It is the announcement stroke launch day of the new digital fpv, goggles and system from fat shark. The fat shock dominators appear to be a all new set of hd goggles that are based on a all new hd system, or is it, and that is what were going to be talking about in this video now i obviously dont have a set of these goggles And i would strongly suggest you watch joshua bardwells video on them before watching this one. If you havent seen that yet pause head over there watch it first, but make sure you come back to here when im going to try and explain what the situation is. As we know it right now and ill be honest, we dont fully understand, but since jb made his video the rampage a lot more information has come to light and im going to try and walk you guys through it now. Just before i do that, if you found the video interesting, please do consider hitting the subscribe button and dont forget to hit the little bell next to it as well. Right lets talk about what we actually have. First of all, so to talk about what this news is. First of all, if we hop over to the fat shark website, you will see that we finally officially have the page for the new dominator goggles. These are an all new dedicated digital fpv goggle. There is no analog input on these, whether it be av or bay.

They support 1080p hd video via the digital fpv system. They are fitted with 1080p oled displays, which support up to 90 frames. A second. The digital fpv system can actually support up to 120 frames. A second, but the displays can only do 90.. They have a 46 degree field of view in 16×9, because those displays are native 16×9. The goggles have ipd and focus adjustment built in they have a dedicated push and latch in power button. There is usbc which also supports hdmi video output via an adapter. You can see, weve got the four rp smas, they support, seven to 21 volts input or two to five s. They have a built in hd, dvr, anti fog in and all of the usual stuff that you would expect on a set of goggles. So, from the goggles point of view, what we have is a 1080p oled digital, only goggle with a dvr and a power button that all makes complete sense. What we also, though, have, is the launch of a new digital fpv system. This goggle supports this system, which is up to 1080p 120 frames a second now there was not a lot of info on the fpv system itself, shared in the reviews other than it being apparently a new system, as ive said, if we hop over to jbs video, He does an amazing job of walking through this, and i am going to refer to a few bits on jbs video.

Hopefully he wont give me a copyright strike for that. However, he has done an amazing job of giving us the info on what he knows. Now there are some things that look very, very familiar about the fpv system in these goggles im, going to put it on to play and just show you a little bit of what youre, seeing on the osd footage im going to make it full screen. A second for usage, please um again joshua bardwells video, and if you look at this, there are bits of this, which should be very, very familiar to you. If you look at the osd the info down here, the low power mode, the sd card stuff, everything reminds me of something, and it should because it looks an awful lot like the dji digital fpv system. Im not saying it is, but it looks an awful lot like it now. Not only does the live feed behavior according to jb behave like dji, the osd looks like dji, it does have canvas mode, but the rest of it does look like dji. If we go into another bit of this video and start looking at the settings, menus things also look very familiar as well. So if we take a look here and jb enters the settings menu and starts showing us that, if i go to here, first of all, you can see weve got the settings screen which has things such as the display: the power output, the latency, the temperature control Settings the low power, the bit rate, all of this looks almost identical.

Actually, no, it looks identical from a settings point of view to dji im. Sorry, but it does. Everything looks like dji at this point from the naming of things, not necessarily the osd itself, but the naming of the settings. If you look along the top, weve got channel audience settings and playback youve got the power options up to 700 milliwatt youve got bitrate 25 or 50 megabits a second. This is all the same wording that has been used by dj in the past. Youve got low, latency mode. Everything here is very, very familiar in fact, so much so. If i just go on theres one part of it here we go. Let me go back to there and just show this again. I just want to show you look here were in 50 megabits mode and look at the numbers on the channels, one two, three eight again exactly the same as what dji use now, it has been made clear in all of the reviews for this that this system Is not dji, it is something else. However, all of this hints at it being the same as dji and well talk a bit more about that in a second, its even worth mentioning that youve even got this low power mode message behind me. You cant actually see it because im in the way, let me get out the way for you. There you go if i just hit play youve got this low power mode message continuously on the screen as well, but you can see its there all of the time, but its basically the same literally.

Everything on this looks the same as what we would have expected to see in the dji fpv system. At this point, there has been a good belief that this has been some form of agreement with dji, maybe cadex and fat shark, to release a system without the dji naming. This would sort of make a lot of sense right now, greg theres, an interview with greg. Actually in jbs video – and you should again watch that – and he says basically they have a partner, they dont say who that partner is, and it is them who theyve been working with and theyre really serious about fpv. But it has been stressed time and time again that this is not dji. Now, as ive said, my feelings was, this was a off the record system in the sense of dji. Didnt really want their name associated with it, but it was going to be based on dji technology. However, as the day has gone on, things have become a little bit more unclear because, shortly after the release, this website appeared showing a goggle which is identical, called the av atar hd system, and it shows a bit more info than we had earlier by a company Called walk snail, they show the goggles, which are frankly other than color identical to what fat shark have shown. We have pictures of ear units which we havent seen before, which you can see here, but its clear that there is another product called avatar.

If we go back to jbs video on this and actually go to one of the bit, i want to show you. This also makes some sense, because if you look at the name of the files on the playback which he goes to in a moment – and i just want to go to that – where is it – he goes to the playback of the files on the dvr? Actually, it might be at the start of it. Let me just find it there we go if we go to the playback section where he plays back the files that are on the sd card or wherever the recording is. It appears that the naming is the same. It says avatar again, so we have first of all a release from fat shark, which we thought was a new fpv system, but weve then got this now. This is where things start to get a bit strange. We now have the fat shark goggles, the dominators, which basically are these the avatars sold by walk snail manufactured by walk snail in fact, and they have put some posts up talking about them, working with fat, shark and others. But it starts to muddy the waters of whats going on here, because we have fat shark selling, a product which appears to be at least made in partnership with or by this walk snail. If we then dig into walk snail and this isnt, my work, there has been work by its blunty loads and loads of people have been doing this so im not going to credit everyone, but this is the community thats been digging in.

We find that walk snail. Actually appears to be cadex fpv, or at least based in the same location, and have the same contact details as cadex, fpv and cadecs are known to be the official supplier for dji. So this all raises some really strange questions. It also gets a bit more interesting if we look back in time a little bit and if i hop onto this little post here, this osd image was shared a little while ago or leaked a little while ago, as a new digital fpv system. That was coming by someone we believed to do with cadets, and if you look at this, this is identical to what we now have been shown. If you look at the osd locations, the info its basically the same as what was being shown on jbs video here, i just put it there, you guys can see. Let me get the stuff off the screen. There you go its the same. It literally is the same if i pause that there youve got the stuff along the bottom, you cant see because its gone over the top, but if i then go back to this post, it shows it the same now, as i mentioned, the warsaw website also shows Some info on the vtxs, if we take a look, it gives us a bit more info on the system, so 1080p 22 milliseconds low, latency canvas mode built in storage, which is on the vtx as we understand an hdmi output.

Now, if you look at these vtxs, they do in some ways look very similar to the freestyle vtx from hd 0, but there also are some dji traits on them as well. Weve got two antennas. It is a new single board, vtx design, but the cameras should also look very familiar to you as well. If i jump over to this screenshot and zoom in those cameras, basically look like the nebula pro and the codex micro that we saw on the dji system. So, whilst there are some similarities with the cameras and the antennas, the vtx does, though, look very different. There is also some better zoomed in images on the vtx here, which you can see. Doesnt really show us a lot as ive said. My understanding is this. Vtx is going to have built in storage as well, so, rather than have an sd card, youll be able to record direct and im assuming youre going to get that off by a usb dont know where that is but were going to assume. You would do that. But it does look to be a single board model with dual antennas again, like weve seen on the vista. This all has started to get very confusing. To give you guys a bit of a catch up. We have a system released by fat shark, which appears to look a lot like dji and was assumed was based on dji at the start of today. However, as the days gone on, we have a company appear called walk snail who appeared to be based in the same location as cadecs, maybe part of cadex, but everyone is saying its not dji.

Walk snail are saying its not dji. Theyve replied directly to a user. On this post here and says it is not the product, no relationship with dji. However, if their relationships with cadets and cadets relationship with dji that might be a bit different. How many ways do you have to go down to find where it ends, but theyre saying its not dji fat shark are also saying it is not dji as well. So i honestly dont know where this leaves us. I think what has been shown is very, very interesting, but it also raises a serious amount of questions as well. I liked what i saw, but what was also clear from jbs video was. The system was very unfinished and unfinished in ways i wouldnt have expected for it to be dji based. If you look at what they said was working and wasnt working its stuff that weve had working for ages. So if it was dji, why would that not be working so that sort of makes me think it isnt actually dji based, although we then have the links from fat shark to walk snail to cadx to dji, so i dont know how i feel right now. I will be honest, i am very, very unsure. There is also this one last thing that i want to show you with regards to the naming of the system being avatar, but also some leaked naming on future dji releases. So, for instance, this is the dvr footage names if we then go over to the website its called avatar again.

But if we go over to the twitter leaker for dji weve seen him uh, olusvaf cant remember how to pronounce it. He puts a lot of stuff out, but theyre also saying a new product from dji, which we believe to be the new fpv system called avanta, not avatar. Very very similar, is due to release next. So again, is this part of that is this coincidence? We are really left confused right now, so things are as muddy now as they were at the start of the day and in my head there are basically only three main scenarios this could be. Whilst there are a lot of things, there are three main ones im going with. The first is the most obvious that this is dji working with cadx oem in their system, who are working with walk snail who are working with fat shark. That makes a lot of sense in many many ways if dji want to expand their presence in fpv, but dont want their name associated with it. They could license out their orcising technology, they may be providing their p1a6 or there may be a separate different chipset here, but it could all be sanctioned by dji, but there are bits of that that dont add up. They would want to do that in some ways. Maybe to not have the influence from the east name associated with it. However, walk snail are a chinese based company so that doesnt make sense.

Also, why was so much of this not working properly if it is dji at the end of the day, the current system is very much stable. Most of the stuff, they showed wasnt working, wouldnt sort of make sense unless theyre just redoing the ui and stuff like that. But the real big thing that sort of raises alarm bells for me in this is: if this is agreed, why would dji be happy for their top end, ocusync technology to be disseminated out through multiple brands? I get a deal with fat, shark and cadets and dji or even fat shark cadets, this new company in the middle and dji. I get that but were seeing this system being sold as fat, shark dominator and walk snail as well and im. Just not convinced dji would be happy for their amazing occasion, technology, which is far better than any of the other wireless technologies in the standard drone industry to just be sold out on the oem market. That just doesnt make sense to me. It really doesnt based on everything i know so if it isnt that, then in my head theres only one of two other options: either someone has reversed engineering and basically clone djis technology and theyre working with cadx. That raises serious question marks in itself, because cadecs are a partner of dji. Would that really happen? If that has happened, it would raise serious questions, but it could answer why weve seen so much, not working and ill be honest.

I will have a major concern with the system. If that is the case, it would make sense because it all looks like dji, but it isnt dji. It could be based on different chipsets, but it is sort of a hybrid based on their technology. Unofficially – or this is a completely separate system but made to look like dji and theyve, literally cloned everything down to the way the menus naming is you know the channels, one two, three eight in 50 megabits mode, 50 megabits mode, high and low power – it literally is Worded identical audience mode, even it really is worded identical to dji. So if it is a new system but thats been made to look like dji, they have literally gone down to the detail level of the wording on low power mode and that just doesnt make sense to me. Why would you do that? Why would you literally copy it to that level? There are many other scenarios there could be, but in my head theyre the three i would be more than happy for this to be dji based, i think, thats a good thing. I think it gives some history. Some stability and we know the pedigree of the system if its just a copy in the sense of its a dedicated new design but theyve copied the menus. I would be a little worried to see how long it takes to develop, but i wouldnt be concerned, but if this is a reverse engineer or clone, we could have serious issues here.

We really, though, just dont, know and thats the situation. No one is saying what it is: theyre just saying what it isnt, theyre saying its a new system, but there are things about this that smell very, very off, and i personally would like to understand more before im going to say to anyone run out and buy This because we need to understand what this is better, if it didnt look like dji, no one would care that would be fine, but the fact it does. We now need to understand more id love to see what chipsets are being used. Id love to see the hardware id love to see the info. I am really hoping this is either dji based or it is something new and it develops very very quickly if it is new, though it is going to take time, and you need to understand that that it is not going to get up to the level of The other systems as quick, it will just take time. It is really hard doing digital video, the very fact of if it is brand new and they are where they are already, is highly impressive. But it also worries me with regards to that reverse engineering and cloning side of things, but really would cadets work and do that i dont know i honestly dont know im very very confused, so i would love to hear what you think about this. Tell me your thoughts, am i right? Am i wrong? Where are you leaning towards on this? I know the trail heads to dji.

I know that, but i do have some little alarm bells in my head and i would love to be able to clear them up and if theres anyone who wants to reach out and talk to me, fat, shark, red cat, walk snail. I would love to talk to you. I would love to be able to put my mind at ease on this, because i am really excited what the potential is here lets just remember. We have new fat shot goggles that are digital 1080p, oled 90 frames. A second refresh rate 120 frames, a second system hdmi out via usbc canvas mode 1080p, video 720p dvr. There is so so much to like here, but i do need to clear up some of this stuff in my head. First, before im going to go out and tell people actually, i think you should run out and buy this. I am going to try and pre order a set of these its a lot of money, but im going to do it and were going to try and understand more so if you do want to subscribe to the channel and find out how i get on. Please do consider hitting the button if you want to support us to be able to get a set in when they become available. Please do check out links to my patreon as well. I want to thank joshua bardwell for not raising a copyright strike on me in this video youre amazing.

Please dont stay safe.