Today were going to be looking at stick extenders to see whether or not they can help you improve your cinematic footage from your drone. The drones in particular, will be the dji mini 2 and the dji air 2s on the new chunky controller, but this, of course, will help you, whatever kind of drone you have if they work. So first of all lets take a look at the product itself. Unbox. It and see how they attach to the controllers. Okay, so we have a couple of the controllers here for a dji mini 2 stroke dj air 2s to be able to show you the comparison of the two sticks, and here we have the little box of extenders. This comes from a company called a star trek star track, theres a missing a there somewhere star trc one of the chinese companies that obviously mash produced things that you can get under, so many different corporate names. Again as usual, there are no affiliate links. I got these from amazon, but i found ones with different brand names, all over amazon and ebay, so you can tend to pick them up for under 10. Pounds in terms of packaging packaging is quite nice, open it up and youve got the two little sticks in there and a handy little tube, which ill explain in a few minutes. So first of all lets get the sticks out. They are of a decent metallic construction. The threads all seem to be good and competent on its shortest setting.

You can see that the new sticks are already a little bit longer. There is a slightly better grooves at the top in terms of being able to catch your fingers and thumb, and of course there are for the pinchers out there. There are the side grooves as well to be able to fully catch your thumbs and to give you a bit more control in terms of further enhancement. There is an extra bit of space here, as you can show you here as youre undoing here. You can see it comes out by another 10 millimeters or so, and then you actually spool the top one down as well, which makes this last part here longer and then gives you even more of a depth and ill. Just show you that, in comparison with the other one which i havent extended yet and as you can see here, the extended version gives you that extra little lift in size, okay, so lets attach them to a controller and see how they feel. Now. I have actually been out flying with these already, so i can give you my direct feedback in terms of whether or not they they helped in any way shape or form and had any kind of benefits. Okay, so there they are attached to it. You can get them in a range of colors as well. One thing that i am impressed about is that once you extend these out and lock the pieces back in theyre, actually very, very firm, so youre not left with the sticks wanting to spin around in your hands or anything.

It feels very, very natural in the hand and for my larger hands. It does feel more comfortable, now, im, not a pincher but just showing it with the pinching going on there. And yes, i have found that flying with the slightly longer sticks does actually give you that little bit more gentle control when youre looking to capture some shots with your mini 2 or air 2s. I found similar on both. I have both of my dji drones set to the smoothest possible settings already. In fact, i used ian from londons settings on his excellent video, but i do find this extra bit of space here does actually allow me to have a little bit more careful movement of the sticks and hold them there as well, which is excellent. The little tube which comes with it allows you to undo it there and pop the sticks inside for those of you who have watched my recent video on lanyard comparisons uh. Obviously, you could then clip this onto that lanyard for storage as well, because, of course, these particular ones will not fit in the bottom here where the original sticks are thats, certainly something to think about when youre considering using these extended sticks. Will i continue to use these sticks on an ongoing basis? Im certainly going to for the time being – and i will report back if my opinion, which is overall favorable uh changes at all, because they do give me that extra little bit of smooth movement, which i am certainly looking for now.

I have seen other products available which are even bigger up to twice the length of this im, not sure that that would be particularly comfortable or what id be looking for these at their longest. Setting is pretty much about as long as i would want to go. So there we have it. Let me know in the comments below whether youre using stick extenders or not on your dji drones or any of your drones frankly, and why you use them whether its to gain smoother footage like i am or another reason id really be interested to know, to get More review and how to videos like this one, as well as a host of other drone in tech, related content, hit the subscribe button and, if youre, one of the awesome people still watching this video right now hit the like button and wake up the youtube algorithm.