Can you believe, it's already august 7th um already august, i mean it seems like these. First, fridays have been uh flying by even though they're just once a month for everyone who doesn't know two. I am doing a regular thing on fridays. Now, next friday, i'll be doing the uh fly in with greg kuhnert and his channel oz by drone and then the following friday and each friday in between first fridays, i am doing a speed dial, which is an interview with someone in the drone community. So if you don't already have it on your calendar to tune in every friday at 7 pm central, then please do. But today i am sitting in a very beautiful spot in upstate new york on vacation with my family, at my wife's parents house, in the uh on the st lawrence seaway in the thousand island region, absolutely beautiful here. If i was in texas, i could not be sitting outside right now, because it would be too hot, but right now, it's, actually quite pleasant. Here we've had a little bit of rain that came up from the hurricane but i'm doing this as a premiere rather than a live show, because the internet here is not that great for doing live streaming and such so. I figured i'd do a premiere that way. I could be in the chat and everyone could be in the chat. I do want to start out by thanking the flight crew if you notice the people down below with the special icon.

Next to them, they are members of the flight crew. They are awesome. They support this channel if you want to know more how to do that, you can hit the join button below and it'll, give you more information, but basically helps me to keep this channel running and do all the giveaways and everything that i do so. Thank you. Flight crew we've had quite a few new members, come in in the last month and so i'm going to read off the names of the new members who've joined in the last 30 days, and also some renewals, bruce farmer tim thompson, john w doug from scattered thoughts. Tony from tropic rejoined he was a member before and he rejoined jenna. Also from upstate new york, genesee rejoined stingray aerial. Visuals fly natural, rejoined metro drones. Thank you bill peter campbell, mike booker, craig kaufman, mike b aka, the drone ranger. I love that name charles meyer, who was my uh subscriber of the month, not too long ago, mike miller and brian roberts. Thank you guys, all for uh joining or rejoining and, of course, thank you to the flight crew who have been in this thing forever. There'S, a guy named wayne who's big blue, he has been in. He was actually my first member to join. I was able to connect with him just recently and send him some stuff, which was awesome and also uh lloyd. The grumpy vlogger has been one of my early early uh supporters, and so thank you guys, everyone who's in the flight crew.

I really appreciate you if i left your name off it's just because the list is getting long, but you do know. I appreciate you. So thanks for joining and after you've been in the flight crew for a certain period of time i'm trying to do it twice a year, you get a flight crew, t shirt and so for everyone who's joined. I will be sending out flight crew t shirts, probably after spin up sometime, but basically i usually do it in the summer time and then at the end of the year or beginning of the next year, so twice a year. I'Ll send them out and if you've been in for six months, you will get a flight crew t shirt, so i'll reach out for information flight t shirt size as well as your address, so i can send it to you. So what are we going to talk about today? Well, it's. Definitely, like i said an unusual first friday. This time, i've got to shoot a ton of b roll and i'm actually going to do a lot of editing to this. Before i put it on so you'll be able to see a lot of shots of the things i'm talking about so the first thing i want to talk about is the dji fpv system, which i actually have sitting right down here. I have the goggles here and i have a couple of a couple of drones with it in there.

I am just loving it. It has absolutely changed my uh perspective on flying fpv um, just because you can see what you're actually doing now, and so i want to talk about the dji fpv system um. I also want to talk about the st lawrence seaway, which you might be able to see this boat going by here. Um we're right in the uh right off the channel of the st lawrence seaway, where freighters go by coming from the great lakes big tankers going into the great lakes uh from all over the place, it's really cool to see these freighters so we're gon na talk A little bit about the st lawrence seaway, which also by the way, has two castles on it uh right near here. One is that direction, and one is that direction and i was able to fly my drone over both of them this week and i want to share some footage and talk to you about those castles. If you're ever up in this area, they're super cool to go visit, i also want to talk about the insta360 go now. I don't have it here with me: i'll go grab it when i'm talking about it, but it is this little 360 action camera that quite honestly, i had very low expectations for and it greatly exceeded those low expectations – it's not perfect, but it is really cool and You can do a lot of really cool stuff with it because it's so small and so lightweight, and it has stabilization built in digital stabilization and i'll, show you what that looks like, but attaching it to drones.

Even tiny whoops like the emax, are it's it's, amazing. What you can get from it um! I want to talk to you, of course, about spin up and spin down so updates on both those things, as well as some new contests we're, going to announce around spin up and spin down. So i'll talk to you about those and your chance to win some prizes, which will be cool. I also want to check in with phillip who has been my co host on this show many times he is currently traveling as well, and it just made more sense for us to pre record his piece trying versus trying to do it live so we'll check in With him how he's doing on his rv adventure, we will also check in with felix in germany, from v gates felix. I love that segment and he uh produced a new one for us this month. So i'm excited to share that with you and, of course chris hope with two minutes of hope. Uh chris hope is the man, as everyone knows, and so much appreciate him, putting together a beautiful collage of footage for two minutes of hope that we'll look at later and then. Finally, we will announce the subscriber of the month for um august of 2020 and so let's get into it and go through all that stuff. Welcome to first friday, Music Applause. So before we get into it, there's two things i want to mention real quick before we get going uh one is a udemy class that i've done recently now what is udemy it's a learning platform similar to masterclass, where you can learn new topics based on your Interest you go in and type in your interest and i recently did a class with my company sparksite about youtube and how i've done what i've done on youtube.

So far, now i'm, not saying i'm, the ultimate expert on youtube. But i am saying that i learned a lot of things in these last couple years doing youtube and if i had done things a little differently when i started or when i was a smaller channel, i'd probably have a bigger channel now, not complaining so i'm really Happy with where i'm at, but there are some things that, if you do early on, they can help you grow faster, and i definitely outline that in this class on udemy i'll have a link in the description below generally udemy puts everything on deep discounted sales. So i wouldn't recommend paying the full price for the class. If you are a new user, especially you can get it for much cheaper than what it's actually advertised as it's a weird thing. The way they set it up, but i am 100 excited about the class. I stand behind it. The content, i think, is great. As a matter of fact, several people from the drone community have already taken it. I appreciate that, and so, if you are trying to grow a youtube channel, i hope you will check it out and then the second thing i wanted to mention was uh ken herron's. What the fpv, which is happening august 22nd in brownsville tennessee, starting at at 9, 00 a.m. Now i have a tentative thing for work on the day before on the 21st um it's tentative, and they have not gotten back to me and so, when i'm done with vacation i'm going to reach out and see if i can make it to brownsville to be At that event, i definitely want to be there.

Nerk fpv is going to be there, who is one of my favorite fpv pilots as well as joshua bardwell, as well as ken herron, and i think that ken from original dobo is going to go up there and i think several other youtubers are going to go Out and try their fpv chops in this amazing place called minefield, which is this big metal structure that was created by this guy in brownsville, tennessee uh. You can go, watch the video and see what that's all about after first friday, but if you're thinking about getting into fpv – and you want to meet some of those folks, i definitely recommend going it's a free event and ready set drone is giving away a dji Air system, which includes the remote control, the goggles and the air system, which is in the uh. You know in this drone right here, it's a digital fpv system. You have to have your own drone it's, not very hard to put in actually but it's one that if you want to get into flying digital fpv, it's a great uh setup and it's valued at, i think, seven or eight hundred dollars so it's definitely worth checking Out uh that's, my part i'm sponsoring it i'd love to hand that to the winner, if i'm there, but if i'm, not ken, will hand it over on my behalf, so anyway very excited to be helping ken out with that event and hope you can make it To it and hope i can make it to it speaking of the dji air digital system, so i just want to rant about this for a minute.

This little guy right here has definitely changed my drone life. This is my favorite little flyer at the moment. It is the gep rc rocket plus i also have here the get rc rocket, light and i'm going to do a comparison of the two of them. I made a video about the plus i bought the plus myself and uh. Gep rc saw the video and said: hey: do you want the rocket light to do a comparison, and i was like yeah i do so. They sent me the rocket light so i've flown it a few times biggest difference. Is this guy weighs a bit more? I think 40 grams more or 20 grams more. I have to double check on that, but this one can record hd video on board this unit inside it has a micro sd card slot that records video directly onto it, whereas this one you it's much smaller and lighter, but it records only in the goggles via A digital transmission, now the quality is still pretty good, especially compared to an analog system but it's, not as good on the light as it is on the plus, because you have a direct recording on the plus straight onto an sd card. There'S lots of videos out there about it, uh thanks to joshua bardwell. By the way, he had a setup video for this thing that was very helpful, helped me kind of go through the whole process of registering the dji parts and then setting up the beta betaflight stuff for the rest of it.

So if you're thinking about getting one of these check out, bardwell's video on the setup i've been flying this a little bit over at a school in town that you can get to by boat, go over. There fly and it's been amazing, and i made a couple of videos about that. But it's been a little scary to fly here because i'm, actually on an island and there's water all around, and so it would be really easy to put this thing in the drink. But i have flown it a couple of times. I flew the light yesterday, a couple of flights and you can kind of see around the the place that i'm staying here, which is again my wife's parents house that they've had in their family since the 1940s bought by her grandparents, and you can see just how Much fun it is to fly around, go through the little gaps, go through the gaps in the trees, go through the gaps in you know the the house and it's just such a blast to kind of explore. With this thing, i really think this category of what you know. I wouldn't call this a racer. I wouldn't call this a cinewoop necessarily, although some people might call it that, because it can carry a camera it's more of a little explorer drone it's, something that you can just kind of fly around, because it's got the ducted propellers it's very safe. If you're going to bump into something now, you don't want to hit somebody going fast with this.

But for me flying this versus like a five or a seven inch racing quad, it seems a lot more controlled and safe. It uses a 3s or a 4s battery, which means that it's not pumping out massive amounts of power, although with the 4s, this thing really gets up and goes because the weight on it is very low. Anyway, big fan of the gep rc uh rocket and rocket light. They didn't pay me to say that they did give me the rocket light to review which i'm working on. But i sincerely mean it if you're looking into getting into digital fpv, go to and check out the rocket plus or the rocket light. And if you want to make it easy on yourself, just get the whole system like i did now. My intent actually is to build a couple of fpv drones. Very soon, i've ordered a couple as a matter of fact. Uh ken donoh is working with beagle drones and i might potentially get one of their kits to build, which i'm super excited about. I also ordered the tyro, which is made by eachine and it's, a pretty easy to build beginner, i shouldn't say beginner drone necessarily but a easy, build kit that comes with all the parts that work together. So look for those videos in the future. I think fpv and camera drones are starting to merge more and more be curious. What you guys think in the chat, but it's definitely becoming one of those things where, if you're into camera drones, but you don't want to have to go through all the hassle of flying and or building and kind of programming, an fpg fpv drone.

There are some basics you need to learn, but ultimately you can learn just enough to be able to do it and now they're, coming out with systems like this one that are pretty easy to get up in the air and start flying with, and now that it's Digital too the view on it, the visual that you get and the ability you have to fly. It is just amazing, okay, so i want to take just a minute to talk about this area where we are now i'm from texas. I was born in san antonio. I did live in germany for a little while, when my dad was in the air force, but in kansas, but then we moved back to texas and i've been there since i was a very young child still live in austin love it there, except for august, when It'S, you know 100 degrees every day, but i met my wife who was born in canada and her parents are from up in this area, which is upstate new york and also from montreal, and they actually her grandparents bought this place in the 1940s, and i have To say i didn't know very much about the thousand islands or the st lawrence seaway or the st lawrence river, or really the great lakes or anything being from texas. Until i met her and started coming up here – and i think the first year i came up here would have been 1998, maybe or 99 right before we got married, i came up and was just blown away by how beautiful this place is it's.

Of course, it can get a little warm at times, but nothing like texas. The water temperature is actually pretty brisk all the time because it's coming out of the great lakes and it freezes in the winter time. So if you want to go swimming, be ready for some cold water, but honestly you get used to it and it feels great if you are especially getting ready to go to bed, you jump in stay in for 10 minutes, your core temperature drops and it helps You sleep, or at least it helps me sleep great. You know there's a lot of recreational boats that are around here and then there's also a lot of freighters that go up and down here, because this is the seaway one of the cool things, too, is that if you look straight across you're looking at canada, that Is canada? On the other side, this channel divides the us and canada, and so i've stood at the rio grande river and looked across, which is uh much much smaller than this and much uh less impressive, even though you know i do love texas and mexico, but uh this Place up here, this river is several miles wide and actually what you're, seeing over in canada is not the canadian mainland you're, seeing the uh grenadier island, at least from here you're seeing granite island, which is a big long island and then there's more river behind it. On the other side, before you get to the mainland, which is rockport and brockville and some other places well, in addition to being able to see canada from our front porch, it's also cool, because the water is very clear up here – i wouldn't drink it necessarily, but We do use it for like laundry and brushing teeth and doing dishes and stuff like that.

It'S not it's, not doesn't seem terribly polluted, but if you're going to drink water, you have to have purified water. But what i was going to say is that also there are two castles that were built on the river, so there's, one down near alexandria bay, which is the town that we're officially in and then there's one up near chippewa bay, which is a few miles down River, the one up near alexandria bay is called bolt castle. Again, i had never heard of it or been there until i came up here with my wife but was blown away by it. It is a a magnificent and enormous castle. It was never quite finished. The the man who was building it, his wife, died before he finished it, and it sat empty for years and years in the early 1900s and mid 1900s before new york state took it over as a tourist attraction and one of my wife's parents, friends who recently Passed away, but he was 99 years old, so he had been coming up here, a long time. He was from this area. He talked about having gone into it when it was abandoned and how you could run all around in it, and you know he and his friends would go up there and and that sounded really cool. What a great place to go fly a drone right. You talk about bandos, well bando castle, how cool would that be, and so that was bolt's castle on heart island now i want to show you another castle, which is down the other direction, probably about 10 miles from bolt's castle, all in between them and we're kind Of right in the middle of it, maybe a little less but it's called singer castle and singer castle was built by a gentleman by the last name, born b, o? U r n e, like the born identity or jason bourne, and he was a big guy in the singer – sewing machine company and that's how he could afford to build this place and it is on an island called dark island which, if you look at it from Here you can actually see dark island way off in the distance from our front porch, but dark island is actually uh very dark.

It has lots of trees and it's very interesting, because it's, a castle that has been lived in it, was used as a church. It was used, i think, michael jackson might have stayed in it or put a put a bid on buying it at one point it was used, it has a dungeon has secret passages in it. So if you're up here in the thousand island region and you're going to take a tour and you have to choose between bolt castle and singer castle, i recommend singer. I think it's. The more interesting of the two i've been on the tour several times, and i love going in it and seeing all the original furniture that was there from the family that lived there as well as the secret passages, and all that bulk castle is cool too. It just was never lived in so it's a little more of kind of a shell of a castle with a less interesting story than singer, but take a look at some of this cool footage from singer: Music Applause; Music – all right! So this canopy here makes a nice landing pad um if you're not drifting, and there is singer castle on dark island. If you're ever up here in the thousand islands, i highly recommend the tour it's really cool so as i've been traveling around a bit this year. Up here on vacation, i have had with me the insta360 go, which is right here and i have to say this has been out for a little while when i first saw this thing, i thought it was kind of silly.

It would only record one minute. Originally, i think maximum. Now it will record up to five minutes, although they say you should only do it if you're flying fpv or if you're in a cool spot, because it gets really hot. But i understand the value of it. If you're shooting little b roll clips and you want them stabilized, this is a great little camera to do it with. If you don't mind 1080 versus 4k, but it also does things like this: it attaches to your heart, it's, a little heart camera. I heart it! No, actually, i have a medallion on underneath this, that comes with it and it has a magnet in the back and it just kind of sticks right on like that which is really cool. If you don't want to hold it, you know let's, say you're flying your drone and you want a shot of it landing. You can start it it's, just one button to start it right there and it starts rolling, and then you put it onto your shirt like that and it'll record for you. You have to take everything onto your phone. It works better if you have an iphone because it has a native lightning port, although there is an adapter for it to use with android, i haven't done it with android, so i don't know for sure, but it's pretty cool, because you can just take those little Clips and use them in your videos and it's just so easy to have it there's a it comes with a clip for your hat and a little selfie stick and a bunch of other stuff.

I just have been impressed with the quality of it, with its ability to stabilize electronically and then also i've put it on this guy a couple times and done some comparisons, and you know it really takes pretty good footage this, because it already has a digital camera And it already takes pretty good footage it's not as necessary on, but where i think it's really interesting is putting it onto a tiny, whoop style drone where you might not have a good camera or you might not have any camera or dvr, and you can take Really great footage on an emax, tiny, hawk freestyle. I haven't tried putting this on a tiny, hawk 2. I imagine the tiny hawk 2 could probably carry it, but the the freestyle and the tiny hawk 2 race can definitely carry it because they use two batteries and they have a little more power. But but yeah the footage comes out. Looking pretty good and pretty well stabilized, because it has electronic stabilization for what it is: it's, probably a little bit expensive, but for this convenience factor, it's pretty nice to have, if you're a creator and also, if you just want to use something to kind of vlog. As you go throughout your day, it's not great audio, but it is great for shooting, b, roll and stuff so little uh, insta 360 go is right here and definitely worth checking out. As i said, i had low expectations and i've been pleasantly surprised with how good this little camera is all right.

This boat is called the just got board. Look at the shoes that go with it. It does look very fast all right, so i want to offer a quick update on spin up and spin down. I'Ll start with spin down 2020, which is happening in colorado in later september. It is sold out. Spin down is officially sold out, unfortunately, due to covid we're only allowed to have a certain number of people – that's 50 people under this pavilion, where i'm sure you could fit more people, but right now, they're limiting it to 50. it's a state regulation. So we can't do anything about it. So if you have a ticket to spin down i'm super excited to meet you there, if you haven't already booked your hotel and stuff it's still on the website,, if you want to go check it out and make sure that you book a place to stay I'Ll probably be arriving early on friday or even late on thursday we're planning to do a live stream from sean's tattoo shop on friday evening, and then we'll fly all day saturday and cook out and barbecue and stuff like that. So definitely connect with your fellow spin down people if you're going, let other people know and i'm excited to see you guys and to fly in this beautiful location. Now. Spin up is, of course, not sold out because it's virtual and it is a hundred percent happening. The speaker, lineup just keeps getting better and better and better i'm super excited to have several great members of the fpv community joining us.

The president of the drl uh rachel jacobson, who is fairly new to drl. I came from the nba i'm excited to have her as a speaker. Uh super excited to have some folks from other countries outside of the u.s i'm. Just i think, overall, this is going to be a really really great program. Now, of course, spin up is free to watch on youtube on september 12th. You can watch it and it'll be live streamed on ready set drone, but if you want to win any of the prizes that we're giving away and there's going to be a lot of prizes from dji emacs, the drone racing league, as well as remote pilot 101, Our four sponsors, those prizes, are only available if you buy a ticket, so the tickets are not too expensive, they're about 20 bucks and you can get them at if you want to go see what that's all about and then. Finally, i want to give a big shout out to the spin up heroes. It is above and beyond what you need to do, but it definitely helps support the program. It'S helping me pay for travel for some of the folks who are coming to austin. To help me with the event to pay for the live streaming, which i'm having done by not not me i'm, not going to do the live streaming. I want it to go really well, so i've got guys who do sports live streaming? Who i'm paying to do it it's going to be an awesome event, and if you really want to help and support it out, consider being a spin up hero? The heroes are listed here and i really appreciate every single one of them and you do get some extra perks if you sign up to be a spin up hero so check out spinup2020.

com. If you want to know more about buying a ticket to spin up or if you want to know more about being a spin up, hero i'm also excited to announce two new contests that we're going to do that are going to be rolled out in time. For spin up – and they are actually going to be starting today and the winners will be announced at spin up. The first contest was the brainchild of shawn oz and uh ken from original dobo, ken dono uh. They thought we should do some sort of a group or um sort of crowdsourced uh awards program where you, anyone in the drone community can nominate someone for four different categories, actually five different categories, and we will have a vote to pick the winners to see who Those um who the winner of each of those categories is so i'm going to try by tonight. If i still have time to have a link in the description, if not, i will follow up with it, but i will really do my best to have it down there for um a survey, an online survey where you can write in the winners or who you Think should be the winner of each of these categories. So let me tell you the categories. The first four are really for content creators. The last one is for community member number. One is best cinematic drone videos, so who do you think makes really good cinematic drone videos put their name in and we will consolidate all the names.

We'Ll we'll narrow it down to a couple two or three and then we'll pick a winner from there best drone tutorials, you guys decide who do you think, does the best drone tutorials put them put their name in, and we will pick a winner from the top Three names that we receive favorite fpv pilot uh. I have my opinions on that as well. I'Ll leave it to myself, but who do you think is your favorite youtube fpv pilot that puts a lot of fpv content out on youtube, we'd love to know that and then favorite drone vlogs. Now a drone vlog is probably open to interpretation. I will leave it up to you guys, it's kind of a an open content idea. I'Ll try to put more color about what that is in the description, but we want to have uh best cinematic drone videos, creator, best drone, tutorials creator, favorite fpv pilot and favorite drone vlogs and then the final winner. The final award that we're looking to give out is the drone community person of the year so think about someone who is kind of like the subscriber of the month. Someone who is a superstar in this community who may or may not create content, but who is constantly helping other people out and delivering value to us all and kind of being positive. You know that's what we need in this world. More right now is a lot of positivity, and i appreciate those people again.

Lots of people come to mind that i can think of who are probably in this chat right now, who should be the drone community person of the year but i'm, hoping that you guys will pick um narrow it down to three and then we'll pick a winner From there – and we will announce that at spin up so that will be announced on the day of spin up and then there's one more contest for spin up that i'm really excited about too. It is the ready set drone song remix. So if you haven't already got that little ear bug stuck in your ear, yet it goes like this. When i fly, i won't fly alone. I'M gon na fly with reddy said drone only sung better than that it's a song. I wrote to say thank you to the drone community and it really is um something that i had in my head. For a long time, i asked for people to submit uh video content that i could put into the video and even though it's not one of the most viewed videos i have. It is one of the videos – i'm most proud of and most excited about and probably play myself the most. You know when i feel like a little pick me up. I play that song and it picks me up. So thank you to everyone who contributed to that i'm. Looking for people with a musical bent to themselves – or maybe they don't have that maybe they're just people that want to participate to create a remix of that song by remix.

It can be pretty much anything. It can be a country version of the song, a rap version of the song, a techno version of the song, a remix of the existing song, take the music and do something funky with it. My only request would be that it has the same lyrics and you can hear the lyrics clearly. You know that they are um. They are sung in a way that uh, that kind of gives you the idea of what the song's all about, and that is drone community. The winner of that contest. Now i didn't say what the winner of the dronie contest would receive because we don't know yet that may just be a recognition thing, but the winner of the ready set drone remix contest. Are you ready for this? Are you really ready is going to win a mavic 2 air, so a brand new mavic 2 air mavic air? 2? Sorry mavic air 2 get that backwards. So if you want a mavic air 2 and you can play guitar or you can play the fiddle or you can play the banjo or you can play the xylophone or you can play the spoons or you can play the beatbox whatever you can play remix and Remake the song the lyrics are below, and so you can actually take the song and do a new version of it. We will pick a winner during spin up as well and we'll play all the finalists during the next first friday, which takes place on september 4th.

So next first friday will be on september 4th. I need all these submissions in no later than september 3rd for both contests so um. I need all of the droney drone community members youtube drone, awards, winners or nominees by september 3rd, as well as the remix, and you can send your questions or information to contest If you're going to submit a song, definitely submit it. There send me a link to it i'd, like it in like an mp3 format. If you want to make a video for it too. That'S great bonus points for you, but it's not required we're, really just looking for the song and so need those in by september. 3Rd, as i said, the drone community stuff, those winners will be announced at spin up by original dobo he's, going to he's going to do that segment and then the remix song will also be announced at spin up and the winner of that will receive a mavic Air 2.. So if you're looking for a mavic air 2 – and you can play some music get on it now, of course, it wouldn't be first friday, without checking in with a few of my favorite people out there in the drone community, there's lots of you but there's three, That we're gon na check in with tonight first of all, is philip, who is traveling around the country, this great big land of ours and land of uh, the americans for the folks who aren't americans, maybe he'll, get an rv and travel around australia or europe sometime? Who knows, but philip is uh currently in pennsylvania, and i checked in with him and here's what he had to say about his travels in the rv, so uh you and i are both out of texas right now, which is a wonderful thing in august.

Where are you currently i'm in pennsylvania, near hershey, really, and – and there is a real town of hershey pennsylvania – is that i know that to be true but uh for our audience tell us a little bit about it. Uh it's, actually pretty small, at least from what i saw and the only thing that's. Really there is uh hershey like the the chocolate company and then hershey park and hershey world, which is a over glorified candy store and a bunch of hershey themed things. So tell me, you know just getting back to this whole idea that you got into several years ago. I guess it's been. How long have you been traveling now i guess it's been about. I remember shooting video with you last august when it was super hot in austin, so it's been probably about nine months now. How long have you been traveling, so we've been living in the rv for a year now and we've been traveling since october of last year? Any regrets about uh buying the rv or about i mean what what's for anybody out there. Who is thinking about it? Just like hey i'm, going to pull up stakes and go live on the road uh. What what you know do you have regrets, or are you super glad you did it and why uh, no, i wouldn't say, have any regrets um. I will say that traveling through pennsylvania has uh. It was interesting. I'Ll put it that way.

It was difficult to travel on their roads, even their interstates, on the western side, just because the roads are so small and it doesn't help that they're also under construction, possibly to make them bigger. But literally i felt like i was going to be banging the side of the trailer on like construction barriers, so i mean that's that's, really the only thing that i've that i would consider, maybe a regret. I guess, if you feel like you, could do something smaller. It would be good to go with smaller, but at the same time i feel like this. Rv is the perfect size for us, so i wouldn't really call to regret, but just something to consider if you are getting into it the smaller you go the easier it is to travel it's, just whatever you feel comfortable, whatever you think you're going to feel comfortable With living in, have you been able to fly? Uh fly your drone much at all. What what have you been flying? Are you excited about any drones? Have you gotten into sims or fpv what's what's, the latest with you and drones? I much enjoy enjoying the moment as opposed to trying to figure out how i can best capture it on my drone and with i feel like more and more as we travel around, the laws vary so much like whenever, whenever it's at cedar point, i kind of Wanted to take the drone up and just fly, not necessarily in the park, but just get video of the park, but that entire island is owned by them, and i didn't want to do anything that was going to get me kicked out of their their park.

So um right, i feel like droning, has become less of a priority for me, which is kind of a problem. I i really enjoy droning and i think people would enjoy seeing what i'm seeing. So i need to figure out how to fix that problem. Well, any any uh any thoughts or uh uh final final messages for the audience out there. The folks who are are you know the folks who tune in every month for us and support the channel, and such you got anything to say to them. Well, i mean it sucks that we can't be with you live this time, but i know that kelly's gon na do this as a premiere, so i'll be there in the chat uh. We can talk about this if you have any questions about what's going on. In my life i'm happy to talk about it, uh if you want to see or hear anything from my travels in particular. Let me know i'm i'm happy to to try to create more content for my life it's just hard to i'm, still trying to figure out what type of content people want to see and what type of content i actually want to make. So if you, if you want to see anything particular from phillips travels, let me know yeah man just enjoy the ride because uh as as you know, i tell my kids, there is no. There is no rehearsal. This is this. Is this? Is life right? You don't, you don't get another one, so you got ta, you got ta enjoy it.

While you can well philip. Thank you for uh for tuning in with us uh again, if you guys want to chat well philip's in the chat, but i know this is a little different, um format tonight, but i'm glad. I was able to get you in on the show, and i hope that i will uh get to spend more time with you very soon. So, of course, we have to represent the other side of the pond. If you are from some other country, which is in a much later time, zone, for example, england, hi geeks, fauna sean, i hope, you're still watching or germany. Thank you for staying up late and watching this thing at such a crazy hour, and i want to say hello to my buddy felix who lives in munich. Germany got a chance to hang out with him last summer. He is an amazing pilot. Does really cool cinematic stuff and has a great channel called quadcopter guide, it's linked below, but v gates, felix, hey, kelly and ready, said drone fans and crew it's time for another episode of v gates. Felix tell you what the last month has not been a super easy one. We had to say goodbye to our beloved golden retriever and those of you guys that have lost a dog or a pet know that it just sucks. She was a super, wonderful, calm, mellow and just a really good dog. She did get to go on a lot of adventures with us, since we moved to germany, so that's always nice to have a memory of she did make an appearance on a couple: youtube videos.

So some of you guys might have even seen her. We will miss her and we do miss her greatly. On a more positive note, i took the mavic air 2 down to the bavarian alps and i got some great footage there. You can check out the video on the channel it's called mavic air 2 5 tips for amazing footage. I also got a little dji fpv nerdy in the last month in the videos you can see how i built this custom 7 inch. Cinematic, fpv drone. Of course powered by dji fpv and i took it a step further. I built my own battery that's right. I built a 6 cell lithium ion based battery pack pretty crazy. I documented how i built it and why, if you're interested in that kind of stuff, you can check that out now. Normally, you would fly a drone like this with a battery of this size. This is a six cell, lithium polymer based battery pack, and this one is rated at 2200 milliamp hours. Now this battery lasts about seven to nine minutes on this drone that's right. These fpv drones are very high performance and compared to the dji camera drones. The battery life – it just isn't that great, but you do get a ton of performance, so it's always a trade off right. So i was researching what could i do to extend the flight time a little bit and the research led to this lithium ion battery cells, which is what this pack consists of, have a better energy density? That means for the same amount of weight.

You get more power, but once again there's a trade off for everything in life. Finally, i test the lithium ion battery pack compared to lipo and just a hint. This thing has 36 percent more milliamp hours in it and it weighs 17 less. So you can see my motivation behind trying to get this to work. I'Ll give kelly a link to a playlist or a video. You guys can check it out in the description below that's it for this episode of v gates felix. I hope you guys are staying healthy and safe out. There can't wait to see you guys in the next one there's a lot of exciting stuff coming up so stay tuned. Thanks kelly, see you guys and finally, we're gon na check in with chris hope, the man the myth, the legend, the grizzly adams of the drone community man i'm, proud to call my friend with his segment called two minutes of hope: check it out Music. So, Applause, Music, so Music do chris. Thank you. That was awesome. As usual, uh i'm really really appreciate you. Making those uh same thing with you. Felix viewgates felix is always interesting to hear what's going on over there and especially to hear about you building some fpv drones. I do hope that next time we get together, you and i get to race, or at least do a little chasing around with the fpv stuff and philip, of course, always good to hear from you.

So thanks for being here in the chat tonight and for contributing that segment so guys we are nearing the end of the program, which means one thing, and that is of course the subscriber of the month. Now the subscriber of the month is my way of saying thank you to all of you out there who watch this channel, who watch these live streams, who do all that great stuff and support everyone in the drone community. I definitely have had a great time getting to know a lot of you, including audi, who is our january subscriber of the month tater tater rogers, who i bet he's going to enter a song as a matter of fact, tater rogers. I expect a ready set drone song from you, uh, not saying you're going to win. You know this is a. This is not rigged, it's going to be a fair contest, but i'll bet you'll put in a good entry to win that mavic air 2. bill from metro drones bill. Thank you for all you do and for always being in these chats and supporting everyone. Rick halber, of course, another pillar of the drone community, jenna c. Who, of course, is our one of our few female pilots that's in this group, but really appreciate her being in it and for representing and always being so positive. Charles meyer, who is someone that i have just recently gotten to know? Who was our winner from uh two months ago, he's from vancouver western canada and has been sending me a lot of cool content, since he won the mavic air, the original mavic air and, of course, eric manwarren? Who was our current uh subscriber of the month from july? Now? The um august subscriber of the month is someone that i've known for a while, and i actually thought he had already won subscriber of the month.

But he tells me he hasn't when i went back and checked he actually hasn't, and so i want to say a big congratulations to someone that i really have enjoyed getting to know and that's brad alston. He is from virginia he'll, always tell you that i'm brad from virginia uh, and he is our august subscriber of the month. I'Ve got an awesome prize package for you. Brad, however, i'm gon na have to wait till i get back to austin to send it to you, but man. Thank you for all you do. You are truly one of those guys that is an unsung hero in this group. You helped with spin up so much last year, helped me literally setting up the pipe and drape and all the equipment and everything tearing it all down. You'Ve helped me with my live streams before i really appreciate all the stuff you do, and i want to say thank you by making you the august subscriber of the month for ready, set drone and uh congrats man way to go. Brad hope everyone out there uh gets to know brad. If you don't already know him he's a great guy, and you should definitely know him and a big part of this community, so that's, really it um. That is first friday for august 7th 2020 sitting here in this beautiful location uh next month, it's back to texas i'll be back in the sweat box um. Hopefully, in my studio and air conditioner cranked up, i will say that october november december, all those months are beautiful in texas, so i'm, looking forward to this fall lots of great flying lots of great fpv and, of course, i'll leave you guys with the thing.

I always like to leave you with, and that is a remote in your hand and a song in your heart so take care, and thanks for watching Music, when i fly won't fly alone, i'm gon na fly with freddy said. Drone cause ready syndrome will always fly with me. Lying fast and flying free flying with friends is the life. For me, this ready set drone is my community props and motors and esc's cables and cameras are what we used to fly sharing stories and swapping tails. Amazing triumphs and epic fails, and will you know if you don't ever try ready central ready, citrones spit up your props and plug in your phone fly with us and Music will make you feel so free Music and when i fly, i won't fly alone i'm gon Na fly with pretty central because ready citron will always fly with me. Music set drone spin up the props and plug in your phone, live with us and we think you'll agree ready central ready, what's the point of flying alone. Flying with friends who make you feel so free fly with friends who make you feel so free with friends.