You can pause the video at any time and learn the message for building the four axis football airbag vehicle, installing its components and operating its remote controller. For the measures note, the method for opening front and rear arms are different. Please watch the video carefully to prevent the damage of arms. Nothing at all Music. Hey guys today, im going to be taking a look at this little mavic air clone its the x12. As a model number its made by cool rc, though it also you know, the name brand is actually here on the box, its really not cool rc, its dongmingtool rc, but they, i think, maybe how simplicity they went with the name cool rc on the website. Its x12 blue red gray and a black and blue versions are available and its 720 p has a particular camera on the one that i got now. Typically, you know i do a table review on a drone and i take it out. You know i do a test flight on that drone before i actually do a flight review of it in it, but today it can be a little different. I think you guys will understand why im not doing a you know a flight before the actual review. This is going to be the maiden flight for this. The reason why is this drone is notorious for braking just from the smallest crash, even from a few feet up so im really afraid its gon na bust on me before i actually get a chance to uh.

You know do the reviews so im gon na do the review today. So this will be my maiden flight, so i may be a bit unprepared, but i think you guys will agree if it does bust. You want to see why and how it busted so thats. Why im doing a little bit different today, so i may be a little bit like that unprepared, so lets go ahead and look at the drone, some more night, the arms fold out and then they fold up. So what you want to do is you want to pull these out like this, and then they go up and lock in. I think these rear ones are the ones that tend to be the ones that bust easily. Then the fronts just full forward like normal and there it is ready to go now. The camera 720p, as i said a while ago, and it does tilt, though its kind of flimsy, i know, um the reason why i know this drone bus is both my friend donnie uh. Big excuse me big drone of flyer 77., um and david, who is uh perth west oz rc. They both already reviewed this and both of them had it bust on them, and i know theyre, not the only ones that had that particular problem, so, like i said, were just going to go ahead and do a maiden today on this and see how it performs Now you know, donnie did have his.

I was saying he could kind of fall down on him, so you can see where that could be a problem, though david did not have that problem. So i think, if you, if you jar it very much its going to definitely you know, fall down, especially if you have the camera aimed upwards. So now lets go ahead and take a look at the battery the battery it doesnt say what it is, but i think it was 1000 uh, Music and lets go ahead and hit that video icon and we are recording video as well. Let me make sure i got screen record on all right, so lets go for a little demo flight with the x12 lets hit that one key to take off. Oh yeah takes off automatically and there is a led light in the back and it is red and i am able to see it when the quadcopter is at a angle where i can see the led light and let me turn it around and i can see The led lights in the front as well theres a little breeze kicking in so there you go and the motors are embedded inside of the arms and are lying laterally with the arms, so its kind of like the jjrc elfie pipe foldable quadcopter here. Okay, that is speed number one. I am assuming okay, not bad. Let me go to speed number two couple of beeps and theres speed number two.

Let me see if i can see if theres any lag right off the bat we got altitude hold so there. I am coming towards me and hey. That is not bad. You can fpv with this thing right off the bat. Oh theres, a little bit of disconnect there you go bringing it back and probably the car was in the way here so signal got lost, but this is not bad and there you go all right. Speed number three do a little flip oops. It will not do a forward flip guys, oh and theres a little bug trying to get at my quadcopter okay, it will do a left flip. It will do a right flip, but it will not do a forward flip and a rear, flip backflip. Okay, so just left and right flips can be had with this quack open all right. So let me go ahead and hit that headless mode here and yep. Ls mode is working no annoying beeps on the transmitter, but that is good all right, so going forward. Coming back in a full, yaw spin, so headless mode is working just perfectly as i have calibrated the quadcopter, so that is nice. Let me hit that button again out of the headless mode. Now yeah we are out and long pressing. The same button is the one key to return, so lets go ahead and there you go. It is returning to the southbound heading and redirecting it gets you out of the one key return and see if the button will get you out as well, long pressing it and a little bit better if it didnt have any wind right.

So that is the virtual sticks, and i think i see that the lights are slot starting to blink, so lets go to gyro mode and demonstrate the gyro mode going forward. It looks like its got better pitch with the gyro mode doesnt it alright, so theres a little twitch right there not sure what that was. So taking a look at the lights here, i can see that the lights are still solid in the back all right. So we are not low on battery, so there you go guys the gyro mode and it is functioning very well theres, not much lag but theres a little twitch here and there when i change directions. Maybe that has something to do with the wind too. There you go coming back towards me and the response is very quick, yeah, so very nice all right so lets go ahead and get out of the gyro mode and regain and got myself on my sites and passing right over me again and check it out. It is just doing fantastic, okay, bringing it down a little bit. Let me see if the lights are blinking. Yes, i see that the led lights in the front.