I tell you what you info, but i never really been the type of dude to give no info. But if you see your head Music slowly, that you think bro with the pencil in my mentos Music Music, how you thinking whats your vision, how you move baby? What is up everybody! So last night i did a little bit adjustments on the fuel coilovers. If you havent seen that video its the one before this video so go check it out, and i got the ride height, pretty close to where i want it so today were breaking them right in at limerock, racetrack were going for the modified machines, jdm versus muscle Event hosted by alex bettori the uh founder of modified machines. Slip angle: boys will be there. Uh 413 rc will be there, so well get some sick drone shots, maybe a little rc on on track action, so right away, go check out his channel. Well, after this video go check out his channel and uh yeah well get right to it should be a good fun day. Also, i got a diff in the car now so to be able to drift, hopefully so first impressions on the street, i havent really gotten into the corners yet, but it rides real nice and smooth, which im so happy with, because a lot of times when you Do coilovers it makes it the ride a lot harsher. These feel great, so cant wait to see what they feel like on track: Music, Music, whats up you ready to do this Music, so Music jay brought all the badgers hey buddy.

I wish Music Applause Music. These turbo noises, Music Applause, Music, all right, whats up – everybody were here with vinnie. We just did a rip in this e92 m3. So look out for that video. I dont think ive ever been in a convertible. Oh, i dont think ive ever been in a convertible. I dont think so all right field 441 coilovers its all new first im on track, its still slower. I didnt have a chance to do the brakes, but all right, no breaks this thing handles. Well, though, yeah breaks arent bad for whatever they are. This is so light im not doing much of a review here, but what i can say is the coilovers are amazing, so right here, night space, whats everyone doing going for a sunday drive nah. Now that guys, gon na switch up man, this things slow, oh yeah, but its fun. It is the floor its funny because you have to push it yeah its crazy, because, like between this and my m3, i can hit 20 miles an hour faster up this street. Up here, its a big difference, this thing handles what its impressive yeah way better than before all right. I think im gon na make a few adjustments, take a little bit of the front and stiffen it up just a little bit its playing. You hear that gopros hear that crap Music – oh my god, look how many cars there are jeez uh! Well, i guess we just got ta go though right, yeah, recording all around yeah Music.

Oh feels a lot different. Now yeah it does. Okay, so were back out of the miata. I made the front four clicks softer. This cone is really jock in my chain and the rear two flex sticker, and i do a little pressure on the front tires. It already feels a little better kind of durable messy. I might throw up looking at this little screen this guys riding your ass huh hes got about oh Music! Oh, oh, oh, oh shes, sitting still Music holy you good Music. Looking at this screen really threw me off holy lets, see if its still there well, at least it drips a little bit, hey its still. There thats good all right Music, what a day another great day at lime, rock its 413 rc behind me in general, Music. So i want to wrap up my thoughts on these coilovers because, while im driving its hard to convey everything im thinking all at once pros just about everything, i mean the one thing that i was worried about with buying well budget coilovers, not really budget but theyre Under 1500, i was worried that they might ride harsh thats, not the case at all. I could drive this car all over the place, its it soaks up bumps, like you, wouldnt, believe its very stable. I took this on a road trip to upstate new york. Lots of highway driving lots of back road driving and it was it – was fine.

I wasnt getting beat up at all on the track with a few adjustments, which is super simple with the dials. You could get this thing to drive. However, you want, i never hit the bump stops when it, the rear end comes loose, its very uh controlled. I guess you could say the clips you saw in this video is with an alignment that was all out of whack and i had a lot of rear. Camber but since then ive gotten in alignment and its its already night and day difference, i mean this thing drives. Absolutely incredible. Really. I cant recommend these coilovers enough. If i had to give you some cons, i would say the locking collar the bottom collar only in the front, its right in line with the front control arm, so its just a little bit difficult to get your spanner wrench around it without slipping off. But thats really thats not a big deal because im not going to adjust this a million times. I think i got it just where i want. I guess if i had to say another negative is that they come well its not really a negative. Its just something to be aware of the rears come absolutely slammed out of the box. So if you buy these coilovers, i would do what i learned to do and set it to max ride height, so thats 20 millimeters worth of thread inside of the bottom collar so set it there install it and then go lower if you have to, but i Dont know if you can see, but this is max ride height in the rear and the fronts are fine theres plenty of adjustments.

So really i love them. I mean 9 out of 10 9.5 out of 10.. Thank you all for watching this video and thank you. I have a bunch of people to thank, i will put everyones information in the description below, so let me see if i could name everyone off the top of my head. Jeff, all the drone shots um, the fpv drone shots, the beauty drone shots, the insta 360. Go to shots thats. All from my buddy jeff lazazra at 413rc. Go go check him out on instagram facebook youtube all things: rc cars, drones, hes, the man, uh matthew, mx5, my buddy matt. He did a lot of those slo mo shots and outside shots. He got some sick shots of me and sent it over. So thank you, matt. Thank you, alex pittori for modified machines for hosting these events, its i mean, keep them coming. I love these events. At lime, rock check his website out modifiedmachines.com and sign yourself up for a track event, if youre local, to connecticut or anywhere in new england thanks lamrock park, obviously and leon. My buddy leon sent me his his music. He is an insane rapper, reminiscing, steady, changing division, im operating dolo cause, changing positions, refuse to stay in a vision, refuse to stay in the trenches im doing everything that i do to stay independent and he just needs to get noticed. I mean hes getting into tech. Now but his rap is amazing: thats the beginning, intro song was by him and ill end, this video with some more music by him, but thank you leon ill, give the link to his website his soundcloud all that stuff in the description.

So thank you all. Thanks! Phil for making feel and goodwin racing for making a great product and uh yeah. I cant wait to go back to lime rock now that i have a proper alignment. If you want ill do a video on the alignment settings that i got thats it. So. Thank you all for watching dont forget to like comment and subscribe. If you dislike it, thats completely fine, but at least leave a comment why you dislike it? Instead of just hiding behind your keyboard, saying oh im going to dislike it, not that i really care, but if theres any constructive criticism ill ill, take it, because this is what i want to do ultimately, so i just want to improve and improve and improve on Every video, so thank you all that ive been supporting me so far, ill see you in the next one peace and really man. The focus is just leveling up cause. I know the life i want im just setting it up, removing those thats close who try messing it up.