I am headed to the comfy bando bash and, if you at all have seen any of the events on facebook instagram wherever you know that this is a epic bando and they are actually knocking it down, and this is gon na be our last chance to fly. So the boys put together a circ bash and we are going to tear it up and were going to shred it, but this video is not about that. This video is about the aluminum frame and the reason why is because the last bando bash i broke? Seven quadcopters back to back to back so in this video. I am gon na use that location during this bash to see and show you show me find out – is this aluminum frame where its at lets go holy mackerel? Look at that! You got the pups watch that um all right. Oh wow, take your time. Okay, keep your heart rate up titaniums about the pinata. You broke its leg now, thats. What that there we drone. You can even get a piece of candy here. I know right, hey drainman! Here its coming out of it there we got titaniums about the pinata flash, so wow uh, listen drain. Man come on yeah youre, up landing on the roof, maybe get on the roof and get you and then clean. Your camera too. I got a cleaning camera make sure the vehicle looks good, come on drain man, so that first pack was about two or three crashes, all in one and no damage shoot up the props, oh wow, all right so heres the deal.

I am banging an a manganese thing. Look at this theres, not a bend on these arms. Look i just shattered all of that im gon na do my best to show you ive been having some gopro problems, but im gon na pull what i can and do what i can but uh. I should have dvr footage, but this is just bananas. Look ive ripped off all the tpu, not a not a bend in sight boom all right. I have no idea if my gopro got that, but look at this ive ripped off the tpu mangled these props. It was shredded this wide open. All right, we are officially. I ripped this bolt clean off gone heres, another one gone gone, another one gone another one, another one. I have ripped bolts out of the bottom of this frame and i want to show you if the arms are still straight. Oh all right. Pilots today was epic. I had an absolute blast. I want to give a special shout out to everybody who helped put this event together and everybody who made an appearance. I hope that you guys had as much fun as i did and i was able to get you the summary of the aluminum frame and if it can handle it and as you can see, i was not easy on it. I flew it like. I stole it and it took that beaten and thats super super awesome. I dont know if it will replace carbon fiber.

Maybe it should ill, let you guys be the judge of that, and i will continue to keep flying it and i will still get you an update, but my first initial beating of this frame was absolutely astonishing. The last time i flew at that exact spot. I went through seven carbon fiber frames and this time i didnt even make it through one aluminum frame. I continued to fly it all the way to the end when i broke the actual stack inside and the frame is still perfectly fine, so thats. My conclusion on this frame, i hope that you guys had a blast like i did.