We had a little bit of trouble with my microphone right before we went live, but I think we are alive now. I'Ve already done this once I'm, hoping that's actually the case, and I think we're only a couple of minutes late. We actually got this recovered fairly quickly. Welcome to first Friday on Ready Set drone. It is the first Friday of March March sixth 2020, if you can believe it already and I've got a lot of stuff to cover tonight, a lot of stuff to give away, etc. Man it's been a crazy day just heard today that South by Southwest was cancelled, which, if you don't know what South by Southwest is it's a big music and film and education a whole bunch of different topics. Here in Austin and my company, my video production company was scheduled to do a ton of work for South by and now it's all kind of up in the air. I don't think we're doing it, you know, and so that means did we get paid for it, and so my time just opened up a little bit. I may need to borrow a few bucks so but it's kind of interesting with all this stuff that's going on with the coronavirus and such I mean it's, just kind of crazy people, people freaking out a little bit and I can understand a little bit of it. But I do think that maybe there's a bit of panic going on I'm, not gon na pontificate on that too much.

I do want to say that Thomas is helping me out tonight. Thomas works for my video production company spark site and he is my technical director and actually none of the none of the problems had been his fault. They'Ve all been my fault I'm teaching him how to use wire cast, and the 8m switcher and a bunch of other stuff that we're using we're actually using the road. Little road go Mike tonight, plug directly into the ATM switcher. So it would be curious and Thomas is monitoring the chant for me, since I didn't even have time to set that up. If you guys think the audio sounds pretty good, I usually use one of those big rode USB mics, but tonight I'm using this road go mic. I love this thing for a single source. I'Ve been recording all my videos directly into the camera with it, and I think it sounds great, but we're plugged plug this into the HM switcher and the other reason we did it. That way is because we're hoping that there won't be a sync issue in the past: we've had audio and video get out of sync, so we'll see how it goes anyway, thanks to Thomas for sticking around after work and helping me do this he's a trooper. So tonight, on the show here's some things I was hoping to do well. First of all, I do want to give a big shout out to the Ready Set drone flight crew.

You guys stick with me through thick and thin. I really really appreciate it. Everybody out there who's in the flight crew, if you don't know what that is, it's a group that joined the channel, they support the channel and they make a small donation every month to kind of help me keep my sanity, etc. Oh hey lord! Thank you. I just I just heard from Thomas since I don't have it in front of me that I got a super chat from you. So thank you and thank you for all your support. It was fun being on your show, the other night. By the way I really enjoyed show he had Greg from Australia on. He had, of course, Mel on and it's just it's just fun hanging out with those guys. So thanks for letting me come on the other night and join you and thank you for the super chat, but again the flight crew. You guys are awesome. I hope if everybody in the flight crew doesn't have a flight crew t shirt. Yet, oh man, alright, when it rains it pours that's this that's, the South by South by Southwest Silver Lining, hopefully coming out so again, thank you to the flight crew. You guys are awesome. If anybody in the flight crew does not have a t shirt. Yet let me know or the stickers the new stickers that I just sent out. I think I sent those out to everybody, but if I missed anybody, I apologize hit me up Kelly.

It ready set drone and let me know who you are your shirt size and I will send you one if you don't already have one. I know a lot of you Duke's. I saw the video clips you sent me so that said very long preamble to tonight's show, especially considering it's been such a crazy day with again South by South, by stopping South by Southwest canceling is a huge deal in Austin. That would be like the Superbowl canceling right before it canceled in any other city. I mean it's, like 400000 people come here that can economically you know, it's it's, just not a good thing, but that said, we're gon na have a good time tonight and not focus on that. As I said shout out to the flight crew shout out to Thomas and then what we're gon na talk about tonight, we're gon na talk a little bit about 360 cameras. Now the really cool thing is, I just spent some time in Colorado with Edie Ricker and with Sean oz, and we used two different 360 cameras: the insta 361 X, as well as the GoPro max, both of which are awesome. 360 cameras. I really like the GoPro max, but we're gon na talk a little bit about those. Oh and Philip. Has one and he's gon na show us some stuff he did with his, which is awesome. We'Re gon na give away two different Potenza drones. I'Ve got the a 30 here and an a 20 now.

These two are like big and little brother, and if you haven't seen the video I did on these they're, basically the simplest drones. Ever they have line of sight. They have a little light in the front. No camera, no app it's, just fun flying three rates, really simple little drones to fly on this one. Actually, the one here this is: this is the black one. Actually, the blue one here is actually already won by somebody. So in my review of this, I gave instructions to go over to another video make a certain comment and if you did and by the way are you on the other camera yeah, oh nice, yeah, let's, say we're using two cameras tonight: we're getting fancy. If you went and made that comment, then you were entered to win this and I did pick a winner out of all those comments. Thank you guys for doing that, and I will announce it tonight as to who won this and we'll. Send it off and then I'm also going to give away one of these others as well I'm, going to also give away a Ready, Set. Drone t shirt not particularly this one, but I have all different sizes. So if you want a RSD t shirt, that is, I think I have all the way from small to triple XL. So, no matter what your t shirt size unless you're quadruple XL, in which case I might get you one made, I will be giving one of those away and then I also am going to announce the subscriber of the month.

I want to give a big shout out to outie over Beek, who was January subscriber the month as well as tater Rodgers tater. I don't know if you're in the chat and he was eating tater Rodgers in the chat. Yet I hope so tater taters an awesome. Songwriter and a great guy, I sent him a prize package that includes I don't Thomas you've, even seen this, yet the the brand new Ready Set drone yet tumblr. So these are. These are pretty legit for for for keeping your hot hot and your cold cold and tater is one of the few people in the world that actually has only got 10 made and tater has one of them so congrats to tater. But the next winner of the subscriber of the month will be receiving one of these as well and we'll, announce that a little while later in the show and then what else do we got here? Oh the biggest thing: what we're gon na talk to Phillip? Of course, that is a big thing, but the biggest thing we've got going tonight. I finished that video, so everyone who sent me footage of the video that I asked for like them, flying a drone or with the drone everybody who sent me footage. I want to say thank you that video it's not quite finished it's 90 finished, but we're gon na premiere. It tonight – and I hope you all like it, because I put a lot into it so that'll – be at the end of the show and we'll try to keep the show down to about an hour, hopefully an hour.

If everything goes well and we don't crash and burn like last time, I did first Friday so let's go check in with Phillip I'm gon na put on my headphones, which are running all the way back over there Thomas we didn't realize that would be an issue, But how we looking Phillip, you there? Yes, I Hey awesome! Well, it is good to hear your voice. Where are you? I am just an hour Key West, so nice it's a monkey monkey Florida Eastern Eastern time zone, yes in mark's drone works from australia. Hey Mark! Thank you, and by the way I did get your footage and it is included in the video which we're gon na premiere tonight, Tom sorry, Phillip, you know about this video, but but you haven't even seen it yet. This is a kind of compilation of a bunch of people who have given me footage from this community and I can't wait to show it but back to you where, where do you say you are Florida, yeah, oh cool, and and is it pretty there? Oh yes percent. None factual video yeah! Well so you guys have been arguing for a bit you've kind of stuff to the South, mostly staying in beaches and stuff like that. What'S been your favorite place so far here: 100 it's it's, really nice I'm part of the more or less thing so it's really cheap. But if you're a seeker under 900 months, sorry and then happy week, minimum that's quite a bit, so you have the gulf side or the atlantic side so I'm.

Technically, very, I think. Yes, you could all side it's more of a there's, no actually Gulf of Mexico. There, but on both sides and clear, clean water, all that sort of thing, yeah, it's, really clear so Thomas. Can we take a look at that sunset that Phillip shot Phillip, did a really cool, little sunset time lapse and where? Where was this, this is here. So this is still key. Okay. What did you shoot that with that is actually the oh nice, okay, well, it's beautiful, absolutely a gorgeous spot, and then you had mentioned as a matter of fact guys. If you don't know about Phillips channel it's called outdoor is and it's about living in an RV. So, if you're ever considering doing that, getting a job where you can support yourself and drive around the country outdoors is a good channel to subscribe to Phillip and Meghan his wife took a little adventure. Should we take a look at that and Phillip I I just muted it so you can talk over it. So talk to us about what's, going on. Okay looks like we got the wrong video yeah it's parasailing. Oh yes, yeah! Oh, so this is actually Key West and iqs. We didn't all. You can do different things, including jet, skiing, Wynnum, Murray and there's, like snorkeling, can ship and one of we're sailing, and my wife doing. This is our second time doing. India and it's just shot with Promax okay, and how do you like the max because Shaun Oz is a huge fan of the max and used it quite a bit while we were in Colorado? So you know my the one right: yeah you're, not a big fan! Yeah it's 100, but, like I love the coca max one of the things that Shaun is really excited about with.

It is the fact that you can use it as just a normal, like gopro hero, as well as a 360 camera, and also it has a screen on it, which is really nice, so you can see what's going on and the footage I saw just looked amazing. I mean this this stuff of you guys parasailing. So did you have to go in and post and pick the direction yeah but breezy like, but the GoPro super easy. I just choose key frames and move the camera and even expert very quickly. So as you flying over the ocean, did you see any sharks or dolphins or I mean? Can you see down into the water and see fish and stuff? So unfortunately, there is normal because there was really so the waters a little bit that day. Typically, you should see you know, at least, if not all the way down to the you can wash our hair here, yeah we didn't yeah well bye forward. So so one thing that would be fun if you do this again is to let me be on the boat and fly a drone like gon na buzz. You guys, you know yeah. What would they would they? Let you fly a drone. Do you think if you guys permission you think they'd they let us do it, so the only rule they're telling their other alpha Chris off the line with the Key West if he area flying nearby, so I think yeah Wow.

Well, I also that brings up an interesting point. I wonder if, if a drone or a parasail is considered an aircraft, you know technically, if you I mean. Obviously, you don't want to injure somebody who's on a parasail, but if you were taking taking it, that would that would actually be really interesting, whether you could fly near it or not so yeah, I think paraglider are considered aircraft so I'm, not sure it's gon na Be but but it was fun yes, okay, cool well Britt. Can you bring bring the camera back for us Thomas yeah let's bring us back to the two of us, and so are you staying there for a while or you going somewhere else? So what are you gon na do so we are it's, apparently we're gon na go back so that's neat. This way we just Big Cypress National Preserve. We saved money like there would not generate power but way back and then Orlando and then work hard at Texas for a couple weeks. Well, that's cool! Are you coming back through Austin? No? Well, I did want to show one other clip of the 360 max. Can you go ahead and roll the slide, it's Kelly on the slide, clip and and check this out, so we played that from the live show in Colorado, and I just thought it was such a great clip and it shows what you can do with the 360 Camera and also you know the tiny, tiny globe tiny world thing you can do.

I I will say I do want to try out the new instant 360 one hour but I'm. Now that I've seen you with it and Sean oz, with it I'm really kind of sold on, maybe getting one of the GoPro maxes. I will say one thing: if you get the official right out of size 3, this might go. Pro is no good for everything that thing isn't enough, so I took it in two and then it got splashed myself like a tourist trap. They were here at go, we go for the salt water and then, whenever I was trying to it's one of those just like and it just locked up, didn't get it loose to get elusive, oh that's. So so I would still the condition it's in or were you able to get it fixed, so the place that I bought it from nicely this execution? If, for me, nice well, so you mentioned about the instant 361 – are I'm curious. If anybody in the audience has one of those, so unfortunately coronavirus is just messing up a whole bunch of things South by Southwest also, I was supposed to get the drone kit from instead of 360, and they have told me that it's basically not available until this. All blows over so that kind of sucks but I'm excited to try it. I understand you have to fly in addy mode because it does block the GPS, but the footage just looks insane.

I have put a 360 camera on my drone before, but not as nice of one is this, so there you go I'm kind of curious if it's, just a third and guess pushing with more something that's, not right. You know, I wonder if you could put GPS. We know some of this right yeah. I would think it probably there, probably if they're smart and they don't want to get in trouble. They'Re, probably positioning it as worst case scenario, and it would really depend on where you were and some other things. But is anybody in the chat have the 361 are with with the I guess, it's the Maverick to KITT I'm curious if anybody's had any issues with GPS, Phil and Thomas is keeping an eye on the chat again? Okay, so I wanted to go ahead and say who won the first Potenza k a 30, which is this one right here and it's a really fun little drone. Actually, can you bring the picture of the Potenza kay 30 up should be the eight thirty in the a twenty it's this guy right here it a couple of things I really like about it: a there's, no app there's, no camera. I think there is a version with the camera, but this is just a bright LED and it comes with a battery that slots into the back really easily on the Potenza, a twenty you have to plug it in and then kind of cram the battery door closed.

But with this one here, it fits in really easily anyway, so that the instructions on how to win this were to go to the from the video about the a thirty two, the video about the a twenty and comment, a twenty and a lot of people did That thank you and from the randomizer 10000 the winner was chosen and we're gon na show it right now. It'S David Thompson. I know there's a couple of names on this. I didn't have time to crop it, but David Thompson. I don't know if you're watching right now, but thank you for watching the video and for participating, and I think you said you were new to drones so I'm going to get in contact with you and send you this Potenza 830 and hopefully be a good first Stone for you, one of my first drones was the syma x5c, which you guys have heard me going up about how great that is it's. This is actually better for indoor flying than the CMAs, so I'm, a big fan. So, congratulations to Dave Thompson for winning this sucker, so anything else. Phillip anything else is siding going on no my phone, so I can see comments. I think that would be smart yeah. I am teaching my videos good thing. Teachers like videos, nice, so so those doing the outdoors videos, hopefully that's the ad like four or five, maybe four Gege. So that way we can. That would actually be awesome right if you could get her to do that.

Definitely yeah all right. I'M. Turning the volume down here, oh now, I can see some of the comments. All the congrats Chris, so Steve carpenter, grumpy blogger, the drone Ranger Brad art Coe it's, like I opened up the chat and Larry kd2 RDH, who I don't think I've met yet, but everybody else, 480. L thanks guys for tuning in much appreciated, it's, really good to see you guys here, see you in in Mel's, live streams in the grumpy vloggers live streams, it's, it's and Chris hope. If you get up early enough on the weekend, you can see on his anyway. Thank you guys for tuning in um so and it actually, if you got that's, why you lose GPS yeah? Well, he has a really really doesn't. Okay and I've. Had people saying that Philip, your audio is a little bit lower and a little choppy I don't know if there's anything we knew about that and Thomas says a comment: oh it does not, but the stick is self centering the throttle stick. So, basically, when you get it to a certain height, if you let go of the stick, it stays at that height, but it's not doing it through a barometer, which is what most altitude holds use. Super easy to fly, though, wait so stingray aerial solution says what Chris Hope has a show. Yes, Chris hope does sunrise flights most Sunday mornings. So if you get up at Sunday early, probably around sunrise central time, you can watch Chris Hope doing his morning show and Chris Hope is the man.

So if you guys haven't checked out, his channel definitely go over and he supports all the channels. I just love seeing him in the chat, so thank you. 15 minutes. Sunrise live with the sunday Sun, were his group that's what Chris that's very cool anyway. So I feel like I wanted to talk about one other thing and before we give anything else away, and that is my new crush, my new love, which is the tiny hawk series. Let me see if I can grab a tiny Hawk out of here. Getting you got to grab him by the tail that will bite you? Where are you guys? Oh there's one? I got one reaching into the tiny hawk bin and let's see which one we got in the tiny house bin. We pulled out I'm gon na guess. The tiny hawk which one is this tiny, hawk 2ss or maybe it's, just a tiny. How is these little guys have made me so much better of an FB v flyer I've been practicing a lot trying to get better in accra mode, and I finally am getting to where I can fly comfortable in accra mode and if everybody saw the video that Was done about the tiny hawk to race which is in there somewhere? It is pretty hard to fly and because it's harder to fly it makes this one easier to fly, and why is that? Because this is a 1 s, less powerful, less punch got ducted motors I'm just I'm, just a big fan of the tiny whoops in general and the tiny hawk tiny whoops, which I think tiny whoop is actually a brand as well so I'm, probably misusing it.

But if you guys haven't had a chance to fly a tiny loop, please do and if anybody I should definitely give more of them way. This is a good place to start the the Potenza, because you can fly it indoors line of sight. But when you put on those goggles and start flying to fpv it's, just absolutely the same okay, so all of that said I do want to announce the big announcement. One of the big announcements is the subscriber of the month. So everybody knows the subscriber of the month is a person who is usually in the chats, not just for my show, but for other people's chats there's a lot of people in the chat tonight that have been post past subscribers of the month. Shane from we are via the johnstons, Steve carpenter, Chris Hope Brad. These guys have been big supporters of the online drone community and I will give a shout out to Taylor Rogers, I don't think taters in tonight. I know he did receive my package and he said he was gon na. Do a unboxing video of it. I need to go check that out, but and then outie over Beek, who was a guy. I met at spin up was for January, but this month the March subscriber of the month is from way up north, where it's, cold and windy. Still, it is Bill, Brooks from metro drones bill and his wife came down for spin up.

We got to hang out with them. They did such a great job of helping us get spin up, organize, get it set up and even helped us take it all down and and and do all the food and catering and stuff so huge props to Bill and Sandy. Thank you guys for being so awesome and such a big part of the drone community, and I think, before my livestream crapped out last time from bad internet. I think bill actually won the a 20, the tenzig a 20, and I never sent it to him so bill I'm. Definitely getting you one of these. Thank you. I think you're a coffee drinker or at least hot chocolate. So, if it's, if it's, if it's cold up there and you need something to keep your drink warm, this is it. You can think of me, get you a t shirt a couple of drones, all that good stuff. Thank you Bill for being so awesome. If you guys haven't met bill, there is yeah Bill's in the chat. Thank you and by the way, guys, if you're wondering why some people have bigger little emblems on their chat, icon, it's, because they've been members of the Ready Set drone flight crew for longer the longer you're in the bigger that emblem gets. And then, if you have a Ready Set, drone logo like Brad you've, been in forever, and I really appreciate it. So all of that said, I'm gon na get right to the chase by the thing I've been waiting for even more than subscriber the month and again congrats to everyone, who's been it in the past and congrats to Bill.

I want to play this video. This is this is something that I thought of probably two years ago and it's, something that I really want to have wanted to do for a while. I got some help from a couple of friends putting this together the musically, and then I got some help from a whole bunch of people. Sending me footage now. This is not quite final, but I wanted to have it close enough that I could play it for you guys, so this is the greatest song about drone drone flying ever written it's. My tribute to you all so let's Music, when I fly won't, follow I'm gon na fly with Ready, Set drone. It'S really citron will always fly with me, Lyonne fast and flying free flying with friends. The love is ready set. Road is Motors in BB, props and more SMEs, seize people's and cameras, and what please five sharing stories and swapping tales, meizu, tribes and epic fails? Will you, if you don't ever try race, it's, already citron, spit up props and plug in your phone love with us, and we peek you'll agree pretty central, really central what's the point of flying alone. Climate friends will make you feel so free Music. When I fly, won't fly Lord Music with Freddie centrioles ready syndrome, always following me, lying bastard time, free with friends, it's, pretty central respond, Ready, Set ho Ready, Set roll spin up approximate up in the bone Bob with the sand.

Beeping you hungry, ready, centromere, central what's. The point of fighting alone, blind with friends who make you feel so free fly with friends who make you feel so free lying with friends, will make you feel so you you all right. So I don't know why that song was stuck in my head for months and months before I finally got it recorded and put out there, and so I just it's kind of cheesy it's kind of silly, but I just it sticks in your head. I will say: it's like a little ear worm that climbs in there. What do you think, Philip? That is so you very morning that's what my wife said to she was like yeah. This sounds like a song you'd sing at camp, but no I'm gon na release. The I need to do a couple of edits. That was what that shot. You sent me over today for was Philip on the boat and so I'm gon na do a little bit more editing to it, and then I'm gon na actually make it my channel. You know you have a channel video, that's kind of like your main Channel, video yeah, so that's what it's gon na be, but yeah thanks. You guys for all sending the footage very much appreciated it was actually. It was funny because I didn't think I'd have enough footage and then, when I started putting it all in, I realized I had to almost cut it short and yeah, pretty pretty awesome.

So I do want to do a duet with Taylor, Rodgers, a hundred percent and tater. You were part of my inspiration when I heard when I heard you're digging up drones and all those other songs I was like man. I got to do that too. So I played the I wrote this lyrics and the music, and then I played the melody, you know just or the chords and then a friend of mine named Vinnie, who helps me shoot a lot of drone videos you've seen him before in some of my videos. He'S he's, the guy, when the video looks really good, he shot it. He he's also a musician and did the vocals and the playing for me so anyway, really really fun stuff. Thank you. Guys deposited my videos. Whenever I should well, you know, Philip. I will say that there are people who, who are a little better at this than both of us, including including Vinnie, so, but I do want to say the contest I thought of what the contest should be now this is this is going pretty deep, so I Don'T know if we're gon na actually get any right answers. So if you got it over there Thomas and also make sure Thomas that you're on not top chat but live chat. You see the difference so that you can see everything. Yes, so I'm gon na give away a ready, set your own t, shirt and I have to of I've actually to 830's I'm gon na give away the second 832 or yeah second 830 there's a black one and a blue one.

So the the blue one goes to David Thompson. The the black one will go to the winner of this, along with the Ready Set drone t shirt. Who can tell me who the woman dancing at the end towards the end of the video? Is she she was. Somebody that interviewed for a video – she is a drone pilot and she has a screen name: big Instagram, following she's well I'm, not going to give any more clues let's see if anybody else knows who that was, it was somebody dancing close to the end and I'll Give you another hint. I was at a DRL event: yeah that might be kind of tough if you, especially if you weren't, unless you just absolutely knew who it was I'll, give it I'll, give it like 10 more seconds, and if nobody has the answer, we'll switch over and I'll ask A different question for that yeah. I know that DRL, but I don't know it was not young 360 but but good guess. Wasn'T at the drone girl, the drunk girl was in the video flying Sally French who's awesome by the way Lexi, yes, meiyan, hi Austin Powers. Well done well that's, I didn't didn't think anybody to actually get that yeah she's awesome, so Mayan High is an fpv flier she's got a great Instagram feed she's a great drone pilot. She doesn't fly for DRL, but she showed up at the event and I think she's like half Scottish and half German or something so anyway uh, I just my wife.

I pulled that clip out from the interview. I was kind of just looking through all this old footage and I had always. I pulled that clip out a long time ago and thought I would use this in something. So it worked out pretty well but yeah it was mine, so Austin Powers. I don't think we've met unless you're somebody with a secret screen, name that I don't know about. But if you can hit me up at let's, see I have contests at ready set drone comm. Send me something to prove your. You may be. You link to your YouTube channel or something so I know that you're, the real Austin Powers you see, sharks with lasers, mad Philip. Are you impressed that somebody knew that was actually yeah it took? I had to film the answer for the same time as them, but based on the way that they put it in, I don't think that's. I don't think they looked it up. I think they actually guess what what do you even would even search for to find that, like DRL drone Ready Set drone yeah? No okay, so you can do it well. Congrats Austin Powers, Congrats to David Thompson, Congrats to Bill Brooks from metro drones. You guys are awesome Congrats to Phillip for being in an amazing spot and having a lot of fun. Do you work in for Phillip yeah? I do okay, basically every day every, basically, basically, basically I've got to put it on butter's real, quick, yeah let's, see butters house house butters, Instagram page going.

If you guys don't know, there is an Instagram page called butters the Corgi dedicated to Philips Corgi butters, who is a very cute, very loud dog and it's, probably next to Jenga, been on the most live, shows of any of the dogs in the world. Hey and also guys, I am working really hard right now – to try and find the location for spin up. 2020 I'm thinking September is what's. Currently in my head timewise, I would love it. I asked this before when we were in Colorado, but I would love it if everybody kind of, let me know in the chat because I'll watch this again, I am really considering Colorado. I think it might be a cool place to do it. Sean is offered to kind of help, facilitate a lot of the logistics and stuff and that town that he lives in is beautiful and there's a like a community senator there that I think wouldn't be too expensive. I don't think you can fly at the community senator because it's kind of right in the middle of town I mean – maybe you can, but there is the lake nearby the frozen lake that he and Sean and Edie Ricker and I went out on and by the Way, big shout out to Sean and Edie for getting together in Colorado that was so much fun. If you haven't gone to Ed's channel to watch him fly his Mavic mini at 12000 feet, you should go because it was quite an experience and Sean's as well.

Sean has a great channel, it's yeah. Those are great guys, so so what's butters up to well. She went swimming and it wasn't it wasn't voluntary. She actually fell retire. Oh yeah, I remember when we took her to Lake Travis, she wasn't she wasn't a huge fan of being in the water. What does she think about the ocean? She actually liked me on because that she doesn't like being in deep water. Okay feels like she's gon na get eaten by a shark. Yes, something like that all right! Well, I'm gon na wrap it up. I don't have a whole lot more plan and I'm feeling a little bit. I wish I had a laptop with the comments and stuff. I keep looking down my phone to see them, but again thanks everybody for tuning in, thank you to Philip for being here and Thomas for doing the technical direction and I'm gon na start at 600 a.m. next first Friday, so that I'm ready, because we actually started Doing this around 430 thinking, we would be done and then we had some technical technical things, but it was a lot of fun. No internet issues, you guys, are awesome. Thanks for watching ready set your own, I will send out prizes Austin Powers reach out to me. So I can get yours to you and I will definitely get Dave Thompson. His David Thompson and Bill I'll be sending you a package as well. Let'S. Take a look at that video one more time on the way out and thank you guys for tuning in Music.

When a fly will follow I'm gon na fly with Ready, Set drone, it's, really sings wrong, will always fly with me lion fast and flying free flying with friends. The love Ready Set drone is my community Motors and beanie robson moura CPSC's cables and cameras, and what we use to fly, sharing stories and swapping tales, meizu, tribes and epic fails will, if you don't ever try really central, already drone spit up props and plug in Your phone love with us and we think you'll, agree rady central, really central what's the point of flying alone. Violet friends, will make you feel so: free Music, you Music, when I fly won't fly alone, I'm gon na with pretty central ready. Centromere always following me. I invested my free with friends: it's pretty central is by Ready, Set ho Ready, Set roll spin up approximate up in the bone, love with the sand. Ppq agree really central central what's. The point of fun flying with friends will make you feel so free.