is where I sourced this incredible machine! The FERDINAND ELEFANT is a massive machine (1/6 in scale) and created in England. This build has been a celebration of our show “RC ADVENTURES” being on YouTube for 10 years! This project is the LARGEST PROJECT we have ever attempted, and a great opportunity to bring people in that have helped create our show, support our show, and to be a part of this epic series! This tank weighs (when done) over 200lbs.

Today we start to install the Motion Control Unit, the Smoke Kit & the dual 24v Motors. Also, the viewers will get a glimpse of the dual batteries we are installing. These are deep cycle batteries that should give us about 40 minutes of run time on the tank, when completed.

Also, the boys made a huge run at the top hatch. This project is deceiving as to the viewer – it may look very easy, but to the builders – this takes a lot of patience and skill.

Many people ask me about the products I show in my videos – so I have learned to link the sites here for you to discover if you so choose. I ordered this tank kit at

I did choose to get all of the options, to make this Project build tank kit all it can be! This is my 10 year celebration, of being on YouTube. For more than a decade I have created RC ADVENTURES for the world to see. More than 1.2 Billion views later.. we wanted to do a giant project together.. something that is truly astounding for us, and the viewers. This ARMORTEK TANK was the largest kit we could source.

We hope you are enjoying the show, and leave us a THUMBS UP/LIKE CLICK on the video, and maybe a comment?! THANK YOU!

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