.

However, look at that how nice and compact it is to put at one place and all four batteries are connected to it. Its not gon na have mess of cables around it. Its a nice and clean charger for four batteries and a nice and clean setup also have a usb out right here now having to have these imagine connecting four or five of these in series. Youre gon na end up with a lot of noodles an extra mess that you dont want to have you know and also connecting them properly here and there making sure the bullet connectors all the way pushed in makes a lot of mess. So i hope hubsan will just trash these now, this old technology trash it please and give us the new type of chargers. Now, when you talk about side by side, comparison of hubsan, ase and ace pro, basically, the only difference is that ace pro has obstacle: avoidance, sensors on the front and rear ace s e doesnt. The cameras are different. This one definitely have better sensor and better specs on the camera. Okay – and it has a built in memory in here, but this one doesnt all right – welcome to this important segment of video that ive been telling you to watch in this video time by time. Now lets talk about some very critical and important points and im going to be very, very honest and straightforward here now. Hubsan is definitely working very very hard to release some really nice and good drones with very very competitive features, features thats not available in other drones.

So when you compare the price and features at many points, you find the hubsan drones have a upper hand and people really want to buy. Those people want to decide about hubsan drones going towards have some drones because of those uh advantages that have some drones have. However, a lot of people are still having issues time by time with hubsan drones, which is, i would say, a very natural and common thing when a company releases a product, definitely its not a perfect product, especially when were talking about the new drones coming out right Away and theyre not putting enough time testing these theyre just releasing it and fixing things by releasing firmware. Even dji is doing these kind of things. They release the drone first and then they fix the issues by releasing the firmwares time by time or add features. So when you do this, obviously naturally theyre going to be issues in the drones are going to be problems in the drones in your products. But when a customer has a problem with your product, you need to stand by your product and support the customer. Give the customers a strongest possible support, so the customers will be happy and they will stay with you. This is a very important and key point, and i have emphasized this a number of times and i still keep doing it almost on weekly basis to hubsan that key to a companys success is to stand by their products and providing customers.

A timely and a very strong support and the customers are going to stay with you and you will be a successful company. So this is my point once again: im emphasizing and telling have son that please focus because there have been uh tons of complaints about hubsans, support, being non, responsive and non helping. I mean its not helping, even if they respond, they are not being very, very helpful. Their attitude is towards the benefits of the company, but not towards the benefits of the customers, so i would emphasize and personally request hubsan. I have supported you for a very long time and im still supporting you and im, hoping that you will take my advice. Very. Very seriously and give your customers a strong, timely support, where your support team attitude is customer first and resolve the issues as soon as possible and trust me. Customers are going to be very happy and theyre going to stay with you, youll be a successful company. All right now, speaking of customer support, if you are having any issues, please email to service, hubsan.com s e r v, i c e at hubsan.com and leave a message in your email with the reference that you have watched a video and you have bought the product And now you are having issue. Please help resolve this issue and im, hoping that hubsan will focus and do their best to resolve the issues. Next very important question uh why there are no videos of hudson acese.

I have received this drone for um more than a month and why i didnt post a video, i would say number one. My intentions, as i know have sona has been releasing this very very quickly. I knew there will be issues and problems in the drone, so my intentions were to test the drone thoroughly and feedback. All the issues to hubsan, which i have been doing in the background, without making any videos and trust me hubsan, has removed a whole lot of glitches and issues using the new firmware and the drone is getting better and better now what kind of issues i would Say like uh, the very first drone took off and fell to the ground after a few seconds. The second drone flew into a wall straight. He loved my wall so much. I dont know why i didnt put any candy or anything but its right after taking off. It is straight ahead to the wall and gladly hugged the wall and broke the propellers and stuff like that, and the third drone actually flew very, very well, and i i brought it out, it flew very well. It gave me plenty of flight time not exactly 35, but uh. It gave me a lot of flight time. It flew very well. The performance was very nice. The speed was very good features were working very well. However, there were some issues that, like sometimes when you are trying to do some panorama or a point of interest, it says: 48 megapixels of photos are not possible, so there were some little little glitches uh, something like that, which was software level, and i feedback everything To hubsan – and now i have here, the production version fourth sample, which i hope hubsan have removed a whole lot of issues and im gon na fly it right after uh.

The rain stuff is a con constant, non stop rating im gon na fly it and im gon na post the flight testing videos, as the drone is behaving im. Gon na show you all of these, and now it comes to the hubsan ace pro im. Just gon na fly this straight away and start making videos and post videos, because i believe hubsan has removed a whole lot of bugs and glitches after the testing. And after my feedback, uh of flight testing of acese so ill just fly the ace pro straight away without any delays. As soon as the weather is good, and you can see the flight testing videos and also, i have been very, very busy with my own electric paramore project that we are going to release right after chinese new year. The e glide, v4 lite and pro versions are coming very very soon, as you can see theres a prototype sitting at the left side right here i have been doing a lot of design and theres another prototype sitting right here on my right side on the floor, Which is a full size, 3d printed prototype to study all the things about the frame, so i have been very very busy and the pnp version plug and play that can convert any gasoline paramotors to electric paramotor in five minute is already on its way. It should be ready, right after chinese new year, inshallah and were gon na release that we also had a successful test flight, so im very, very busy in this project, because this is my own project and i have to make sure the clients who are waiting for This electric power motor they get this in time.

So that was another reason i couldnt do videos i wasnt focused, i wasnt, focusing on any kind of uh. You know rc video reviews because im just full time focused on releasing this electric paramotor in time. Last but not least, uh. Please comment on this video and let me know what kind of flight testing you would like to see on both ase and ace pro and what kind of video tutorials. If i could do any. You would like to watch on my channel and i would love to do those videos for all of you to watch and benefit from those one more thing that i feel very, very important to tell. Then my job is to make clear videos about these drones and present everything. What is good, what is bad right there on the camera on the video, so you all can watch and take informed decision, but please do not make a decision to buy a drone because alishan posted a video, alright, always watch the videos. You can watch my reviews where you can watch other reviewers out there. Theyre posting the reviews of these these drones. You can watch their reviews. You can watch the reviews of competition, the dji and other competition like hotel and after watching all the competition and all the video reviews from multiple different youtubers drone experts. Only then you can make an informed decision whether to buy hotel, dji or hubsan and after you buy it, be happy with that, and if you have issues you can always contact those respective companies support and get your support.

So thank you very much for watching this. Lengthy video stay tuned for flight testing videos and once again, dont forget to comment in this video comment section any questions you have anything you want to feedback anything you want to give tips and tricks what kind of flight testing you want me to perform on these Drones and what kind of video tutorials you would like to see about these drones so ill be happy to post. All these give this video a big thumb up. Stay subscribe to my channel hit that little bell icon turn on all the notifications and stay tuned for upcoming videos. I will do a complete, detailed video on the apps, using both drones and what are the differences and the parameters? What is available and what is not available in terms of features, and we will take it from there. Alright have fun people and stay safe, come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work.