Whenever you use femi x8 drone, you will feel free to fly and you can use multiple shooting modes to capture unique moments from the sky because of its 250 gram class, ultralight, foldable and palm size design. The weight of the drone with the standard battery is 258 gram and with pro battery 245 gram, this drone has 8 km transmission range and 30 minutes flight mode. So you can fly this drone to your nearest place for 30 minutes continuously type c. Charging port on the battery allows for 9v rapid charging and you can charge your backup batteries without a hassle while flying the drone. The camera feature is 4k and 30 fps video with a high dynamic range, meaning you will get clearer footage. The drone can connect to your mobile phone via wi fi, even without the remote controller, the high bandwidth, low latency and strong anti interface 5.8 gigahertz high frequency signal creates up to 100 meter real time. Hd image transmission quickly. You can record any beautiful moment. You dont want to miss. The x8 mini, can resist level 5 wins. It is offering a better thrust to weight ratio and faster response speed. Another best feature of this amazing drone is live streaming. You can go live using this drone to your social media, account its panorama and night. Shooting mode. Give you another feeling with 3x digital zoom, gps, positioning lightweight and eight kilometer transmission x minute must be a great assistant in search and rescue tasks.

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