This is gon na, be the first look just receive this in the mail, so stay tuned for the video. So this is what comes inside the box. You get the controller. The drone get two manuals on the back going manual. Is the qr code for the app. If you want to download that to your phone, you get the screwdriver, you also have spare propellers theres only two of them, and then you get the cables one for your iphone, usbc usbc and then your standard usbc to um. I guess android phone see heres a look at the phoebe mini all folded up. So what you want to do is when you first open it its the front legs first and then your back legs, and then you always want to make sure you take off the gimbal cover ill, be extremely careful with this one, as this gimbal is very delicate. It doesnt seem too too strong, so be very careful when youre taking this on and off um in the back of the drone. You have your battery here and what youre gon na need to do is take the battery out to get to your sd card slot. Um, this is not the pro brat battery. This is the uh lithium ion battery that it comes with um. I did order the pro battery, but its not going to be here for a while. So when installing the sd card um, i have a 64 class, 10 sandisk um.

This one should work um. So what you do is you just put it in face up? It is spring loaded, so thats nice, you just click in and then you install the battery. Now, as for the controller, i do like it its spring loaded here, so you put your phone, you get your antennas here and the sticks are on the bottom. So what you would do you just take them out and thread them in and now i use iphone. So you would get the cable and you would plug in the cable to the iphone first and then you would put your phone in because it because of the cable theres a knot. So everything goes in and then you would press and hold the power button. So you would press it, press it and hold itll beep another blinking, and then you would plug in the usbc to the bottom. Okay, so to power on the drone. You hit the bottom and then hold just like the controller. So you put the drone on first now there was an update for this. I had done it, but i will put on the screen the firmware that it came received so put that on the screen. So now your drones on you want to put your controller on its going to blink that till a pair its going to take about 10 seconds or so for it to pair up and when it is paired, the the lights will stop blinking on the controller.

So now you can see the lights stopped blinking. So what im going to do is i am going to um screen record now, im going to plug in the drone im going to plug in the um controller, Music and now im going to open up the app and now you can see its connected um. The gimbal is moving, and now you can see my firmware um, that im running will be down here and thats the frame where im running now, one zero one, five a and then the camera also updated uh. There was an update for the camera and thats two zero one, one a so thats a look at that um, the firmware that i updated and what it came to. What im going to do now is just power this off, so you would just double tap and then you would do the same for the control it beeps and then it shuts off. So that was the first look of the femi x8 mini um. It seems like a quality built drone. I do like how they i, like this controller, the style controller. I think thats pretty unique different um. I know the 2020 version has the same remote, its a little bigger um. I like how this ones pretty simple, just record video and the gimbal and then the return to home. So i like how its beginner friendly um if youre looking for a femi, this might be the one for you um.

I know you spend a couple more dollars. You can get the dji, but i wanted something different, so i got this um. I hope this video was helpful if you like the content, please subscribe if youre not already give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down and dont forget to hit that notification bell. Every time i upload a new video so well see you later.