So here i have a box for a new drone and it is femi x8 mini, and you might wonder: oh ive actually heard about femi xa mini a few months ago and youre absolutely right. It is a drone that came out about a few months ago earlier this year. However, now it does have a brand new battery. It is an upgraded battery and rightly called pro battery with pro battery. It can fly up to 31 minutes and also the drone weighs less than 250 gram. So this is a drone that were talking about femi x8 mini, and, if you just slot in the battery, then it is only at 243 grams, as opposed to 249 grams that you see with dji mini 2.. Okay, i dont have minitail, however, the size at least the size spec and the weight spec of mini one is exactly same as what you would find with mini 2, and if you just compare the size of these two, you can actually see that they are pretty Much identical in terms of the size and if you sandwich them together, you can tell that yes, the size is the same and once unfolded like this. Even the unfolded size, basically the same size, so femi x8 mini. Yes, i think it is actually very serious competition against dji mini 2.. Not only can the battery fly up to 31 minutes, but actually the actual flight time that i tested in numerous tests.

I got 28 minutes. I got constant 28 minutes of flight time and 10 battery left when it was landing. So you know if you are in emergency or something you need that 10 percent off, then you might be able to actually fly even longer than 28 minutes. So serious competition against dji mini 2., and also you have usb c type here, so you can also charge on the go as well with your external battery. So let me also quickly show you the rc, which is extendable and my rather big samsung. Galaxy s10 plus works totally fine. This is almost 16 centimeter length mobile phone and it actually fits perfectly, and if you extend it a little further, then maybe you can go for like 17 centimeter phone as well, and the rc has 3500 mah, so it can work. A few flights as well – but you know if you somehow forgot the rc or you forgot – to charge rc and you have to fly your drone. You have the option to also fly it via wi fi, with your mobile phone directly controlling the drone. So the very first question is: what is the quality of camera Music, so Music? The sensor size is at 1 over 2.6 inch, which is slightly smaller than what you would find in mini 2 at 1, over 2.3 inch field of view is slightly less wider. At 80 degrees compared to 83 degrees that you find in dji mini 2.

. Nonetheless, it takes beautiful 4k footage that you see here. It is taken at 30 frames per second, and if you want the 60 frames per second, you can go at lower resolution and 2.7 k, and i thought it was definitely more than usable. And if you compare the aperture, it is fixed at f2, as opposed to 2.8, that you find in dji mini 2.. This lens is supposed to be brighter and also it has the high silicon professional ai algorithm for noise reduction for a night shooting. I did not attempt the shooting at nighttime, because its not legal. However, i did it just before the sunset and i thought it actually. The footage came out a lot brighter than expected, so the transmission range between the drone and the rc is at eight kilometers, so that is huge, thats, basically on par with dji or kissing. But did i test that eight kilometers? No, i did not. However, while i was testing out the drone, i have to say i did not get any signal cut off, but i wish the video transmission resolution was a little better because it didnt feel as smooth as what i had been used to before, but still workable and Also actual footage looked absolutely beautiful, while femi xa mini is a little cheaper than dji mini 2 depending on the package. If you only get one battery which is not recommended, you definitely need more than one battery. It was tough testing with just one battery for this video, but if you only get one battery, you are paying about 380 dollars, its 70 dollars cheaper than what you get with mini 2.

And if you actually get the three battery package that you are paying about. 120 dollars cheaper than dji mini 2., so then youre thinking does it still have all these smart features that dji mini 2 has and yes its the answer, because this does have a lot of smart features that dji mini 2 bursts plus more. So the very first feature that i want to share is one tap video, basically its the quick shots that you find with dji products. You can enjoy soaring droney orbit and spiral. I just drag a frame on the shot target and thats me, and what i really like is that i can actually change the setting into 4k to enjoy soaring rocket mode as well as droney. But please know right now its just before the sunset. So it is rather dark and the next feature that i enjoyed using was smart track which was available in this drone at this price range and okay, it was not a perfect smart tracking. The log tracking worked totally fine and also the tracking sort of from the behind worked very well Music, but unfortunately, the parallel, which is actually my favorite tracking, especially when im riding bicycle. That did not quite work. The way i wanted, however – maybe you know a little bit of software update from my update – should actually upgrade the drone to track me fine in the center and also in the menu. You see that you do get the powerful flight plan shooting.

I have not tried. The waypoint, however, when i tried the tap flight, it worked totally fine, it worked perfectly according to the map and also you get the cinematic mode. Ive tried and basically what it does is. It would make the joystick a bit stiffer so that every move is a lot smoother. You dont get any jolt or kink in your move and also you can try the tripod mode if you want something slower, but you can always change the speed of joystick in this menu as well, and the next smart feature that i thought was very useful was Search and rescue mode im not sure when exactly you will use it. Hopefully you dont have to use it, however, search and rescue mode once thats on. Then it immediately shows the coordinates in the map. So you know the exact location of your drone up in the air and a very important feature for safety. The return to home feature which you can activate by pressing the button here or you can control it within the app and that worked totally well and, of course, you can set the height how it returns as well, and one thing to note if youre living in A windy condition: it is level 5 wind resistance, which is basically the same level as what you find with dji mini 2, and i thought you know somebody tested out dji mini 2 in a super windy condition. It could withstand the wind very very well.

I have not tried it out because right now, its just not windy here at all, and i did not get any wind signal at all in the app. However, if the wind is too strong, you should get warning in the app. However, this drone is not without its own imperfection, and i have to actually share with you guys a couple of items that ive tried, and i was not yet quite sure about so once this drone was landing, it was showing me like. It was trying to find the landing pad and i actually even prepared landing pad for one of the flights. Usually i dont bring landing pad because its just you know a lot more luggage. However, i was like okay, i could test out, but it did not recognize landing pad, even if i had a landing pad in either blue color or orange color, but thats a very minor point. Another thing that i was not entirely sure about is the timeless video because ive taken it and you can see the result, but somehow the video was not terribly smooth, im, not entirely sure what happened there, so maybe theres something that a femi team can actually upgrade In the next firmware update, finally, another feature that i was not quite sure about was the panorama after taking a set of photos, what a drone or what im used to in different devices that it can actually stitch up to make one complete picture.

However, right now with this drone, i didnt see that happen. Im not entirely sure whether im supposed to stitch, but i dont know how to stitch a panoramic photo so thats, something that they definitely need to give us an update with. However, i have to say the photo quality at 12 megapixel. It looked really nice under the sunshine, although i did not see that much difference between hdr mode and normal mode. So all in all, i hope you guys enjoyed video footages from this drone. I think this gives a very serious competition to dji, so if you guys want to find out more about this drone, femi x8 mini with pro battery then do check out in rc going dot com which has provided me with this test. You need to try out for this video and, if you guys have any other questions about this drone, because ive actually tested out extensively, then do ask me down below ill reply. You asap and ill come back with some other interesting views about drones and gadgets, and so on. So please dont forget to subscribe.