Then i come across with the fini x8 mini. I have heard a lot of things about it, but im going to show you this drone from the perspective of an absolute beginner, so lets crack this box open and lets see whats inside Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, and we have the drone here. Its absolutely tiny – i didnt expect that this to be this small, looks very nice very high quality. We have here the included gimbal protector theres the camera. This is the front of the drone. This is the side, the top on the other side, and the back of the drone comes with the battery pre installed. Lets remove this battery comes out a little hard, but there it is its a very good quality. This this model comes with the pro battery, which have a little one minute, longer flight time and some reduced weight. As you can see, the battery have the usb charger, the usb c charger. So here, in the back of the drone, we can find the micro usb data port, the switch between rc and wifi mode and the micro sd card slots sliding back the battery is very easy and it clicks and nicely strongly stays there. You will not lose the battery during flight here deeper inside the box lets see. We will find the controller, some user users manual and instructions. The instruction guide is very thick, but very small and with lots of graphical information and explanation how to fly the drone from the controller to the to the drone itself, easy to learn below that we can find the controller.

The controller is very good feels very good. In the hand very premium feeling i mean i never had other drones before, but this feels very good. It has a built in battery on the left side of the controller you can pull out to extend and it pulls back with enough enough strength to hold any phone there, and you cannot even bigger mobile phones, because i have plenty of space between the two sides. The removable thumb sticks are storage in the bottom, easy to install and remove. All you have to be careful is not to lose it because there is no replacement in the box. Although you can buy replacement on aliexpress for about 15 20 dollar, i think so make sure you not lose it on the bottom. You will find the usb c charging and data port. Here you can charge the controller and connect the mobile phone so deeper down in the box. Under this cardboard compartment, you will find the additional accessories. The first thing im going to find here is the tree data cable that connects the phone to the controller. One end is all usbc and the other ends are one micro, usb one usbc and one thunderbolt port. According to the models of your phone inside the box, we can find the qr code for the software. All you have to do is use the fonts built in use your phones built in qr code scanner, just point it and there you go, you have the you get automatically the download link, you just hit download and you get the navigation software.

So the list of the list of the box had a drone, the controller, the data cables, charging cable screwdriver for the propellers spare propellers and spare screw. The drone is a very simple process. All you have to do is unfold the front first and the rare arms. Removing the gimbal protector is just as easy. You have to press down on this notch press forward and youre good to go. You have the optical flow sensor in the bottom. The power button, the camera specifications are the following im going to leave it on the screen for a short time. If you want, you may pause it Music, the phone connector side of the cable nicely slides into that notch, and then you of course plug the usbc port. Of course, previously you have to connect to the phone before you slide it into that notch. On the top side, you will find the photo button, the record button and the gimbal control simultaneously, with the order of the drone one of the most important ones to order is a nice useful carry case. This was about 15 dollar, but it has a very good quality, very soft material, shoulder pad very small size. It has a very, very good quality inside the case. You will have space for three batteries. Two in the case, one in the drone. You have a nice space for the drone fits perfectly and you will have the space for the remote controller.

Everything is perfectly cut out, perfect, fit and very good support. You also have two pockets. One pocket in the outside one pocket in the inside or you can storage all your little things that you might need during your trip or any for anything. Now lets see how to install the phone in the remote controller. First, you have to connect the data cable to the phone, extend the controller slide. The usbc port side inside that notch place the other side down and let this side go so it can firmly hold the controller. Then just connect the usbc cable to the controller and basically you are good to go launch. The software turn on the drone turn on the controller and youre basically ready to go and now lets take a look at the menu menu items with some minimal explanation. In the first menu we can see some items from flight speed, limit of flight distance, limit of light height, return to home hate, beginner mode, sport mode, precise landing aircraft indicator its also measuring the the amount of magnetic interference option for compass calibration. You can choose the fail safe mode if its just hover, land or return to home. You can mark the home point as thats something update, dynamic home point in smart track, enable backward flying in smart track Music gain expo. I dont know what is this gain x? Point uh tuning sensitivity: i dont know what is it? What is that means after that, in the recording menu you can choose all kind of recording video and photo related options without quality middle size, white balance, color metering mode with ion code.

You can choose those grid lines, format the sd card. You can also choose the recording quality. I use 4k 30fps. You can also choose which photo or video taking mode you want. It is also capable of three times digital zoom. Next is the controller option here you can change things rc calibration joystick mode, so you can calibrate the joystick for your own controller preferences, then the gimbal menu then in the battery menu you can see battery related informations and battery related settings like low battery warning return To home, when the battery is on enough for return to home, lend them the battery is only enough for learning, Music and finally, the general menu where you can see. The initiative check flight records, image, transmission, quality units metric or imperial maps, firmware, update, maintenance, mode, live and vc management. The live is pretty good because you can live stream. Your drone feed straight to youtube. For example, if you want, then we have all the intelligent flight modes. This is. This is a pretty feature packed drone, especially for this price. You can get cinematic mode report mode cruise, lock, thick string. I dont know what the fixed wing means sar. I also dont know exactly what it means. Um. You also have modes tap to fly, waypoints, smart track orbit and spiral. These are all features i would like to try. So if you just turn on the drone but thats not flying it, youre not taking off, then youll see this message there.

After a while, because the sensor, all the sensors and everything is activated and start warming up and heating up, it needs to be on motion is to be in flight to be to be able to cool down so lets see the temperatures. So this is where the components are going to heat up after you turn on the drone, and you are not flying this part of the heating up. I sped up 400 percent. You can clearly see the gps module and one tiny bit on the front. I dont know: what exactly is there heats up? You can see how hot the camera and all the bottom part of the heatsink of the bottom gets on the top uh, the gps uh. Even through the plastic. This gets like 37 40 40 degrees inside close, the heatsink about 50, even 50 degrees or over over the heatsink around the optical flow sensor, can get above 60 celsius. The camera can get over 50 celsius, so you need to make sure you only turn on the drone when youre ready to fly and once you are up in the air, all the temperatures are going to stabilize to the safe level, which is by design Music. So lets see the first start with auto takeoff for this video, the drone was only set for house speed, uh and even like this disappears. So quick from the eyes that youll be you have to. You have to be careful if this is your first flight ever with a drone happened to me also the same that flying above the first time or crowded place in a city, you dont know whats going to happen with the drone.

You dont trust the drone yet because you dont know it yet, but slowly you gain confidence as you as you see that its absolutely reliable and does what you want. After a brief period of flying around and getting over the fear of losing the drone. I decided to hit the return to home button also to test the return to home function: Music, the drone returned home absolutely safely and precisely and started to descend, but i had to take control over the landing because there was some cable close to the landing. I didnt want that the wind, maybe drifting it close to the cables, so it was better to land manually to conclude the first flight. My second flight was on the beach. At this point, i had way more confidence on the drone that is reliable, its not going to fall down in the middle of the road. My only scare was what, if an angry seagull is going to attack it Music. I will be making this video as part one and in the part two im going to upload the complete flight recordings all without editing in the telemetry data as well. This one just a few short clips here and there Music, just like this beautiful scene of the ocean. Despite the low 350, live price tag of this drone. Normally you would think its just a toy, but no, as you can see, it can make quite decent photos. I, like that the colors are nice and saturated.

If you dont like it, you can always correct it with color grading in the editing software simple, the amount of resolution and details you get from this camera is uh is amazing, especially for this price. Its like and its very reliable. This area is highly saturated, uh with radio antennas cellphone antennas, so there was very little very little signal dropout, but you can always correct it to go down with low resolution streaming, because i was using high resolution after flying around after a brief flying around, i concluded With fights, i made a manual landing and im absolutely happy with this drone in the next video im going to upload all the videos. There was also a short nighttime test. I didnt test it completely all the abilities of the night time recordings, but, as you can see its it can it can be also. It can be improved a little further with some adjustments in the camera.