Photography today were going to be taking a look at the femi x8 mini. This is a sub 250 gram class drone and its actually been out for quite some time now about a month month and a half ive had it sitting on a shelf for a while. I finally got around to uh testing it out theres a ton of reviews online about this already some good, some bad, some kind of middle of the fence. I think, for the most part, my review is going to be kind of middle of the fence. Theres a couple issues that i have with this drone and well kind of get into that as we go on now this isnt my first fema drone. I have the x8 2020 here and, as you can see, there is quite a size difference and, as you can see here, the remote that comes with the femi mini is quite a bit smaller than the one that comes with the x8 2020 theres, a few less Buttons on it, but generally it works the same way you can see it just pulls apart and your phone slides right in the middle i actually kind of like that setup. It works quite well now before we get too far into this review. I just kind of want to show you something here, and this is one of my biggest problems with this drone, so its a 250 gram class drone, but it doesnt actually weigh under 250 grams.

Its about 8 grams, too heavy for here in canada, anyways to be considered a sub 250 gram drone where you dont have to get a drone license and you dont have to register it with the government. Now, with that said, they do have a pro model and a pro battery and well talk about that here in a second, we have the cover off. So this is the weight, the takeoff weight here and uh. You can see theyre 259 grams, so to me thats kind of a fail right out of the gate. If theyre going to be marketing this as a sub 250 gram drone, they need to make it they should have made it under 250 grams. Now, as mentioned, they have a pro battery that weighs a little bit less. So when you use the pro battery, it will be under 259 grams, but you have to purchase that separately. Why they, just didnt include that in the first place i do believe they did. Also make an announcement, they now sell it as a pro package where it does come with the pro battery. The whole point theres a lot of competition on the market. I dont know why they would have messed around with those weights. I think that could deter a lot of people now. Usually, when i make a review of a drone, i like to fly it for about 30 days before i do a full review on it just so, i have a lot of stick time with it and can kind of really get to learn it with the dji Mini 2, the air 2s, the dji fpv drone.

I waited 30 days before making review with this one after two flights, i was ready to form an opinion, so were going to talk about what i like about it. What i dont like about it im going to show you some footage here for some footage for my first flight and then at the end of the video ill kind of give you my opinion on it. So lets start here with um some footage from my first flight now im not in the best location im under a tree but uh it is pretty hot out today. I need some shade so and im just gon na. Let it sit there for a minute im. Just kind of curious how well its going to hold its position and uh looks pretty good so far, drones pretty quiet um, nothing wrong there. Some of these drones can get quite loud and irritating, but uh it doesnt sound too bad yeah. So, im pretty happy with the way its holding its position. Its not uh. Moving around anyways lets go ahead, ive done all the calibrations, so everything should be good to go there. So lets go ahead and well take it out for a quick flight. Now one thing i cannotice right away just looking at the screen, it doesnt have a as crisp as a picture as using one of the dji drones, even the mini its a little bit blurry. But you know thats not too terribly important.

As long as you can see where youre going – and you know the picture, the recorded picture quality is good and, as you can see there, there is quite a haze today, its very humid, so its kind of wet sticky air kind of hanging around everywhere and were Also going to be checking out the signal, strength, thats kind of one thing i am interested in because you know that can be very important, so im flying at full stick ahead in regular mode. So right now were 370 380 meters out and the feed looks pretty good. No problem there lets uh go over to the left here. Lets bring the gimbal down a little bit yeah so far. The signal strength for the remote and for the uh for the video feed still full strength, yeah so im right now about 580 meters out and we still have a good picture. Quality and uh remote strength is looking good there and i dont know what the video quality looks like yet i wont know until i get back to my office and we upload it, but you can already probably judge for yourself im recording in 4k, 60 or sorry. 4K 30. and were almost at a thousand meters, so thats one kilometer out and were just coming up on that now. So there we go there but lets head back to the farm there. So im happy. We were one kilometer out and the video feed was flawless and there was no problem there.

So thats, you know for me important. I need to be able to get out at least a kilometer, and i think it could go a lot farther. There im sure theres a setting that we can take that limitation off lets. Uh, try out one of these modes here, lets put it in fixed wing mode, fixed swing, kind of mimics. What the fpv mode that dji has on their drones. You can see there. It kind of gives you that look that youre flying an fpv drone, maybe not quite as smooth as when you put the dji into fpv gimbal mode, but not bad, looks pretty good, but yeah lets take it out of that im not going to go over everything In this video, because the video will get quite long ill, maybe make up some smaller videos kind of going over some of the features. If this is a drone, youre interested in so theres a helicopter flying over above now so im just lowered the altitude there and well wait to continue. So what were doing that like lets? Take a look at some of the smart features you can see there. We have waypoint missions, we have smart track tap to fly orbit spiral. We have cinematic mode, tripod mode course lock fixed wing, which we already took a quick look at there and sar, which i believe stands for search and rescue. So its got a lot of intelligent flight modes. I dont know how well they all work and, like i said, im, not going to have enough time to get into it all.

Today we have limited battery power just going to fly over this to this tree ridge. Here and put the camera up a bit you can see, the horizon is now a little bit crooked, which the fema drones are notorious for. Sometimes, if you pan around a little bit, you can straighten it out, but no such luck there, its not really horrible some that can be easily fixed in post. The biggest thing i just want to know today. I just want to see what the video quality is. Like and just how well, it flies because you know at the end of the day. Sometimes these intelligent flight modes are nice, but uh, you know. Ideally, you just wanted to have a good flight experience, good control and good picture quality and so far im actually pretty pleased with it. Um yeah, i cant complain with the video transmission at all now its saying my uh video transmission is a little weak there, but thats because i wasnt pointed at the drone anymore im actually off to the side of me. Lets uh turn the camera down a little bit something swooping at me. There some kind of bird. I actually almost lost a drone a couple weeks ago over the water because of birds, so it makes me a little bit nervous, so yeah there we go just got back from our very first flight, with the femi x8 mini, pretty pleased with what ive seen so Far ill have to check the video and see what it looks like.

I cant really tell right now, but just in general, the flight i was happy with. I got a good amount of range. We went out about a kilometer, but the video stayed solid, no breakups. It flew very smoothly: it held gps good, a little bit of a crooked horizon, but other than that i didnt really see any issues. So lets go back to the desk and well kind of wrap this video up. So all that footage and commentary that you just watched was from my very first flight, with the femi x8 mini for the most part. I was very pleased with the performance of the drone. The way it flew the way it held its gps position. I was even pretty happy with the controller the way it feels when you hold it and the precision of the controls. So with that aspect of the drone, i was quite pleased now when it comes to the video quality. There are a few issues that i do have. The first thing i did notice is that theres, some very slight vignetting on the video. If we go back to some of that footage there we take a closer look. You can see up in the corners and around the edges. Its a little dark kind of looks, like ive, put a vignette filter over top of the video, so that is something that definitely needs to be addressed. Now, whether that is a hardware issue, the way the lenses are laid out or if its something that can be fixed with firmware im, not 100 sure and of course, as youve seen there, we did get some crooked horizon issues throughout the flight.

That is something that has kind of plagued the femi drones. Almost every one of the drones theyve had theyve released many firmware updates for all their drones, claiming to fix it, but the problem always seems to persist it wasnt too terribly bad, and it is something that you can easily fix and post and lastly, a few things That i did notice after inspecting the video there were a few times. It didnt happen through all the footage, but uh where we did get a little bit of jello and for myself i only really experienced it when the cameras pointing down when the cameras straight ahead. The gimbal seems to perform quite well so, with all that said, the drone, isnt half bad drone seems to be built decently. The quality im pretty pleased with these sub 250 gram. Drones are very important nowadays with all the regulations and its nice to see other drone manufacturers kind of getting into the game, giving some competition for dji now. One other slight issue i do have with this drone is the price right now on amazon, its 375 dollars. Personally, myself, i think thats priced a little high. I think something like this should have come in at uh – probably maybe 250 299 at the most, especially when dji has the mini 2 available for 409 dollars. Something like that theres only about 40 difference in price. The dji ma2 is a much better drone. So, in order for someone like femi to compete with the mini, they need to really have a good price point to entice people to choose it.

Although it does have many more intelligent flight modes, some of them are kind of gimmicky, so i dont really think thats enough to get people to choose the feeling mini over something like the mavic mini 2.. But now with that said, if youre a person who wants to avoid the dji brand, definitely this is a good contender, especially if you dont want to have to deal with all the geo fencing. Something like this. You dont have to really worry about that. I am going to continue with this drone down the road im going to watch for firmware updates and do some more testing with it. So i will be making follow up videos if you are interested in this drone. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it.