It still takes all dang day to get to get it done and and I'm still, not completely ready, there's like 50 things. I wanted to do, but hey I'm here you're here, we're here together and I'm super happy about that. I want to give a big shout out, first of all to everyone who is watching. Thank you for tuning in second of all, I want to say thank you to Phillip who's gon na be joining us just for in just a second Phillip is Phillip, is currently in Florida somewhere. I believe Thomas couldn't make it tonight so I'm flying solo. As far as doing the button pushing and all that, can somebody tell me in the chat real quick, am i sounding good? Does the mic sound? Okay, hey what's, up Greg? Thank you again for your help earlier today. Hopefully, you guys got a chance to check out Oz by drones, show just a few moments ago. He just wrapped up our code good to see you what's up Brad thanks, Brad, actually funny thing you. You actually mentioned that the timer was off and it it was. It was actually, I was off, it was off of say in 22 minutes, and so it looks like Philips rebooting right now, so I will go ahead and just fan for a bit, but Thank You Brad. You, you made me reset the timer. I did make like a 20 minute countdown video and I didn't get it started until right before so that didn't didn't really work out what's up Lloyd thanks for tuning in and Gerry, I haven't seen you in a long time good to see you in the chat There, thanks for tuning in phantom Hodges drone and also Austin Powers, good to see you Austin, I I know that's, not your real name, but I know you won something last time so congrats to you to reek Sanchez good, to see you thanks for tuning in studios And Shane we are Vee and Jodi Shores.

Hey. My wife is watching no pressure, alright Phillips calling in, let me see. Can you see if I can get him brought into the program here? I see him. Oh let's, if everything's for everything's gon na work the way it should he should be here now: Phillip, yes, oh you're, there all right sit up straight young man, you're slouching or not wait you're frozen you're frozen Phillip, oh goodness, there's nothing worse than a frozen! Phillip! Hey you're back, okay, all right, you were you were you were frozen there for a second, but I think you're back. So where are you Phillip? Oh what what what's going on in you don't? What is sorry that was my fault. What is do funny acts Pring, sneer, okay, okay, that's cool, and is it warm they're, nice and I've seen some pictures of you out in the hey? Look at that thanks thanks Ken Haran for the two dollar super chatting for pointing out the fact that my wife is not a moderator. She does not have a wrench. Next to her sorry, honey. I will put one there soon, that's, you know as part of our vows, I promised to supply wrenches and moderation and Chris Hope good to see you thanks for tuning in. I think that I've just heard no Philip, but I think that was a few minutes ago. Philip you're still there right, okay, all right! Yes, I can. I can and – and I like how, when I asked you the question, you pause for like three seconds before you answer that that really keeps me on my toes all right.

All right so Joe Joe Blaylock is tuned in. I want to just give a quick shout out real quick, as I always do, to the Ready Set drone flight crew right there. If you're in the flight crew, you should have one of these shirts, but if you don't email me at Kelly had Ready Set drone comm and I will make sure you get one. I want to say, hey to fly natural Roosevelts out there somewhere. I hope Jenna Delgado Lopez, who is new, I don't, think I've ever met you Delgado but I'm. Looking forward to it, metro drones hey Bill good to see you 400 AGL. By the way I want to just give a shout out to 400 AGL. I think I'm on the right yeah right there that's my new 400 AGL sticker that he just gave me – and I know it's on this side and I don't have a little song about stickers, like Ken, so I'll just sing it. I like stickers, as you can see, I do and Thank You Mel. It takes a lot hey art thanks for thanks for the super chat and letting me know Phillip, they say they can't hear you. Can you can okay let's see then here real, quick, I'm gon na try and bring Phillip back? I see that I see that. Let me just get rid of this one and add one here, alright, add and I'm sure we're gon na all right talk for me.

Now so my video seems frozen for some reason: yeah yeah, I I don't know I don't, know man. This is uh. This is challenging alright cuz, because I think we had it all dialed in a little bit earlier didn't. We we spent like an hour getting all this set up this time, but we spent two hours yesterday and then two hours today and then I think you spent an hour to with kin before that. I did. I did by the way thank you to Ken Haran and oz by drone for hopping on and helping me out much appreciate it. I think I see I think I see part of the problem here. I think our audio track, for some reason, has your video in it. Oh, my god, things are going, things are going awry, but that's, okay, it's it's, actually a pretty minor thing at this point. As far as the the problems go, I'm gon na just go with it. So I was on the list. I was to 400 AGL thanking Mel for this brand new sticker that he gave me right here, which is awesome and, like I said it takes a lot to get your sticker put on to the Ready Set drone official Ready Set drone computer, so Mel yours is There thank you tater Rodgers man. If you haven't, checked out taters channel and heard his music, you need to go he's a great musician and he writes a lot of songs about drones.

Also Max Martin I'm. Sorry Marc's drone works over in Australia. Marc'S drone works is a big fan of the channel. I appreciate you tuning in thanks to Doug from ion wedge, who I have not seen in the chat in a while. So I need to reach out and see what's up with him, maybe he's just busy. Of course, Phillip is part of the flight crew bill. The drone reviewer ray Joe Blaylock Blaylock Woodrow Nathan, tropic thanks Tony TJ Parsons Mike Booker, Oh lease, a less key Minkin who joined the flight crew about two months ago, he's in New York. I hope he's doing all right up there. Fray Maurice, I don't know Frey either, but I look forward to meeting him b max area, our aerial visuals, also a new flight crew member. Thank You, BMAC Rick, Hal, burr, an old school flight crew member good to see you Rick w Frank Hulbert, Jerry Calver Lee Caverly, who, by the way, is also known as drone obsessed and also part of the drone interest group at horn high school. I would be interested to hear and if corn high school is you guys are still able to meet virtually or something Brad Alston. My brother Brad from from Virginia Steve Miller, mappers thanks John Steve carpenter, Andy grant the grumpy flogger. If you, if you want, if you want to put a smile on your face, go watch the grumpy vlogger. Sometimes he always makes me chuckle Chris hope, big, blue and original dobo, who was my very first member of the flight crew.

So all of that said, we have quite a few things actually a show tonight. If we can get everything working technically fill up. Are you there? Are you frozen move around for I don't know you rosin on my screen. Well, you know what maybe let me just see if, if you can just talk right while I, while I try to readjust and bring you back up again so yeah, I can talk. Yeah tell us a little bit more about this crazy town that you're in well. I think you probably want to hear more about what it's like to RV during the the coronavirus. Oh, I do want to hear about that. Yes, well actually! Well, if you keep an eye on the RV community, a lot of people are, I think, we're hyping up more. That needs to be, but we decided to actually stay in Florida just to avoid traveling around during this in general, it seems like most of the stay at home. Water is being issued by the governors of the various states seem to be more of a loose guidelines. Instead of something that's strictly enforced, except for Communist California and New York City yeah, but I mean is – is like being in our RV, considered staying at home yeah. So the only issue is that some of the camp end up closing down. So if you're in those campgrounds, you have to find somewhere else to go, other campgrounds can't seem to get enough campers to come to them.

So there they're losing business, and you know they don't feel like they can stay open, so it's a mixed bag, but in terms of like actually staying at home. Yes, this is my domicile and I'm technically staying at home right right right. Well, that makes sense. I mean you you're you're, sheltered within there. You can still go to the store and get food and that sort of thing right, yeah, okay, well, I can't seem to figure out why you're frozen. Do you want to just drop off Skype one more time and while you're doing that, I'll play a couple of the videos I want to play and and Rico sure yeah reconnect to Skype? Okay, all right, we'll see you in a minute. So one thing I wanted to talk about something that I talked about a couple of weeks ago is this right here. This is a kit that was made that is made by Lego, the LEGO City kit. Now I grew up building Legos I'm, a huge fan of Legos, but this one has just got it all wrong. So let me go ahead and show you a quick little video of my son building this thing for me in in in fast motion, it's, not it's, not very long and then we'll talk about how Legos got this all wrong and why don't I play the right Clip now you can see here that it's, a small box and by the way we used Chris hopes knife that he made to open it.

It'S got two different packages. One contains the good guy, which is the police helicopter, and one contains the bad guy, which is the drone pilot. Now the drone pilot is attempting to steal a golden statue of a fireman or something like that using a drone and so it's. Just really bizarre, because I don't know many drones. That could lift a golden statue, but maybe that maybe this one could and the drone pilot is actually wearing like a bad guy hat and what my wife said: look like prison garb, so that in itself is pretty goofy. But then the worst part is the cop. Is chasing the drone with a helicopter and trying to shoot a net at it? I mean this. This is just insane you're gon na chase a drone with a helicopter and shoot a net at it and the bad guys flying a drone anyway. I'M. Totally appalled. We built this thing, but we only built it under protest because we generally like Legos, my intent is to give this thing away and see if someone else can take it over. I think Philips back. What do you think about all this? If you truly want a protest that you could just take the net and throw it out the helicopter in the sky, you know you know shoot it from the drone. You could do that that the only the only problem with that is, I don't actually want to cause any harm to this helicopter.

This just seems like a poorly designed situation. You know what I mean yeah. No, I was kidding well, no don't shoot down helicopters with that that's a bad idea. All in all, I know I know we've got you behind yourself, I'm gon na try something all right now if I were to go like this yeah, okay. So just looking at this thing, I just have to say it's completely ridiculous and the design of the drone looks very menacing. So I hope that Logan, like Lego, will see this and take a clue. We'Re all good guys right. They won't see this and they won't. Take a clue, you don't think so. No, I really don't think so. Well, is it like a Disney Company? Oh probably, it seems like everything is a Disney Company. Well, I got to come up with a way to give this thing away. I hadn't really thought about it because I ran into some trouble, but I, if you type in Lego, drone because that's actually what I was looking for was some sort of Lego drone thing this was this was the only thing that really came up, and so I I'M, just like flabbergasted that this is what they offer so anyway, oh good. The next thing I wanted to talk about was something I've been doing a little bit with my mobile phone and also with the Osmo action and that's recording some things in in super slo mo and those things are you you uh there we go.

Okay, goodness what's going on, I don't know video stopped, but I can hear you now so that means everyone else can probably hear you yeah. Well now, oh, this is what's going on my goodness ken ken herons ken herons lesson. Didn'T really seem to help me today with with much so what is going on here is that Phillip – and I rehearse this way too much and and we're getting karmic retribution for it or something. But what I was going to say is, I think, it's really cool. The way that the drone sounds when it's taking off at slo mo, I mean don't, you think it honestly kind of sounds like a real airplane to some degree yeah. I kind of thought that you actually insert that as a sound effect from a helicopter. No, no, that was actually that was actually the sound of the rotors. Turning and and then I did insert the pilots voice, but this is the one that I think sounds super cool, so a play that I'll play this one and we can just kind of talk over this as well. But this is the same drone and I was using the little action figure thing that goes over the top of it, so that you could have an action figure flying around on top of it it's it's kind of fun. I was sort of surprised at how much fun I had flying this thing with slo mo camera, as well as this action figure, but listen to it.

I mean that just sounds like a real airplane going bow to me and it looks like sorry. I missed it down here. I got a 999 super chat from metro drones. Thank you Bill. Much appreciated right now. My my whole situation. My whole, my whole live stream is, is sort of hanging on the rails, maybe that ten bucks would be enough to fix it. This one here, I really love the way it sounds when it lands, but then the next clip here is what I think was just the coolest part, and this is just shot with my phone. This part 240 frames a second listen to this and then the second one hit so hard. It knocked the camera over. That was not me, the camera or it actually fell over so yeah fun, stuff, fun, stuff, slow mo. I think a few people out there have talked about having some really slow mo cameras like cameras that can actually do like 900 frames. A second have you ever played with one of those I haven't, but I also don't know if I want to just for the pure fact that those video files are so big, yeah that's, true that's, true, but storage is cheap man. You know that you know that, based on where you work yeah, but you also got ta, keep in mind. My space is limited, so I don't have enough room for you know like five Nash servers that are the size of Texas, okay, okay, fair enough fair enough! Well, I just think it's pretty interesting that when you it's kind of like looking at something through a microscope, the difference between how it looks when you, when you look at it under normal speed versus how it looks when you look at it slow motion, is just Pretty amazing I don't know if, in comparing 30 and 120 frames per second it's, a huge difference, but yeah first for some stuff, you have to have that super slow mo like kin has in yeah Kris Rollins has was you Rollins has a yeah yeah, I think, Is I think, that's at Sony that does 900 frames per second, but again the the iPhone and several several action cameras do 240 frames a second at 1080, which is, is pretty cool that's what those were shot at.

I was actually really surprised, though, that that second one was the tiny hawk Tony Hawk race. I believe know that yeah Tony Hawk to race. That was what that was, and it has two batteries on the bottom and when it hit, I just that's why I watched that file. It was like men, it sounds like a hammer coming down like just absolutely astonishing, so I'm, looking at the chat – and I haven't actually seen I'm gon na switch over actually I'm in top chat right now, I'm gon na switch over to all chat. I want to know if anybody's like I don't, really want to talk about coronavirus, cuz. I think too many people are talking about it, but I want to see if anybody's experiencing anything good from it, and and by that I mean for me. I have got to spend a lot of time with my family, which has been nice. I'Ve also had the opportunity to, I think, spend a little more time playing with my drones. Cuz I'm still working but I'll go outside and I definitely enjoy taking a little break and then goofing around with my Mavic mini. Have you found that to be the case? Philip, I guess you work at home all the time, so it doesn't really matter yeah. I haven't really noticed much more free time. In fact, I've actually been a lot more busy, not necessarily with work stuff, but also with work stuff and also.

I recently started up a minecraft server, for you know this whole thing going on, so people at my work could join in. You know play Minecraft with their families and stuff so that nice that's also take up a little bit of my spare time as well. Well, is that something that you're you're keeping to yourself or because my kids and I play sometimes I'm walking it down to people at my work? Just so that you know they can feel safe, letting their kids join yeah, not a bunch of not a bunch of bad bad drone. Dudes, like this guy joining, I mean I mean look at this guy he's he's got he's, got a like a Longshoremen's hat on and in a prison garb it's terrible anyway, well, that's cool that's. That sounds like a lot of fun. I am hoping that also. I will say one other thing if I can get this done before everything gets back to normal. If I can get my garage cleaned out, that will be like a upside to this whole situation. I'Ve seen your garage and that's not gon na happen, Kelly yeah, no it's it's every year or two we get it actually pretty clean and and then and then it goes back to its state of chaos. I think the last time you saw it it was especially crowded didn't. We still have the jet ski in there know that I saw it without jet ski no okay.

Well, the jet skis not in there now so there's a little more room, but I remember you promising. I could ride the jet ski and then you took that away from me. Oh I did. I did I'm, the worst I'm, absolutely the worst. Well, I also wanted to show you guys something now I have tried twice to start a video on this. This was sent to me by a viewer and I've had it for longer than I'd like to say a couple of weeks now this is called the it's. Also called The Phantom Angel, but it's also made for the Mavic too, and the Mavic air. This is a battery conditioner. I think it's called a conditioner and let me show you what it is. This is actually a device that you plug your lipo batteries into, and it uses a right here, there's a spot for halogen bulb and that halogen bulb discharges the batteries and you can actually, you can either set them to cycle, to discharge all the way or to Storage to set them to about 60, which i think is where you ideally want to store them. This thing is super well made. This guy makes these himself he sells them. I will. I will definitely be doing a review of this very soon. I have not had a chance to shoot the video yet, but I have to say it's super, especially if you travel a lot which you know up until recently.

I did travel quite a bit with my drone and if you want to get on an airplane and you don't want to have the the battery's completely charged or completely discharged, you can just plug this in put them on store and they'll, get them down to the 60 thing or discharge them completely to travel, which makes them a whole lot safer on the front of it. You can't see it but there's a switch for the Mavic and the Mavic air and then there's the store and discharge, and then it uses an xt60 connector right here to connect to a Mavic air or a Mavic battery charger. In that cool, I will say I don't necessarily see the need for it with DJI batteries as much as I do with other drones batteries, because if you leave them in storage, for I think a week and a half or two they discharged to that amount anyway. Well, you can send that you can actually set that in the app. I think I think yeah, where you set it in the app and then how did, but how does that tell the batteries is? Does it write something to the battery? Maybe when, when you set it in the app I'm, not a hungry, some positive how that works, maybe somebody in the chat chat knows how that works. As far as being able to use the yeah, I know I know you can tell them like ten days or two days discharged right, so that's what you're saying yeah.

Typically, I don't leave my batteries charged up all the time anyway, like I only charge them right before I'm about to use them, or sometimes they even just sly them at storage charge, if I don't have enough time to charge them up. So personally, I wouldn't have much use for that, but I can see how it would be particularly useful with lipo batteries that aren't DJI brand or if you keep your batteries charged up all the time and do need to do a discharge on them, yeah and that's. What I tend to do I tend to when I get back from flying, I tend to charge my batteries because I want them ready next time, I'm ready to go flying, but ultimately, for me where I like. The notion of this is for travel because I have actually been. I was when I was in the Netherlands when I did that windmill video I had this or I didn't have this with me. I had all the batteries I went out and flew. I had, I think I brought three batteries with me. I flew all three batteries and then I was intending to fly the next day, recharge the batteries overnight and then the weather was terrible. So I didn't fly the next day and then the next day I had to get on a plane, and so I actually got on the plane with pretty much full batteries which I did not want to do.

You know it would have been my first choice, so something like this, I could. I suppose I could have fired up the drone in the room and you know just hovered it, but I didn't do that. Mal said that you can adjust it in the app and that's between one to ten days. Okay, Thank You, Mel yeah and hey let's, say hello to Steve carpenter, howdy beak and to the grumpy vlogger, who already said hi and Jim Wallace mr. graphic mr. graphic. I actually another thing I intended to do was to bring my new drone sign and put it right there during this thing, but again time just got away from me earlier so, but thank you. I like that sign and at some point I'm going to have it in the background the you drone, as well as my street sign. So if you guys don't, know mr. graphic, I think he's in Indianapolis and he does stickers. As a matter of fact, he did. My spin up stickers, which are gon na no I'm gon na, say this side so hard to guess, which one yeah this side right here mr. graphic did those and he also does banners and signs and stuff. So if you do need those things, try to support the drone community and give the business to someone in the drone community right Phillip – I agree. Yes, one half percent, I gave you a head nod: yeah, okay, okay, it's, very subtle, it's! Very subtle.

Did you just cut your hair because it looks shorter than usual? Yes, well, I didn't my wife. Did people find this shocking, but my wife and I cut each other's here. My wife cuts my hair. I don't I don't do hers, though that is. That is not part of her regimen as as a husband Phillip, I don't know. If you heard this earlier, it was pointed out because my wife is is watching. Actually, I believe – or at least she was until she probably stopped when things started going poorly um. You know did one of these numbers, but it was pointed out that she does not have a wrench, and so I need to give her one. So she can be a moderator number one and by the way I did go through and I think I gave a wrench to everybody who's in the flight crew. So if you don't have a wrench and you're in the flight crew or if you don't, have a rent, ReadySet drone like your t, shirt and you're in the flight crew. I owe you that, but I think I gave everybody one, but I felt you should at least be able to buy your wife like an occasional hairdresser visit, that's that's, it it's part of being a husband right there, it's, particularly good whenever it's suck. You know corona time because you know going to hairdressers, not good, so it's all about emergency preparedness. That is true.

That is true, and I will say that my wife does a great job. My hair she's actually got it down to a science and can be done. You know like have it done in about five minutes, which is pretty awesome. Usually the problem is me, like fidgeting, and going out a lot and stuff like that. We have a. We have a picnic table in our backyard and we sit there that's. Where I fly. My drones and get my haircut, I will say if you're saying out, there's something wrong being done so just throwing that out there for you or maybe I'm, just maybe I'm, just a really big wimp. So I loved I'd love to hear in the chat from anybody out there. I want to know a little bit about the Phantom 4 Pro Philip bought mine a little while back, but you sold it right. You don't, have it anymore. I still have it a man. I could be giving it to my brother, oh oh well, you know I just got one. I just got the Phantom 4 Pro v2 and I have to say, despite selling selling mine, to your to you, my previously I I actually don't know why I sold it because I really like it it's. Actually, I don't know it just flies so smooth audio Verbeek commented on a video. I did recently about that and and said that and he's totally right it's. It is one of those things that the Phantom 4 Pro, especially the version 2, with the new props and the new es es and now does your version have.

Does it have a cue, sinker or Lightbridge? You know I don't remember it's it's a really old version, because it's the plus, with the screen mounted on the remote well, the new, the the newer, the newer ones, have that same screen. I mean that's, a crystal sky right, isn't, it the same. No it's, not a crystal sky, it's, it's pre crystal sky – oh okay, alright! Well, I would be curious to see if the yeah I already saying I love the p4p. I would be curious to see if anybody out there has done something that I'm interested in trying with the newer one or with the older one. If you can fly the Phantom 4 pro with the smart controller, does anybody know if you can do that? Somebody mentioned that in a comment somewhere and that that's what I was curious to see if you could actually alright. So how do saying v1 is Lightbridge and I think that yeah that makes sense. Does anybody know if you can fly the Phantom 4 pro version 2 with the smart controller? You almost don't need? Well, so it the one the one I got is just like that it has the it has the screen built onto it and it's very bright and pretty responsive screen, but I still like the feeling of the of the new of the smart controller. So no no answers yet about that. If I have the crystal sky on it, I think I would like it more.

The the built in it's it's a over glorified tablet, that's, tiny and and not great it's, ryan old version of the 5 and a 5 and a pin with it yeah, yeah yeah, so Mel is making a very good point. He'S, like you've got one. Why don't you try it Thanks! Thanks Captain Obvious Mel I'm gon na peel the sticker off here. No, I love the sticker, no it's I'm going to I'm gon na see. If I can pair the phantom 4 probe. I might be the first person to try that that would be pretty cool because I generally don't have as many original ideas as some of the people that do YouTube videos but I'm gon na give it a try and see if I can actually oh yeah. So what Steve carpenter that asked me that and got me thinking about it and wondering if it was possible, because I think the I think the reason that you can use that controllers because of Aki sink, I believe och you sink to. Would you agree that would make sense, but I agree with with Steve that I don't think that it's it's going to or no Mel said, I don't – think it's gon na work, because I don't think the smart controller has been updated to work with it. Last I checked the smart controller wasn't, even working with the Maverick 2 Enterprise. You know it's, basically the same hardware as a maverick 2 pro, but I think that's been fixed I'm, pretty sure that that officially works now that's, just a firmware thing.

You think it's. Yes, if I'm pretty sure, it's gon na be firmware as long as it sake, sync you and if it is firmware who knows when or if they will enable it right right. Well, I mean you would think they would want to standardize all the higher end drones on the on the smart controller, although maybe they're gon na come out with the new one at some point and you know try to upsell, I don't know that's a tough thing. I did I did get a great opportunity, though I basically des made a video comparing the Mavic mini the Mavic air, the Mavic to pro and zoom, and then the phantom 4 pro, and that video is done. It'S, like the best video I've had in months. So it's been really nice to to have that out there and ultimately I still think that the Mavic you know overall, as a camera drone is probably the best thing you can get right now. For me, I greatly enjoy the Mavic, like you said that the Phantom 4 pro definitely does have stability. Even the original one does because it's bigger I like that it have bigger payload. You can use the flee flee with it. If you want to and drop stuff from the sky that's my favorite, I was about to mention the flee flee and then that stupid arm member that arm that we did the video now arm is worthless. The flee flee, though, is priceless loved it.

That was my favorite thing about the phantom 4 promo, but for me, and my lifestyle right now definitely having a smaller drone, it's less obnoxious for other people, it's less visible if I'm, trying to just you know, fly it and not be the center of attention and Right in general, it's just easier store, so that's that's. Why I've been flying more yeah yeah? I know I I agree with you and I do think there's a lot to be said for the subtlety of it. However, I will say that there is also a lot to be said for showing up with a bigger drone like an inspire or a phantom 4, especially if you're doing it. If you're getting paid to do it. You know I feel like it just the optics of that I just recently in that video I put out. I put some footage of it from probably the coolest thing I ever got to do with the drone professionally and that was fly at Circuit of the Americas. At a BMW event, I it's been two years since I did that so I felt like it was okay to show a few of the clips I wasn't actually hired by BMW. I was hired by a marketing company, but man it was so much fun, those basically what they do is they bring their dealers from all over North America into Circuit of the Americas, and then they were rolling out the new 5 Series, BMW s and taking the Dealers for hot laps in it, so it was pretty cool, hey Gerry, thank you for the super chat or super sticker or whatever that guy is much appreciated.

It'S somebody dancing around saying what oh nice well it's got to be like a virtual six foot away. Fist bump, but anybody else have a super cool experience. Flying, as I said, mine was mine was just very fortunate. I was like I can't believe I'm getting paid to chase racecars around a racetrack with a drone. That is, you know, kind of a dream. Come true. Anybody else got something like that that they can say did their think. I don't, I don't think I've showed you these videos, but when I was in the keys I did take the navigate some video, the ocean, those basically really clear, and that was pretty cool. Were you able to see sea fish or sharks, or anything like that? No, it was. It was clear to the point where it looks like it was nice water, but it was cloudy to the point where you couldn't see through hmm, so it's blue kind of yeah I've seen a few drone videos where you know you see, surfers and stuff and then You'Re seeing fish and sharks and stuff I don't know if any of those are fake, but it is pretty amazing what you, oh yeah, so how di said you looked very professional wearing your safety vest in in that video there's, a clip of me and – and I Inserted that on purpose, because I didn't want anybody to think I didn't want anybody, think I just like nicked some some cool drone footage of somebody racing or a rice trike.

It was really me and it was yeah it was. It was probably one of the first non real estate professional drone gigs I got so that was that was pretty fun. Chris hope says: boat chasing is fun by the way everybody I would at least recommend going over to Chris hopes channel. He put out a video. I think it was today or yesterday about the white balance using well, basically using the white balance on the Mavic mini, not about how to do it, but he actually did it, and it is some of the most pretty footage I've seen the Chris. I bet that was all shot in in your neck of the woods up in East Texas, right, but really really nice video so go check it out. If you haven't and then J sense, says I've seen them Avex the smart controller working with the phantom 4 with beta firmware. Ok, so it sounds like maybe man. I need to go. Do that yeah so so so definitely go check out. Chris hopes thing on his channel the footage cuz I didn't realize that was Mavic mini footage. I wouldn't, I wouldn't have guessed it unless he said so and then also you should go watch Chris Hope on Sunday morning. He does a sunrise shot, although it might be pretty cloudy this this Sunday morning. Is it raining where you are Philip, no it's not rained at all, since we've gotten here, that's that's actually been something nice about Florida, there's not been a ton of rain when we even down here at least.

I think that seems to happen more towards the summer time, because I know that people talk about it raining here, a lot, but well they just get all their rain at once, right, it's, like no rain and then a hurricane. So you know you get 14 inches in two days and then you're done for the year right yeah. So I also am still kind of I'm, not hawking these things, but I have reached out to Yeti to see if they would be willing to sponsor this show. No reply from them yet surprise, surprise, but I'm really loving these mugs. I know a couple of you who have been subscribers to the month. Have one of these things. This is more of a prop mug, because I only have a couple left so I'm, giving this one away: hey Rick, how burr to the channel thanks for your videos, shoutout man. Thank you, Rick! You guys make my night with those. I realize that this is a great community and, and certainly the super chats are not required, but they are certainly appreciated. So, thank you for much to recalibrate for that super chat, and I guess that leads to a very, very interesting and maybe highlight of the evening for this show I'm trying to think. If I've played all my videos, I have yes, yes, yes, okay, so I want to talk about one thing that I'd like to talk about every month, and that is the subscriber of the month.

So Philip, what makes a good subscriber of the month. They comment on your videos a lot they interact with the community not only on your videos, but also on other drone, youtubers videos and livestreams and stuff in general. They spread around positivity and they're. Just awesome people do. You are absolutely correct and I love seeing and by the way, hey tanto it's good, to see you in the chat I loved, seeing all the folks in the chat who have been former subscribers of the month. You guys are really kind of the core of this channel and of the community. So thank you as well as everybody who hasn't been one, but just is supportive, ultimately and hey there's be max areal visuals be Mac thanks for uh, thanks for being in there. I mentioned you earlier, I don't know if you were here yet, but anyway I want to talk about somebody who has done something that has never been done before. Never in the history of this world has somebody been a two time winner of the subscriber of the month Wow, but but you know Brad and Chris, who have been there once they know we have someone who has been. Who is who is going to be the first ever second time subscriber of the month is gon na get this? I I don't have any joke prepared I'm gon na come up with a joke. Real quick, hang on good jokes, come on let's load and let's.

Go Reader's Digest all right. Why do we tell actors to break a leg, Steve carpenter? Thank you for the super chat. Go ahead. Sorry, Philip, because every play has a cast. I told I told this one real, quick on Ken's 24 hour livestream thingy, and it is what did drummer named his twin daughters. I don't know Anna and one Anna Anna funny, all right. So, while you've all waited patiently and uh 17 people dropped off the stream I'm going to tell you, hopefully it wasn't this person and by the way again, thank you, Steve carpenter, much appreciated, I feel like we finally caught a groove here toward the end of the Show, and – and Thank You Philip for being here, but the person who is the two time winner of the of the subscriber of the month – is this guy right here: Rick Calbre Rick. However, I know you've had some medical issues recently. I don't want to dwell on that, but you know I actually started looking at your channel and I actually started looking at. I actually started looking at some comments. Other people made about you. If you, if you go to youtube and search for Rick, however, you will find not only his stuff but you'll find tons of people out there, who are saying great things about Rick, Albert and thanking him, and so I want to thank you myself for being such An awesome, dude and to say thank you: you are gon na win a brand new Mavic mini because I don't think you have one and and what Mavic mini space space charger.

I don't know if you guys watched my video, but this this charger is actually really cool. Looking it's it's impractical, it's impractical as all as can be, but you basically put the thing in and it glows it looks like it and in addition to that, there's more you're gon na get one of these Yeti cups here and you know what just just to Be just to make it over the top I'm giving you the damn Lego, set I'm gon na take every single brick apart on this thing, I'm gon na put it back in the box, put it back in the bags and then send it to you, and I Want you to build it all right, so great Rick Rick. Thank you thank you for thank you. So much for all you do for the drone community you've been with my channel for a long time, and I appreciate that – and I really appreciate also by the way there was another reason Rick lent me. His beacon for the sky do two, which I have. I haven't used the beacon yet I've flown the sky do a couple times and quite honestly, I started working on that. Dji, video for the DJI comparison and full disclosure DJI did give me some new stuff for doing that. I you know just it was. It was an honest. It was a very honest comparison because I really actually do love all those drones. I can't think of a bad thing to say I mean they all have their faults and they all had their strengths.

But DJI gave me that Mavic mini – and I was like alright, Who am I gon na – give this to I'm gon na, give it to Rick caliber, so congrats Rick thanks a lot and and by the way, a two time winner. Nobody else Pete three people well nobody's a three peat yet so any other comments, I see a lot of congrats out there Rick Alber, I think Rick is still in shock. I don't think. Well, I saw him in there earlier bitch. He says I haven't. I haven't heard the winner yet somebody's gon na go. Oh Rick did okay, alright! Well, there you go and you're Phil you're frozen again, Philip. So I think I think, with with that I'm gon na say good night to fill up. I think people can still hear you talk for me: okay, I'm, talking, okay, remove my video and add it back yep. There we go there. We go all right. So before we go, can you can try? Can you try? Oh there we go Rick. You made my day, yeah dude, you made my day so many times, so I appreciate it right back at you so before we go because it may blow everything up, but Philip, can you show everybody? What you were showing me earlier. Is that something you can you can do? Yeah yeah Philip, has a pretty cool, a pretty cool little party trick that he does here and we'll see if it works.

I think that might have actually been part of the cause of this whole chaos earlier, because we were just about to go on and I lost him, and then we had to do a bunch of resetting, but it might have been, it really might have might have Been part of the whole whole part of the whole problem, all right tell me when you tell me when you got it going and we'll put it on there. So again, thank you to Greg from Oz by drone for the help. Today he hopped on a call pretty quickly and also thank you to Ken Haran for also a little bit of help. He gave me with Wirecast earlier today, I'm trying to up my Wirecast game, and I think I think actually, even though we had a lot of trouble tonight, I think a lot of things were actually went pretty well, and I was able to do some things differently. This time, that's gon na save me time next time basically build some templates and such so so so all of that said, without without further ado, here's here's, my sidekick so there's. This thing called snap camera and it's a snapchat thing, so you can use snapchat filters on basically any video chat, so yeah you can install it on on your Windows or Mac machine and next time, you're in a video chat with someone you can just amuse them With whatever yeah so as everyone as we were getting ready for the show – and I was freaking out about things – some some technical issues – this is what Philips doing to me.

He'S flying around like a, I hope, that's, a potato I'm, pretty sure it's potato yeah. It kind of looks like is it annoying orange? What is the name of that yeah? I think it's kind of like the same technology, whatever the Issac eyes, look the same Wow that one's pretty good so now flop around a little bit like move really quick. Does it follow you, oh yeah, yeah man, that is pretty amazing, actually kind of spooky, but really amazing yeah. I think the the cheese had a guy is my favorite, because you can get up really close and then someone's soul. I have this actually on during real meetings at work and I've. Just had my co workers cracking up. It was like two hours of just me doing this going around well: that's, real, productive and, and that maybe that's part of why the Internet is suffering right now, because employees at your company, which is a major Internet company, are goofing around right, no I'm. Surely not? Surely not sure, but just don't call me Shirley all right. Well, all all that said. Thank you. You Congrats to my man, Rick Albert for being the two time winner of the subscriber of the month. Thank you to everyone for tuning in tonight. It was, it was fun. I really enjoy these things. We'Re gon na keep doing it month to month and definitely try to up my Wirecast game and Greg said he helped build me a nice template, so I don't have to do.

Have all these problems again. So I'm gon na leave you with a new tradition traditional way to go out of the show Philip. You got any parting words as mr. cheese had there. Can you put that one on that was so creepy earlier? The creepy whoa yeah I'm gon na switch over to switch over to this full screen. What it's like you're over there changing clothes or something? What are you doing? I'M, just using an app to change filters? Yeah, I know, but you're kind of, like you know what I think that's actually a cigarette is, that is that cheese or a cigarette that's cheese, okay, okay yeah! Here it is, oh god that is awful, okay yeah! So, with with that said, good night, everybody thanks for watching and if you, if you want to go out on a high here's, the way to do it. Take care and we'll see you next time: Music, Music. When a plow won't fly long I'm gon na fly with Ready, Set drone, it's really Cintron will always fly with me. Lyonne fast and flying free flying with friends, the love is ready set. Drone is robson, moura Sami, has seized Music. What means to fly sharing stories and swapping tales, meizu, tribes and epic fails? Will you know if you don't ever try pretty central, ready, citron setup, props and plug in your phone love with us and we think you'll agree pretty central, really central what's the point flying it alone.

Pilot friends will make you feel so free Music. When I fly won't fly alone, I'm gon na fly with pretty central is ready, centromere, always lying bastard with friends, it's, pretty central respond, Ready, Set ho Ready, Set roll spin up approximate up in the bone, love with the sand; ppq degree ready, centromere central what's.