Today, we're gon na see how these escs from my buddy lewis, over at redo air redux air, redo air. We do, you can check it out. The link down below i'll put it down there. This is supposed to be a game changer for racing, and these escs are super heavy duty. They are redesigned from the ground up. They have a whole lot of tech punched and packed into these escs. They have all kinds of upgrades that will keep you from blowing up on the track. So we've had a lot of problems with mosfet in the past and we had a lot of fires on 6s and just on the racecourse in general, with power overload on the esc. So lewis is looking to fix that problem with his new escs and they are debuting on the channel today, we're going to put a link down below to this one, this one's, the raven from him and his website and also we'll, put a link down to the Escs, if you want to build up your own quad, which a lot of you guys are already doing so without further ado, let's go ahead and get to the testing out in this gigantic field. Here we go now, let me show you lewis's redux, raven five. This is a binding fly, it's a little over three hundred dollars. If you want to buy one, you get it all souped up. I have some upgrades on mine.

You can check out below, but it is t700 carbon fiber, which is super sweet. It has cmc aluminum plate bracing in the bottom, for the arms wasp major 2020 kv motors. Those are rcm power. We'Ve also got a heli nation. Talon f7 v2 on board, with an mpu 6000 i've got a fox here: predator v5, nano camera i'm running 400 milliwatt. Today and we're running the tbs triumph pro right hand circular polarized antenna. We have a crossbar in the front also, if you hit a gate that will give you some camera protection and we're running the stock beta flight on here today, that's 4.2, which does need a little bit of tuning but check out these esc's. These are redesigned with larger mosfet and some reconstruction for the layout on this 20 by 20 stack. It is pretty beasty and it will rip on the track so let's go ahead out to the field. Alright, guys now keep in mind. Mine is a prototype, so i have no idea what to expect here, but my first battery we're running 6s – and i want you guys to look down at the bottom left. You can see just below the voltage for my 6s battery that throttle input is there. So you can see what kind of throttle that i'm flying and a lot of times i'm at like 25 to 30 percent throttle here um there are going to be some pretty big punch outs here.

We'Ll do some big air punch outs, but my average cruising at this speed was from 25 to 40 max. So if you get up in the range of like 80 throttle on this, quad you're gon na be well over 100 miles an hour. So i i think that this quad is capable of 120 around that range. I don't have a radar gun, which would be nice, but this was just some preliminary testing for you guys just to get out there and see how it would do in a big field. Open environment but it covered a lot of ground really really fast, and it felt like one of my other quads that i've had in the past. The catalyst machine works america very similar style frame. But this one has a four bolt top plate release and is just as fast so let's go ahead and check out fat. Kid fpv he's one of our top multi gp pilots, and you know i had to show you this video, because this kid right here is an animal on the racecourse, and i have i, i can't even come close to flying this like this, when it comes to Gates – and this is really kind of the proof right here – how fast these eses can be and respond in like almost alien like quickness and response on the sticks. This is some amazing hand, eye coordination and that's. What racing's all about guys timing and if you have good escs on your quad it's, going to get you through the race and be able to handle those high voltage.

Spikes. And this is where you need a good set of escs and we've had so many problems on race tracks and multi gb because of esc's that just could not handle this type of voltage and throttle so let's go ahead and get some final thoughts. All right guys. Welcome back from the flight test, hopefully you got something out of this video for this set of esc's. They are on bl heli 32. You can go into blla 32 suite and you can change it around play around with the setup, the syncing and everything on there. If that's, what you'd like to do, if you want to tinker with your escs, you can get in there and really tweak things around update the firmware and do all that good stuff. But the best news about this particular set of escs is the fact that when i first flew it the first flight it didn't catch on fire and it didn't go down in a ball of flames. So i'm very happy about that. But right away on that first flight, i did notice that i had some extreme speed out of this quad. The raven is super super fast, so any type of big air flying or big field. Flying like this, this quad was eating this field up and i have to say going down those trenches. I almost lost control a couple times and hit some banks and flew off the banks, but i got lucky and just kind of made it through there, but i think, as far as the multi gp course is concerned, that's where this quad is really going to be High performance, i mean the the throttle punch out on this quad was insane.

You guys saw that big, huge punch out and the high speed cornering and turn around and stop and redirect was really good on here. The esc's felt really good on the stop and touch and go so. I think that the quad is ready for multi gp. The tune on here also is more of a racing style tune, it's, very, very kind of soft, on the control sticks and, and what we like normally for freestyle is a lot quicker. Flippy dippy style tune, but this one is already smoothed out for multi gp racing. So i'd really say that the quads tune on here is definitely for multi, gp and racing it's. Definitely a lot softer than i generally like the control sticks, but i felt like overall that the raven was a pretty damn good start for this company. If you want to check out these guys down in the link below feel free to check them out – and i got ta say big props – to lewis for all of his hard work on getting these escs out to you guys because we're looking at probably over six Months worth of work here, maybe even about a year since he's, been talking about this project and i've, been in correspondence with him on facebook for many many many months now and he's trying to make this happen, for you guys so give him some good support. I'Ll put the website link down below, and you can check it out for yourself, guys: i'm justin davis from drone camps channel thanks for hanging out again in this beautiful beautiful field.