Oh, i do have a new phone, though okay it’s uh, it’s kind of like i got ta, go it’s what what youtube what’s up guys, it is say, turbo toy time, turbo toy time. Yes, my name is andy, and these are my sons, ryden and cyrus and he’s eating my shoulders. Cyrus wants to hang out for this and they were right. It is drone home time race to launch your aliens. I know how to play this will be me hold on. We forgot to say what we are. We play we’re turbo toy time, yes, and we play toys and games yes and we do toy videos yeah. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this droid home we’re, going to show you the box we’re going to get it out, figure it out how to play? Oh, no! No! We don’t have to figure it out. I already know how oh ryden claims he knows how but i’m going to read the instructions just to make sure we’re gon na play with it. After all that, why are you doing that? No don’t do that. Okay, so here is the front of the box. It says drone home race to launch your alien yeah. Then it has a picture of what what’s this guy. What is that he’s saying? Drone monster drone monster? Oh, you are saying yeah it’s a drone monster, so there we have a little drone. Alien and we’ve got some kids playing with what’s her name cyrus.

Her name is rap what’s, his name ryden, daddy is there’s, daddy, yeah, okay and then planet. Over here’s name is mars: okay, that’s, so that’s mars. That guy’s name is daddy and this is ra all right, oh what’s, it say up here. It is two to four players: ages, eight and uh. Maybe he knew he just like ran away. He was like i’m, not eight i’m out of here and he’s playing with a train on thanos bear okay, uh, so yeah it’s ages, eight and up um, if you’re younger than that just talk to your parents and maybe they’ll play it with you or just make Sure they’re comfortable with you experimenting with it. It’S odds are it’s, not dangerous, but it’s, just a skill level of eight and uh, but there might be some small species that we always need to be conscious about right yeah. I love the drones, so this is gon na be he loves. Oh my gosh, i just flew one over the house yesterday and um into our neighbor’s yard. No, it went like it was so close to getting on the roof, so i turned it over a little bit and went perfectly in the driveway. I heard that you got it stuck over in the neighbor’s yard, needed to go over and get it yeah, but it landed on he loved it going over it. Okay, the back of the box shows some actual pictures of people playing it.

It says race to launch pad so that’s what you’re doing you’re like there’s like little flicks. So you flick these alien guys and then they go to the drone. And then you stay on for a little bit and then it goes flies up into the air. But people can knock you out of it. Oh so your dude is gon na stay in here, yes, and whoever actually flies up wins. Yes, that sounds awesome. Yes, okay, it says knock others out of the drone launch your alien watch. The alien fly home, yeah drone home uh. This is made by play monster which we’ve done some games. He. He really knows how to say. Drone home yeah, yeah we’ve done some videos by play monster and i remember him being pretty cool, so we’re excited for this. Oh, my gosh, did you see what i saw? Yes do you know what this is? Do you know what that is? Okay, all right. We did it, we that was our barcode celebration, all right, we’re gon na crack, this baby open and then figure out how to exactly to do this. Cyrus look there’s a there’s, a piece of tissue paper already hitting us in the face: look it’s the launcher. What color is this blue orange? What color is this purple? What color is this Music? What color is this? What color is this yeah you did it good job, cyrus, cyrus, good job? Oh you pulled it out.

Do we really no way it comes with a thing? Oh, my god, really well, we could better get a charging. The aliens are tiny dude. How long do you think it’s gon na take to charge? I don’t know that’s that’s crazy, that i’ve never played a game that you have to charge it via micro usb all right, so we plugged it in and it is charging and we are going to – i guess – assemble it and hopefully that it just doesn’t take long To charge because we want to play this, look how tiny these aliens are. Did you know that they were like baby guys? No? Well, they are it’s. Okay, yes, super easy to assemble. You literally just like push these in. We are gon na need some batteries, though, for drone hull. I don’t know here. Why didn’t you make the drone that you take batteries, though too i don’t. I did not create this. I don’t know why they did why they did okay, so it does need four aaa batteries and a baby screwdriver. If you get a new game or toy, it is always smart to know that you’re gon na need a screwdriver, sometimes uh half the time. I feel like we need a screwdriver with new toys, baby aliens say baby aliens baby aliens. Could i see the screwdriver? This is one baby screwdriver and then i’ll get the bathtub. Do you know what we’re doing is harris yeah? What are we doing? Yes, i’m? Using a screwdriver, what is bubba getting out batteries out, that’s right? Where do the batteries go where? Where here do they go here, yeah? How many batteries does it need here? Four four that’s correct: i love it.

He heard me or guessed put plug it down. Just like bubba did nope you got to push down push there. You go push down real hard. There you go, you did it more bobby and no more polly it doesn’t need more batteries. Can i have a high five, though there we go okay. Now, while we are waiting for that to charge for a few minutes, we are just gon na i’m gon na go over the instructions and make sure right. I do trust that you’re right, but we’re waiting might as well. No, oh, it does say that you only have to charge it for 10 minutes that’s, not bad. I feel like we’ve, already been doing like five at least okay wow. We got the little monsters out or aliens aliens and what you do is that each color purple orange green and red, so you put a purple monster here – cyrus show us and it sends the mon the alien flying. You have to do just the right amount. Yes, all right so we’re gon na place this right here and right and let’s try to do an example you’re going to hit that just the right amount and if it sits on this little sensor long enough it’ll fly up. Oh my it’s so hard. That was so awesome, so when you have three aliens per color and when you do that to all three of your aliens you win, but it takes a little bit, but when it so, if your dude gets on there, i have the chance to knock him out Right, yes, i think this is gon na, be the coolest game that we’ve played in a while.

Are you ready yeah? Are you going to play cyrus cyrus, i’ll be red and you’ll be purple yeah just pick some it’s, actually a pretty good cheese, all right cyrus! Only do orange okay, cyrus is orange. You’Re orange okay! You don’t want to do it hard. You want to do it just right. Okay, on your mark, get set, go oh wow. I didn’t do it at all? Oh, are you gon na go? Are you no? You already got one that’s flying away. Cyrus all right, give me that that’s one for dad all right. Now we put it back, we keep going. Are you ready? Oh, oh, keep going now, go hit your things, Applause! Oh! No! No! No! Yes! I knocked him out. Oh dude, you you got to hit your thing: cyrus, oh jeez, it’s kind of hard yeah. It is oh no that was so close, oh jeez! Every time the alien flies i think we broke. The drone cyrus put your monsters on no, no! No! No! So you have two more put: yours, no put them in the corner. Yeah yeah! I only have one more. Oh geez, oh geez cyrus put your monster on it’s an alien, oh geez, yeah. I keep calling it a monster. Applause guys cyrus closely tyra’s just like watching the drone take off. Oh, i thought that was it Music. What happened there? Okay, you won hey good game. You want to do a rematch, all right, we’re, doing a rematch where’s, my red guys somewhere, okay that’s.

Not! I only have one okay and then i don’t have one to win. Yeah. Everyone only has one a okay, a boat in this round. Everybody has one during this round cyrus you could win hit it. Oh wait, no it’s, not all the way in now it’s good. Okay, put your monster on hit it cyrus. It has to make the red mark. Oh geez, oh jeez. I have that. Can i have that Applause? I think we broke it. Did we break it? I no it oh geez! This is awesome. I’M ready tyrants come here. Cyrus come here: did that hurt? Did that hurt you, okay? I think he’s happy about it. Music! Okay, i got ta have a dad moment. You started laughing way before you knew he was gon na be okay. Cyrus started laughing pretty quickly afterwards. I think it scared him and then he thought it was really funny. Did the drone hate you yeah, it was hilarious, be a caring, big book. Okay, i’m just gon na go again, don’t grab, it look. Look. It went back inside the thing that was the best trick: shot you’ll ever ever do with this game. This is such a cool game yeah. I suggested it well, hey good! You won one. I won one there we go. This is how you don’t play clinton’s hand. One more time why you do it, you do it? Oh you do it keep going. Keep you know.

It’S like cyrus, has got to get a drone time. Music hit it cyrus you’re, just smashing it hit it a little gentler here, i’ll deflect it you did it Music, good job. Cyrus, give me five, you did it there, you go it almost hit me. Did you see that you got attacked this time? Dude yeah me: did it two huge thumbs up for drone home um 22 yeah 22 thumbs up from turbo toy time? Hey did you like drone home yeah? He says yes, this is so so cool uh i don’t did. Did this break no that’s? How it’s supposed to be okay, yeah? I think this is durable, yeah, it’s, really dirty and it hit it ran into cyrus who’s two. He didn’t even care about it. Yeah he didn’t care. He didn’t immediately smile. He was startled at first, but then he started laughing. Did you like when it hit you yeah, okay, that okay, he liked it when it hit him, but that being said, it is a little while parents, the drone, does take off and just fly around your house. That being said, i think they made it fairly durable for what it is yeah. I think i think if it hits you you’re gon na, be fine. I think it’s not gon na break much unless you have like the most delicate thing on the edge of a counter. That being said, if you get this play with it safely in an environment that you are going to assume that this thing might hit something yeah, and i think the skill level is actually not too bad, though yeah cyrus didn’t eventually get it on there yeah.

That was good i’m gon na give you my spiels, you do not always need new toys to have fun. So as awesome as this thing is you can’t get this or you’re not gon na get any time soon, don’t be bummed. Just make do with what you have and play with your toys that you have in a new way um. But if you do end up getting this, i think you’ll enjoy it. Uh we just any local toy store right now is probably gon na. Have this um that’s it you guys! Thank you so much for watching uh. We do videos here once a week so uh we will see you in a week um. Maybe we might even do some bonus videos here and there who knows if you want to see more, what do they do hit the subscribe button right down below yeah, it’s, free and easy just click it you’re signed up um. The most important thing about this. Video is that what you have a great day yeah, if it’s nice outside, go in your backyard and play save it. Yes, if it’s, not nice outside, do something creative inside boom boom boom boom. I love you one more time. Okay, i love you. I love you. He said it back that was cool and i’m, just a dad here alone, saying peace to the dad out. I love you. I love you yeah. Yes, i do what a little more time.

I love you Music.