Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, hey guys here, we are it's first Friday once again, and I am so glad everyone was able to join it's been fun. I'Ve been looking at the chat for about the last hour, because I started this this morning and man what day it's been it's been a great day. I love the first Friday of every month but, as I've said before, it seems like no matter what time I get started. It always seems my time always seems to get absorbed like the entire day getting ready for this. But it is an act of love and I love doing this. I love being here with you guys, and I appreciate every single one of you. Tonight'S gon na be a pretty big show, because we've got a lot of stuff that we're gon na cover we're, going to talk a little bit about speed dial, which some of you have been tuning in to I'm. Hoping a few more can tune in tomorrow, because I've got a really awesome guest who's gon na be on tomorrow. I'Ve had a few awesome guests, but I have another one tomorrow, we're gon na say hey to Phillip Phillip kind of scared me a little bit tonight. He was uh was a little m.i.a for a bit, but I finally got him and I think we haven't – we didn't, really have a time to properly test so I'm, hoping that he is, he is gon na work out and come in just fine.

I think I think we can make it work you'd think after all this time of doing this I'd be able to do it pretty well, and then we're gon na have the subscriber of the month I'm gon na announce that congratulations to our previous subscribers of the Month definitely excited to tell you who this one is. This time we're gon na have art from art code. Drone solutions is going to join us for a little bit say hello. We got a few things to talk about: Art's, been a big fan of the channel, a big friend of the channel and has a great Channel himself, also a spin up attendee from last year, so excited to talk to art from art, Co and also speaking of Spin up we're gon na talk a bit about that, because art's been to spin up a lot of you and the chat had been to spin up as a matter of fact for all of you in the chat who have been to spin up in the past. I hope you can just quickly mention to everybody else how much fun it is, of course, it's going to be different this year, but I still think it's gon na be a blast. Lots of news on that Plus spin down the event that's going to happen after spin up that'll, be in person, spin spin ups gon na be virtual spin down it's gon na be in person. We'Ll talk about that we've got two minutes of hope.

We need that right now, this world needs, like you, know, a million ten million bazillion minutes of hope, but we're gon na get two of it tonight. So, thanks to Chris hope for sending me an awesome video that we're gon na play on the show tonight. Unfortunately, Felix was a little bit predisposed and had a lot going on. He'S moving has a baby. You know lots of stuff, so I I gave him a pass on V gates Felix for this month, but he'll be back next month and then of course, we're gon na give away the Mavic mini and not only the Mavic mini hold on a second got it Down here, it's brand new in the box never never been opened right here, Mavic mini, but I also have GBC case that is going to go with it for the Mavic mini. So this will be something that we can send off to the winner of the Mavic mini. So now you might remember, I had a pretty crazy contest last time to pick the winner and I have another pretty crazy contest this time. This time, you'll be will be playing for the first gen Mavic air. Now, if any of you watched my video about how the proper way to sell a drone, this is the drone that I was not selling, but giving away so we're gon na have a contest and someone's gon na win this, but before we get into all that, Our good pal Phillip, who is patiently waiting for us what's up Phillip, hey, not much just showing out here alright.

So let me explain why I was late I'm at my friend's house and he just recently moved in so I've been trying to help him like install ceiling fans and get his networking up and running so that's. Why I've basically been aloof and I apologize for me. Well, you know the funny thing about this: is that normally I'm, the one that's like cutting it to the last minute right, yeah I'm, like alright Kelly let's start at 400 p.m. let's, get let's, get it good time and the stylist. I was nowhere to be seen. Dude yeah, I was texting Philip, like you know, about up until about I don't know ten minutes ago until I finally texted back but it's all good he's here and it seems to be working, is if everybody in the. If someone in the chat can just tell us if Philip is, he sounds a little echoey but he's not not echoey like a problem but echoey like he's he's using uh yeah hey. Can we Mike well no that's, still the Yeti but I'm in an equity room? So that's the problem: well, there you go well. What? Where are you? What have you been up to? Well, I am in Ohio right now, I'm in my friend's office in his new house and I've just still been traveling, so we went to Indiana for a little bit visited some family and we're, going back to Indiana again to go back to Terre Haute, which is Where I went to college that's, where I met my wife and where we had a first date and we're gon na go back to the place, we had our first date.

You know all kinds of cute stuff, but yeah I've just been and yeah I'm. Sorry. I'M. Echoing yeah just been having a fun time, you know what you know what's funny about that is so I just drove through that area. With my family, I drove through Columbus and I drove through Terre Haute and drove through Indianapolis and drove all the way we went. All the way to Syracuse and then my family dropped me off, kicked me out of the car they slowed down to about 20 miles an hour I jumped out ducked and rolled they kept on driving up past Watertown up to the Alexandria Bay, hey Tim Jackson, 50. Super chat Tim. Thank you. Dude that's awesome really really appreciate that oh that's Australian dollars too so that's what's that worth about a thousand bucks Tim, I don't, know conversions. Well, anyway, I was, I was just driving through Terre, Haute and and we're, hoping it probably gon na be next year but I'm, hoping that Philip and I can hang out sometime on the st. Lawrence River up there, where, where my family is right now so yeah. So did you know that Terre Haute is the old crossroads of America used to be two national roads that crossed one all the way used to west and one always went north to south that's? The that what Terre Haute means, though I don't know that that's what it means. I think it means something with the ground but that's its legacy.

Aside from Larry Bird Larry very much highest, you and the legacy is it's the crossroads of America. Okay, you know the crossroads of America, that is, that is awesome to know, and so Terre Haute is where you went to school, but you grew up. Where did you grow up everywhere? I grew up a little bit and basically, mostly in the central part of Indiana. Okay and then I also grew up a little bit in Ohio and yeah nice, nice. Well, you know you're doing the RV life what's what's your channel. If people want to check it out its outdoor ish, so outdoor Phish – well, you see on outdoor is mainly a technical stuff about our being right now, so basically I've been doing some install videos with stuff. Basically, if you want to know what it's like to live and work in an RV full time, that's, what that channel is going to be about it's not going to be too much with the whole. Oh look, ocation kind of thing, because it's not really a vacation. Its life yeah yeah, I think you even have on there like full time, RV or hardcore RV, or something or maybe that's what it says on your Instagram. Whatever your tagline is on your Instagram, I really like it yeah. You can thank my wife for that I'm. Not sure what it is cuz she just she does a good job. Well, so so I am excited, I guess you know cuz you and I were texting about this.

The other day that spin up is is happening and things are things well. The website is up. So for everyone who is interested in kind of looking at what's, going on it's an initial website just with some initial sponsors and what's up with the tickets and stuff like that and I'll, go through all that in just a little while, but I'm really excited about That I mean it's kind of this fun countdown between now and September, and so you know again, a lot of folks in this audience are going to going to watch and hopefully some of them can come up to Colorado for the for the second part, but with All that said, I wanted to see if I could talk about just for a moment, speed dial. So have you had a chance to see that at all Philip, oh yeah, I talked to you remember you know you did call me that's right, it's uh. You know it all gets a little blurry, so I've done five episodes. So far I had Chris Rawlins I had Ken Herron and I had Brennan from drone er all on there and I have had to call in episodes in the Colin episodes honestly you're kind of my favorites. I got to talk to Sean over at geeks vana, which was awesome, and I watched his livestream actually yesterday and and had Steve carpenters called in Chris Hope has called in a bunch of folks have called in it's just fun talking with people in this sort of Talk show format now, if you tuned in it's tomorrow at 5 p.

m. Central and it is, it is like a radio talk, show there's no video it's on YouTube, but it's just little little bitty bitty blips. So I want to give you an example of what it looks and sounds like I'm trying to Ken one more time and if I can't get all the Ken. What I might do is open up the phone lines and it's a great day at Pizza Hut. May I take your order, please, yes, I'd, like two large pepperonis with extra cheese. Please, oh you know there's my boy, huh it's, like a pulse, you could be like a human beatbox but here's. The weird thing is I'm talking on my phone, so I've got this thing going and then I'm watching also watching the chat on my computer, so they're out of sync, so it's this a little time space continuum thing: oh well, so we're, an acid. You said you're in Nashville today I am in ASCO I'm, actually sitting next to the world famous Dana Williamson, Bernie Williams. No, I haven't heard his voice in a while how's. He been keep it on tour, that's, not good right now, like doing things online or anything like that. I only been done time to put a few things together, but hadn't been doing a whole lot and crying because we have no money yeah. I guess taurine is pretty important for a working band, isn't it yeah. I would think it is everyone, what support data and stop him from crying? Go, buy a diamond Rio album or make a legal download I'm suing my age okay.

So I think you get the idea it's a talk, show it's a lot of fun, a lot of back and forth with people, and I was able to have a really good conversation with Ken Haren about how he does his show and what it's all about, and So something that I thought was just a great opportunity to talk to somebody in a different style. So this time I'm going to have the one, and only this will be tomorrow – Newark that's, Paul Newark, Ola, aka Newark from the drone racing league, the 2018 champion of the drone Lake racing league really really great guy he's gon na be on and he's gon na Talk about DRL and drone racing and what he's been up to, and certainly he's been doing a lot of stuff with the DRL sim. They have these races, these virtual races going on and he's been on those. So what do you think about that film? I think that's gon na be really exciting. I'Ve, always you know enjoyed hearing you talk to him. I think you with him one time right. I did yeah and actually it was about an hour long. So if you want to really know you know what what drone racing is about, it was shortly after he won the championship too. So if you want to check it out, it's on my channel, just you know, look for him on my channel. So, Phillip, I think some reason I am trying to bring in art and I'm having some trouble doing that so I'm gon na drop you off or or if you don't want, because I can't bring up another rendezvous, it's it's only showing me yours and that's one.

I don't have the option yet so I'm gon na drop you off, but just hang out and I'll bring you back at the end that sound good yeah that's good, okay uh. So let me see how do i, how do i drop you off here? I don't. I don't know that I've ever brought anybody off before no all right, try that and that and and art. Where are you art and I tested earlier too by the way and, and we were able hey just try, just try, closing your browser and see if that, if that drops you off alright, so Philip is gone I'm gon na see, oh now I can add so Now I'm gon na see, if I can add, add art in so art. You should have the link that I sent you earlier and if so, you should be able to grab it. Unfortunately, Thomas was not able to help out tonight so I'm doing all this myself, which I am not as good at this as certain other people. Let me just send this to art one more time: art, okay! Here we go gosh. I probably should have kept Phillip on so he could tell some jokes or something so while we're waiting for art, I will go ahead and go back to here. So you can see me – and I will go to here so I can see if art joins. What we're waiting for art? I will tell you guys a little bit more about what's, going on with spin up and spin down, so spin up will be on September 12th.

It will be virtual it's going to be broadcast from here in this space in this studio and it's, going to be a five hour six hour kind of thing, so we're gon na have several people that will be live here in the studio during spin up and Not not too many, though just just a couple we're gon na have Ken Haran will be here. I just confirmed that Chris Rawlins will come in and also Shaun Oz is going to show up and be here, live with me and then we're gon na have a ton of people that will come in remotely just the nice thing about this being virtual is, I Think I'm gon na be able to get a lot more guests. Some will be pre recorded. Some will be live. Obviously, if they're live I'm gon na have to have somebody else running. All this and that's part of what my budget is for is to have a technical person to run this whole shenanigan and not rely on myself to do it. But it's gon na be so much fun because we're gon na have live chat going on we're, going to also have some folks from the DRL that that may potentially be here in the studio with us, I'm still kind of negotiating, not negotiating because they want to Do it but we're sorting that out so I'm I'm super excited about what's, going to happen with that now there are, if you go, and you look at the website, which is spin up 2020 com just go to spin up 2020 comm and you'll see it.

There are three ways to participate. The first one is very simple: you can just watch there's no charge, no gate no barrier to entry. If you want to just tune in be in the in the chat on YouTube that day, all good all right, it says that art Coe says he used the same link. Let me see if I can add him, then real quick and I wish I was better at. I wish I was better at multitasking with people when I'm. Alright, I don't see there, buddy can hey art. Can you use the new link I sent you? I sent you a new and just a minute ago and you should be able to hop on and use that one please. So I what was I trying to say? Oh, you can watch for free and then there is a very low price ticket that will enable you to win prizes. Now, if you buy the ticket, you can win prizes. I listed all the stuff on the website. You'Ll have access to a question and answer area within the chat that will be separate from the rest of it and a few other things go to the website and you can see what you get if you win the ticket or if you, if you buy a Ticket and it's 15 bucks right now so it's it's a that seems like a pretty good, pretty good deal. I hear something: beeping I'm wondering if that's art, gosh waiting for connections come on come on.

Where are you art? No you're, not there? Oh goodness! This is! Oh there he is yay, okay, hey art. I can hear you, I can't see you though oh wait there you are. Let me see if I can add you real quick. Why are you? Why are you black let's, see change change source so, as I said, art – and I did this earlier today and it seemed to work just fine yeah yeah, we didn't hear echo earlier today. Right, I think I can fix that hold on. Is the echo gone now? Okay, yeah got rid of the echo now. I just need to figure out why I'm not seeing your picture. So let me see if I can add you here, let's see there. You are hey there's, a hurt, say hi to everybody, hello, everybody right here, all right! You you you take it, you take it for a minute. While I well, I get us a double shot back set back up like I had earlier great us. Take it all right, how's everybody doing it's great to be here. Kelly got my my race at drone shirt that I got from spin up, which is cool, have a great time there. I was one of the big winners that won one of the two big prizes there. I won the DJI robo Master s1, which was a lot of fun, putting together and just tooling around with it Kel. You were right, it is my number one video in my on my channel.

The Robo master on ice is number one and 661 views nice. All right, I think I got us back in action here. I have the two shots, so thanks everybody for hanging on there and by the way we do have a 5 super chat from somebody that's from JSK enterprise. Thank you for support. During the during the technical meltdown, I was having um so art. You know your first time, it's been upright. You didn't come to first year, but did you come to 2nd year? What was your impression? What did you like about it? What would you like to see different, etc? I just had a blast finally meeting all the people that I knew on YouTube. I get to meet them in person and that was, I think, the biggest thrill bless all the the speakers that we had and spin up was phenomenal. All the people there, the prizes, I don't, think there's much. You could improve on yes, I'm curious. What you think it's gon na be like for us doing it more. Virtually this year I mean it's it's, definitely going to be a different vibe right, yeah about about five hours about five hours, GI, spike, livestream, yeah yeah well, but but it but with I spike it's, just I spike right, he's there he's there by himself. Now, yes, but in the beginning, used to have a few people on and true true but I'm, hoping that by having a lot of people coming in from outside, I mean bringing people in just like this.

Only doing it a little smoother right and which wasn't your fault, that was my fault. It was I kind of got thrown off with bringing Phillip in at the last minute, etc, but it was definitely I want to keep a lot of variety and having a lot of video roles to like I'm gon na be playing a lot of videos from people That are created outside and then hoping to have a lot of opportunity to put chat on the screen to put questions upon the screen, make it really interactive, that's that's the big goal, and if people have ideas on how to make it interactive, I definitely want to Hear them because it's it's, something that I think is really important to an event like this yeah either that or maybe well yard or zoom would be a way to make it interactive work. People could come in and and go and yeah. I could potentially bring bring a zoom into a into a stream. You know like make it make it one component of a stream, but anyway, I've got I've, got a few months to figure that out, which is good yeah. You come on. How many prizes do you think we gave away last year? Do you remember I don't know about 20, maybe 20 big ones, I'm yeah. There were a lot of small ones too, a lot of small ones. I think the two big ones besides the Robo master. There was a was there, a Mavic bro yep to a Mavic to pro okay, yeah, yeah and DJI.

This year is actually going to give give us one of every drone they make. So so, basically it's going to be, and the other nice thing since it'll be a global audience. I didn't want to have to ship all those like. I remember last time there's a lot of shipping that had to be done because everything was there and people had to fly out such yeah. The goal for next year is people will just get a coupon code, so basically for DJI you'll get the winners will get the coupon codes and they can order it straight from DJI themselves. So that's, pretty cool email would be the big winner this year. Laughter. I think I think actually, according to Sean oz, he had he had the ticket for that, but he couldn't win because he was a speaker right right. I told him those speakers can't win. So he was, he was pretty bummed yeah. Oh there Shauna's he's back in the chat funny. He must have heard me talking about him. Well, so so what's going on with your channel, I know the snow is melted. Things are a little warmer. How are things in Colorado? It'S high? Oh really, it got up to 96 today, oh geez that's 100 in Texas. Actually, I think Texas was only like 93 today right and it's going to be a little cooler tomorrow, maybe upper 80s better and my channels going pretty good. I added a few months ago.

I added something different to my my live streams. I do a trivia show where I give away instruments almond, toffee, wow I've never had that. Is it good? Oh it's, excellent, I'm friends with the the family, the instrument, okay, but I I buy these. I dyed these. However, for the holidays, they've been nice enough to help me out with some well better prizes like for Christmas. Like I gave away cherry cordials, would you oh yeah? Well, there are kind of a wintertime thing: they'd be a little heavier to eat when it's hot, outside and for Valentine's. Today I gave away 3 1 pound boxes of almond, toffee, nice, Hey and, and what they did for me is. I got a deal where I said all right: this one's open to everyone around the world so was really cool. What who, where was the winner while the winners was in Canada, yep? Who was we're here in the States? Nice nice? Well, I know I know sometimes for me when I give away like a t, shirt or something and someone overseas wins it. I always send it to them, because I told them I would, but sometimes the the shipping can cost more than the more than the actual prize, which is kind of well. So so the Robo master, which you won at spin up and homage. I should have had a nice picture of you with the prize on the stage, but what do you think of that thing? I'Ve never actually played with one so I'm curious what you think about it.

It is really cool because of the the wheels on it. You'Re allowed to go sideways with it, because it's got these extra or these special rollers that are on the wheels so that you could go side to side or diagonally and it does move a pretty good pace. I'M. Not saying it's like one of those off road. Rc trucks that you see why I know you've had have a few and it's not like that, but the only drawback is because it's got a low center of gravity or or a low clearance. It tends to get high centered pretty easily, so meaning that you'll get a rock kind of underneath it like this, and it stop or the grass is really high it'll go out in the breath or snow. You know because you've run it on ice yeah. I I really want to try one of those out and – and I actually want to, I would love to find two people that have them do the battle, because you know you can fight them so yeah. I did do a battle with the Ron Lockwood's Mavic, totally yeah. Okay have to check that out. That was shooting the little lady rabbit yeah. Did it knock it out of the sky? No, it didn't. No! No! No! I! I could put the pellets in it, but be a hate to pick them all up that yeah yeah yeah and you don't really want to shoot a shoot.

A drone out of the sky anyway, that's kind of that's kind of goes against what most people in this group won't want to happen right well, so so, just for anybody who hasn't already checked out your channel, where, where should they go? It'S art code, drone solutions? It'S on YouTube, of course, and oh god I have over 200 and something videos on there. I have it divide it up. I have my livestream show that I do on Saturdays at 5 p.m. mountain Daylight Time, 7 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time and 4 p.m. over on the west coast, or, if you know, you're a comedian too there's there's, I know there's. A couple of clips of your comedy shows on YouTube: yep yeah. I do have an archive some of my bits on the art coat channel and if you go to my other channel arts place, there are some bits that I have on there, that aren't archived there separate little bits and those go all the way back to the Early 90s, when I I had long plein, air, bad, well, I've, seen I've seen some of those, and I have to say you you, your timing. Your comedic timing is pretty good. So, as far as as far as future plans for the for the channel, I assume that you're gon na definitely be doing more stuff with the Robo master. Are there any drones? You want to get your hands on? I just got this yeah fellow subscriber Rick Halbert gave me this nice yeah that's, the Emacs tiny, Hawk that's right that's, my favorite I've been having a blast flying it and I've got the fr sky transmitter or receiver with, and how did you find? How did you find it to set up it's a little bit of a process? Isn'T it? Yes, it is fortunately I'm friends with another fellow youtuber Mitch over at old guy in the drone, oh yeah, and he helped me walk through the steps using beta flight and nice, hitting the drone setup and getting everything bound to the transmitter.

And then, once I get confident flying that I will whoa flying this fighting yeah. That looks serious. I got this on a police auction website for about 65 bucks, Wow awesome. So will that will that bind with the fr sky? Yeah yep? Well, I will tell you, you know in my experience, if you get good at the tiny Hawk first it's really a great way to learn. You know it you can crash it into just about anything and it won't hurt anything, but that bigger one man. You need to fly that guy yeah yeah. Now, with the the little one, I have an empty aquarium, it's on the floor, that's kind of pushed out and the way it landed in there, no, not on purpose it. I was just wearing out flying and landed inside yeah and it was right side up and I thought let's see if I could fly and out of there and I did Mary took a while. You know I could see it kind of scooting up on the glass and then yeah yep over the top and – and I just put the throttle or not the throttle, but the the right stick forward and it came right out yeah. You know you know the weird thing about fpv too, is because, because the drone tilts forward to fly the camera has to be angled up a little bit. Oh, you know, and so, when you're, when you're, just hovering you're looking kind of up at an angle, so it's hard to get used to one thing, I've always wondered, and I might ask Newark this tomorrow during during the speed dial is, it would be so cool If somebody invented a camera that tilted so you when you're hovering, it knows to tilt down and level out and then, as you get like, basically always maintains the same horizon line.

I mean it's got to be just a little servo in there. That'S got to be possible yeah. Well, it might add a little weight to the drone, though, unless but those things are so doing powerful that you know so so art I do want to say, and I have to sort of apologize to art, although I think we're gon na make this we're gon Na make lemonade out of these lemons, I doing these these speed dials at five o'clock on Saturday, not realizing that art started at you know an hour later. So when I run long, I run into his program a little bit, which I don't mean to do I'm. Trying to be conscious about that, but what I'm gon na say is tomorrow. Everybody who joined speed, dial, you should go over and join. Art show right, afterward at 6 p.m. Central Time, which would be so so we'll just we'll just keep the party rolling man cool. Alright well, thank you so much for joining it's good to see you. I like the shirt, a lot yeah I'll be talking to you very soon. I know we've got a lot of other stuff to cover so I'm gon na. Let you go now, but you have the needs nicely: yeah, yeah and I'm hoping I can bring more more people in it's it's, again it's easier when I have Thomas here to do all this stuff for me but I'm, getting by doing alright for an old guy.

Alright, you take it easy art I'll talk to you later, bye, bye, all right. So thank you art for coming in, like I said, if you guys, haven't checked out his channel art code. Drone solutions is the name of the channel arts a great guy, and you know the thing that art does. That really means a lot to me as well as he is constantly supporting the the drone community. I mean arts in all the chats on everybody's channel, saying hello, providing super chats all that kind of stuff, so it's really nice to have someone who's in there doing those things now before we go any further. I want to introduce a little segment that I think we introduced last time but it's, something that I think we would have a good time to see again. As I said, it's from one of my favorite people in the drone community. Mr. Chris Hope who lives on a pretty pretty big piece of property in East Texas, and he created this video, and I called this segment two minutes of hope because he is a second month in a row. He sent me some footage from drone footage and other footage from his property in East Texas, so let's check it. Music, love that ending. So for those of you like me who I've been on farms I've been in the country, but I never knew how those big round hay bales were made that's, pretty awesome to see that in process and, of course, the long horn hook, em horns.

Thank you. Chris. Very very cool: to get to see that I hope we can keep doing this and I hope we get to see. I don't know what other things go on in the farm. I'Ve got to think there's a lot of stuff that a city city, folk don't, get to see very often, so thank you for providing that little break. Two minutes of hope is what I'm calling it by the way. If you haven't gone to Chris hopes channel for his sunrise Sunday mornings, he gets up early early on Sundays and ran films of sunrise and I've, seen some really beautiful pictures. I have to say I haven't been on in a while, but I'm gon na I'm gon na get back on soon it's weird I've been going through this phase since kovat of sleeping later than normal, which is not something I normally do, but Chris hopes Sunday Sunday, Sunrise, videos are awesome, so search for Chris hope as a youtube channel, and you can see what I'm talking about. So I mentioned a few minutes ago about spin down and so let's talk about that for just a minute, because I don't think I really got into too much detail about it. Spin down is going to be an event where we are going to get together and I played these pictures a few minutes ago, but I didn't have arts audio, so it kind of got messed up because you couldn't hear him when he was talking over these pictures And talking about spinning up, this was spin up 20 20 18 at the Dell diamond.

A couple of these pictures are from there. This was a pretty cool event that we had the night before, where we all got together, and our plan is at spin down to do something similar where we bring everybody into a restaurant on a Thursday night, actually be a Friday night, which is going to be Friday September 25th in in Dillon Colorado, and then we would have a barbecue and drone flying on Saturday. All day, Sean is booking a pavilion for us right on a lake Butte beautiful spot I'll show some pictures of it next time, but that is going to be. Where we'll get together and fly and everything will be kind of approved and ready, and there Sean right there by the way here's a great shot of Ken hair and doing what no one should be doing catching a inspire with his hands. Yeah Ken that's that's, a that's, pretty brave, but so we'll be doing some flying at spin down in Dillon and I'll have more details about that. But the idea would be to fly in on the 25th and leave on Sunday. The 27th and again have dinner. One night have a have a little barbecue and flying the next day and then fly out on Sunday, and that is going to be something that I'll have more details about. But it'll be a place where we get together in person. And I think since it'll mostly be outdoors, the hope is that you know with social distancing and Cova and stuff like that.

It won't be such a big deal, that's that's kind of what I'm going for with it. So that's spin down, which would be September 25th, arrive September 26 flying at barbecue September 27th, depart in Dillon Colorado it's about an hour from Denver, so you would fly into Denver and then drive to Dillon. I went up there as a matter of fact there's. Some videos of us me and Ed Ricker and Shaun snowboarding and flying drones and stuff that you could go check out on Shaun Oz's channel plus you can get a tattoo he's gon na be doing free tattoos all weekend. So there you go. That said again, spin up will be September 12th, Saturday virtual event, oh by the way. Thank you ten toes I forgot earlier. I saw that you sent to super chat. Ten toes sent a super chat and asked the question that people are asking if they can buy tickets for spin up. If they are overseas, and the great answer is yes, you you don't, have to buy a ticket. You'Re absolutely it'll be free to watch it'll be on YouTube and just you know an experience like this only better, because I'll have a lot more people running the show, instead of me doing everything, but it will be a live stream going on on YouTube. On September 12th, 10 a.m. Central time is when it's going to start, but but you're welcome to just join and watch and chat.

If you want to win a prize and there's going to be a lot of prizes, DJI, as I said, is really super generous sponsor for this event, they're giving us swag and a bunch of drones. The drone racing league same thing, as is remote pilot 101, is an official sponsor and Jason Shepard is actually going to speak again. He and I talked the other day and he's gon na he's gon na speak remotely as part of it. So if you want to get your part, 107 he's gon na be giving away free part, 107 classes and one of the great things about remote pilot 101 is if you join remote pilot 101, you have a lifetime membership. Basically, you you, you can every time you have to take your re retake your exam and by the way he told me something interesting if you're part 107 expires, while the while the kovetz going on and the testing centers are closed. I think you have like a two or three month grace period. So basically, if you're part 107 expired in like March or April or May you're good for two or three months go check with the FAA I'm, not the authority on this but that's. What Jason told me cuz? I asked him that question mine's coming up toward the end of the year, so I hope this is all done and I can take my test, but I will study with remote pilot 101 because that's how I passed the first time so let's see who else we've.

Also got a Miriam McNabb who runs drone life, she's gon na be a speaker. I don't want to give away all the speakers yet they're, theirs, they're, slowly, trickling in I'm, trying to get confirmation on who will be speaking, some people speaking virtually and some speaking here. But if you are overseas and you want to attend and you want to win prizes – and you want to get the extra perks that you get from buying the 15 ticket, then please do buy the ticket because you know that's open to everybody and then of course, There is the hero status and the hero status. I'Ve been really really pleasantly surprised and touched by Kye bill sandy from Metro from metro drones, bill and sandy, both from metro drones, Steve Joe Jon from mappers, who have already become heroes for the event now it's a it's, a pretty big jump in the ticket price. It goes up to a hundred and fifteen dollars, but you get a lot more you're going to get a limited edition. T shirt that we're gon na do you're gon na get a Ready Set. Drone t shirt you're going to get a bunch of stickers, you're gon na get access to a private chat area. You'Re gon na get a bunch of shout out, so you get an opportunity to have your picture, and potentially some media put on during the program. So being a hero is like one step below being a sponsor and it's.

Really really. I wouldn't even say a step below it's, similar to being a sponsor for an individual. So if you want to really help out and participate being a hero for spin up is an awesome thing to do, and it just this event takes a lot of time. To put on it takes a lot of equipment, it takes a lot of people who are going to be helping, and so you know you can't, ignore that there's a cost associated with it and that helps offset that cost. So thank you to everyone. Who'S already done that. One last thing, I will say is: if you are a member of the flight crew. Currently, you get a free ticket, you get a free team, spin up ticket and if you haven't already bought it and you need the link to buy it to get the discount code, let me know and I'll send it to you, but I sent it out to A members only chat earlier or post earlier, so if you haven't registered, go ahead and register with your free ticket and by the way, if you did, if you did go in and by the way out, he thanked you. He says 115 is still a great value. So, thank you, I'm glad to hear you think that if you did, if you are part of the flight crew and you paid for a ticket, let me know because you shouldn't have to pay for the tickets.

Flight crew gets free tickets. So if you aren't part of the flight crew – and you join even at the lowest level, which is the balance charger level, which is like 2 or 3 bucks a month, you still get a free ticket, so actually it's, actually a cheaper way to get a ticket Than is to join the flight crew than to buy a ticket, but if you know it's up to you and I'm going to tell you too, that the ticket prices for the for the team ticket will go from 15 to 20 dollars at the end of June. So if you want to get it for 15 bucks get it before the end of June it'll go up to 20 bucks in July, which is still pretty inexpensive. I think so. All of that said, I really am excited, go to spin up 2020 and and if you have ideas for ways to make it more interactive, let me know but that's the goal is to make it really interactive. So with that said, I want to switch gears and talk about the subscriber of the month, so it's something I do. Every month, if you're new we've got a pretty good crew got about 80 to 85 people watching right now, if you're new, to Ready, Set drone or to this live stream, the subscriber the month is something that I do every month and it's a way for me To say thank you to a particular subscriber who I've seen in the chat talking to people, not only in my chats too, because I go to a lot of other live streams for other channels, big big channels and small channels.

And I love to see certain people who are just always a force of positivity in these in the chat, it's it's, just it's, an awesome thing and we've had some great some great subscribers of the month. This year. Metro drones is in there Bill. Oddie is in there Jenna Jenna cook was our subscriber of the month for May. If you actually go to excuse me, if you go to Ready, Set drones YouTube homepage, I have a list of all the subscribers of the month's and links to their channels. So, just all you have to do to be subscriber of the month is be a be a positive force and make your make your presence known in a good way and – and you know I'm trying to get through as many people as I can. So that said again, Congrats to Jenna cook for being subscriber the month. Last month she got a prize package. I saw an email from her just before the program started where she said that she was putting together a little unboxing of her gift box that I sent to her all the subscribers of the month. Get one of these Yeti Yeti cooler, our Yeti, tumbler things which this one's actually empty, yeah this one's empty, but they're they're, really nice and you can ask on us they will keep your Hot Stuff hot in the cold cold. You probably asked bill from metro drones. Oh yeah Jenna says it's awesome, so hey Mike Miller, thanks for the super sticker, much appreciated love the love the thumbs up.

I hadn't seen that one before with the blue and I'm checking out your your little icon, Mike that's, pretty cool, I can't tell what it is, but I like it, it stands out. So I want to tell you who the Jun subscriber of the month is it's. Somebody fairly new to this community who I'd say for probably the last 60 to 90 I've, been seen not only in my own chats, not only commenting on my videos but commenting on other people's videos in a positive way, any guesses. Anybody want to guess who the sub of the month or yeah subscriber of the month is out there I'm see. If I see any Kurtis start no it's, not Kurtis start. I see a lot of people saying hello to curse. Start hi Curtis start good to see you it's, not Sean oz could be Sean's good guy, oh there's, Curtis start again, Karthik Curtis, maybe you're. You are a force for good out there. Oh Sean says it. Is him no, this month's subscriber of the month. I really need a drummer, a drum roll sound effect is, like I said gentleman from British Columbia. Canada named Charlie Charl has been, as I said, not only in my not only in my chats but in other people's chats and Charl lives out in British Columbia. Out on the water, he told me that he did not have a did not have a decent drone to fly, to take pictures of whales to take pictures of the water and the fishing and the boats and all the stuff around there.

So I'm, actually going to send Charl a Mavic mini as for being subscriber of the month. So I'm super excited that Charl has joined this community. I saw him in there earlier that he was. He was one of the first people to join so Charl. If you're out there Congrats man, I hope your hope you're still listening. If not, I will reach out to you via email cuz. I think you and I have emailed before and lets you know that you one subscriber the month but yeah congrats to you man way to go. Thank you for all the positivity, and I looked at your channel briefly and saw your a couple of pictures and video of of some whales and stuff, but I definitely agree. They'Re gon na be a lot cooler with they're gon na be a lot cooler with the drone. I just got my mind, blown by Mel from 400 AGL by the way Mel check it out boom right there. Thank you for the sticker. Mel is a hero for spin. Thank You, Mel God. You know, Mel Mel has been one of those people that, for the last couple years, has been one of the first people to buy a spin up ticket every year, and I really appreciate that and Mel. Thank you for signing up to be a hero. Again, I the more people that buy tickets early or even just sign up if they get a free ticket.

The the more confidence I can have that I can put the money into this to make it like the most awesome event ever it's gon na be awesome, no matter what, but you know, obviously more people helping really help. So thank you, Mel much appreciated. Charl. Again. Congratulations, oh there, you are, I see you're still in the chat, that's that's awesome congrats to you. I do love a good Canadian, my wife's, Canadian and she's from Brockville Ontario, actually, which is kind of a lot further east than British Columbia, and if you've never been to British Columbia, it is really I've been to Vancouver before it is a beautiful, beautiful place and An exciting place where we can see some drone footage, so speaking of drones and giveaways, and all that good stuff, and by the way I don't I, I haven't been looking at the chat the whole time. But what do you guys think of the look think of the look here? So I want to tell you the story about this real quick. We have been doing live streams for several clients. It'S been a big thing for the last little while because of kovat and it's really helped my company kind of stay afloat, because you know regular video production has not been happening so so we have been doing live streams. This was a setup that we did for one of our companies, but instead of drones on those shelves, it was a company that sells their.

They do online stuff, but a lot of their clients are actually alcohol distributors. So those shelves were just covered in alcohol. They had all these bottles of. You know you name and I don't even know what all it was, but the coolest thing was. It was all backlit with LEDs. So you know these clear bottles of gin and vodka and stuff were back lit with LEDs and it looked really cool but yeah it I just I left it up. I was like hey, I might as well leave it up for a couple days before we do something different and so thought it would be. A different look was very excited to have it here. So, thank you, guys, hey tater, Rodgers good, to see you in the in the chat, buddy, hey, Brad Alston, good, to see you Bob Casey Gus, the dog Mel man, we've got we've, got like the a team here tonight. Thank you guys for being here. So all of that said, as I said before – Charl good congratulations to Charl Charl Mayer, for winning and by the way I don't think build. The drone review is watching, but I've got his mug right here. I do use this for my coffee at work. All the time when, when I'm, not using this so it's time for me to give away the Mavic mini as well as GPC case, so I think you guys know. I got a Mavic mini back from DJI that I had crashed.

There'S, a video about that, and I thought they sent me the whole thing with the controller and everything turned out. It was just the Mavic mini by itself, but this one is another one that I ordered I paid for this. This was not sent to me by them, I mean it was sent to me by them, but not for free, and so this is a brand new Mavic mini with the controller it's not to fly more combo it's, just the regular kit, but still it's a mini It'S it's free, it can be yours and the GPC case did provide for free. I need to get more involved with these guys because they're very generous with their with their cases as far as donating them to drone channels and such this is a really nice case. I'M super excited that whoever wins is going to get this thing but comes with the GPC sticker and by the way I don't know if ken is still in the Kent, Kent Herron is still in the chat or not, but you know he loves to eat these. So I've actually been saving these for him. It'S the it's, the stuff that kind of keeps the moisture out of it and it says, do not eat and I think that's why Ken likes to eat these. So I've probably got about 20 of these. That I'm, going to let him eat when he's here for spin up by the way Ken Herron will be here in the studio with me for spin up.

So if you want all kinds of drones, a ninis with your pals kelly and ken and sean and and probably Chris Rollins too, then you kind of want to tune in but yeah nice case from GPC. I need to put a Ready Set drone sticker on it before I send it out. So what I had the people do to win. This thing was a pretty involved, scavenger hunt, so to speak. Online people had to go and find three different clues that I left on my channel in the comments and Philip had said something to the effect of oh, I know what they are and because he's he's a pretty smart dude and I was like oh did. I make it too easy and a couple of people guessed it, but you can see right here. These are the three videos they were on and down at the bottom of the description. These were screenshotted with a phone they weren't on the computer, but down at the bottom of the description you can see where it says it says what does it say? It'S too small for me to read, see if I can blow it up a little bit anyway. It says the Mavic mini code, a Mavic. There are Mavic mini code, 2's, Mavic mini code 3d. Well, you might be able to figure out what our SD stands for. Those were the three codes, but you had to go through several hundred videos to find those three codes and and send it to me at contest at Ready, Set drone calm.

So I had I'd said I did kind of lie. I did say I was gon na. Have I was only gon na, let TWEN know ten people join the contest. 1010 first answers. Well, I got so many the first night that I ended up, making it more than ten it was like 25 or so that I accepted as potential winners and so for everyone who was a potential winner. I did email you and I have a list of these people here right now, I'm gon na read the first names. If I say your first name, you should have also received an email. The emails are actually the real thing this this list. Well, no, this is the list, so it was, it was actually Charl was one of the people been Steve, Nicole, axle, medval, no Medved Rahim Ave neat, DJ Jason Tyler Matthew bill, Lauren Matt, another Matthew, Larissa John Larry Ava Tyler Irvin, Dimitri Justin, Brad, Kota, Randall, Oscar Jeremy jay christian ryan, alexa ban, Oscar Kayden and Taylor, or maybe that's taller, there's no y. Those are the people who figured it out and got got me at the right answer at contest.