I bought myself a dji mini 2.. I want to share the reasons why i finally bought a drone and my first impressions on this dji mini 2 in this video lets. Do this Music? Full disclaimer bji hong kong did contact me sometime last year during the first lockdown in malaysia. They offered to send a few products for me to review, but i rejected them because i was trapped in my tiny room. I couldnt go out. I couldnt make any meaningful content, so it doesnt work out and i have no communication with dji whatsoever. After that they didnt contact me. They didnt ask me to do anything. I bought the dji mini 2 with my own money and, quite frankly, this is my first drone. I have no experience flying a drone before this, so im not qualified to review the dji mini 2.. This is not a review, but i do want to share my thoughts on using the drone flying the drone for the first time and the reasons why i finally decided to buy a drone. This is the perfect opportunity for me to announce that ive started a new vlog channel ill, put the link to the vlog channel up here. Please check it out and please subscribe. The main reason i started the new vlog channel is to separate the content. That is not photography or camera related. Dont worry. I know a lot of you come to this main channel for tips and tricks on using olympus and microphoto system.

You guys want the usual photography and camera content thats not going to change im still going to update this channel regularly with new videos every single week. I have not failed in doing that for the past two years. Nothing is going to change, but i do want to keep this place clean and super focused on just photography and camera related stuff. So everything else about my life. I know some of you are interested to get to know me a little bit better. So, im sharing a slice of my life in that new vlog channel the places that i go to the people that i hang out with the food that i eat. The events that i attend you want to get to know me a bit better. Go to that. Vlog channel youll probably not find many drone footage here in this main channel, but ive made two videos in the vlog channel. With some drone footage. I went to avani sapang gokus resort with some friends for a short staycation. That was my first time flying the dji mini 2. ill share a snippet of that drone footage here. But if you want more, please check out the vlog channel Music move Music, Music. There are several reasons why im not so keen on getting a drone. The main reason is, the drone does not add any significant value to what im doing as a professional photographer. It certainly doesnt help in anything that i do for my personal photography projects im still mainly a photographer.

I dont do any video or cinematography for a living and the kind of photography that i do wedding photography, portraits commercial products, events i use traditional camera and even to create content on this youtube channel. It is mostly about olympus or micro, four thirds products and they are the traditional camera. I understand and i see that the drone can really be impactful in certain situations. It gives you a different perspective, a different angle. It can be stronger in terms of visual storytelling, but i just cannot justify the cost if i supposed to spend that kind of money on a drone. To just add that few seconds of footage, and if it is not my main source of income, its just a cost of the business that i cannot recover, there are two things that are holding me back from getting a drone cost and size cost, because drones are Not cheap, it is a significant investment and there is a high chance of me crashing a drone ive seen my friends with drones before they have crushed multiple ones in the course of learning how to fly one properly and it is not small. Typically, drones are huge and i dont want to have too much space in my bag to carry just the drone anywhere and just to use it for a few seconds of footage now lets change. Things have come so far now dji mini 2. If you look at the price, the asking price is about 449 dollars, the basic setup.

It is cheaper than a gopro. Now this is where i dont understand. If you look at an action, camera gopro right, it costs about 500 dollars. It is just a box of camera with a tiny screen and a camera with a tiny image sensor and the lens isnt. Even that impressive. It is just a tiny hardware with a tiny battery and thats it. It costs you 500, but this dji mini 2. It is about 449 dollars, but includes propellers engine. It has controller, it has a huge battery, it has a camera which is stabilized by a gimbal. It has so much more and it can fly it just doesnt make sense. So when i look at the cost, then i say: okay, the price has come down so much and it can actually produce very, very good 4k footage. Then i decided it is time to finally invest in one and of course the size is now so compact and so small. It is so tiny. It doesnt take much space in any of the bags that i carry. Finally, i think it is the perfect time to get a drone Music, so Music, Music. I flew the dji mini 2 for the first time at the avani, sapang gokus resort boy, oh boy, it was so so fun. I think it is the same with any. First experience the thrill the excitement, it was amazing. I still didnt really know what i was doing. It was my first time i mentioned.

I was still getting used to the controls how to move the drone around and it wasnt too difficult to learn. I guess i do need a lot more practice. Practice makes perfect, but for the first time i got ta say it wasnt too difficult to fly the drone at all. Of course, ive spent some time looking at tutorials at youtube, and i did a quick test flight. A few days before the trip and thats it and the footage that i get out of the dji mini 2, it was definitely good enough for casual content creation use. I have no complaint. The 4k footage looks really crips. The colors are good. I have really no issue whatsoever, but i understand that if i were to do a commercial drone flight, if i were to use this in a professional environment, i would probably consider something of a higher grade. I would not probably use this for any paid jobs or assignment, but for casual use for the vlog channel, which im not earning anything from and for just for the fun of it to explore. What the drone is. I think the dji mini 2 is the perfect place to start thats. All i have to share about the dji mini 2 and my first experience using it do. Let me know what you think of the footage that im sharing in this video. Do you like them? Do you think that they are any good, or do you think its not good enough to, let me know: do you own the dji mini 2 or any other drones do share experience if you have any tips and tricks for me right, im so used to sharing You know, tips and tricks on using olympus cameras or any micro, full thread system or photography in general.

Now its my time to ask you for tips and tricks, let me know, share them with me in the comments below. I really would love to learn from you guys, i hope youve enjoyed watching this video. Please consider buying me a cup of coffee or you can contribute directly to my paypal, account links in the description below on how i can do that. Any small support can go a long way. It will help me to continue creating new content and publish them right here. Please give me thumbs up subscribe comment and share ill. Definitely see you again in the next one. Please remember to go out and take more photographs. Bye, Music, Music, this robin setting up his drone, the dji mini who doesnt know robbie, has a drone, its a secret.