That allows you to instantly increase the number of connections you can make to your laptop or even your home computer, by simply plugging the single usbc connection into any available port. Now, as part of this overview, i always like to start with a brief unboxing of a product just to show you everything, thats included with the kit and then ill explain what the hub does and how i use it and ill take a closer look at the Hub and point out all the connections you can make to fully utilize that single usb c port and then finally ill come back and point out a few key differences between this o ray hub and others on the market, because i feel like the team at o Ray has built in a lot of advanced features to this particular hub that really separated from the competition, so lets get started with the unboxing theres, not a lot in the box. So when you pop open the box, youll find the hub and youll find a full instruction manual that lists connection diagrams specifications, warranty information and other details. Youll need to understand how to use this with your own computer. Now you might be wondering whats a hub all about. Why would i want one of these? Well, if you followed the development of laptops over the last couple of years, manufacturers have consistently tried to make laptops, smaller, thinner, lighter and more portable, and this is a good example of that and the challenge with that is by making laptops so thin, theyve really minimized.

The amount of real estate around the outside, where they can actually add ports and the technology that supports those ports. So if you look back to three or four years ago, laptops were a lot thicker. They were a lot heavier, they werent as portable, but they had a ton of ports on the exterior. So you could connect up, maybe two usb a devices. There might be a usb c port. A lot of them had card readers built in they had hdmi connections. For external monitors, the challenge is, when you look at a laptop like this thats, so thin its really limiting. As far as how many connections i can make to the outside. So in my particular case, ive got two usbc ports over here and a usba port over here. So its not a lot of connections that allow me to hook up things externally and thats. A challenge for me, because i use this laptop when im teleconferencing on zoom or skype or whatever and ive got to connect up a mouse, a keyboard, a camera. Maybe i want to connect up a card reader power supply. All those things have to be plugged into those three different ports, and the bigger challenge is one of the usbc ports on this side is used for powering the laptop, so that eliminates that port right out of the gate. So what a hub does is allow me to use one of those usbc ports and expand the things i can connect to it.

So, instead of having a single usb connection, the minute i plug this into that usbc port, i now have two additional usba connections which allow me to connect any type of external device, thats a little bit older. That is a usba connection. I also have an hdmi connection on here, which allows me to connect an external monitor, because, even though the monitor on this is really good and its probably okay, for when im out in the field, when im working on my desk in a long afternoon, i like To have a bigger, monitor so theres no way to directly connect a monitor to the laptop without using a hub like this, and the third thing, which makes this incredibly beneficial is the fact that, when i plug it into one of the usbc ports im now taking Up that port, so how do i charge my laptop well? Youll also find a usbc connection on here, which is a pd connection, and it allows me to connect up to 100 watt external power supply to this strip and actually power, my laptop through the hub, as well as power, the two usb a ports on there. So theyve built in a lot of additional functionality to really let me take advantage of a single port and expand it to a lot of external connection, possibilities now, im going to show you what it looks like a little closer in a second explain. Some of the benefit of the ports and then ill come back and actually talk about how this is different than a lot of other hubs on the market.

That may look similar, but theyre probably going to be lacking. Some of the features that ill get into so stay tuned for the closer look. Next, the ray usb c2 hdmi usbc hub features a full metal enclosure, thats aluminum, which really reduces outside interference from causing any issues it makes it really durable. I, like the rounded edges too, because it slides into a bag really easily theres a short heavy duty, cable that ends in a usbc connection. Again, this is a heavy duty connection, really good strain relief there, its just long enough to connect your laptop and give you a little bit of flexibility, so you can plug in your external devices. Now, on the front of the unit, youll find a full size, hdmi port here – that supports 4k video at up to 60 frames. A second youll also find two full size, usb a connections right there. Both of these are usb 3.0, which means the latest usb standard which gives you the fastest connection between the usb port and the external device. Itll transfer data at five gigabits, a second for both of these ports. The unit also provides external power to both of these ports at five volts at about two amps, which means youll have plenty of power for external hard drives or if youre, charging a phone or something that requires external power. Youll also find a full size, usb c port right here and thats used for external connection of a power supply.

Itll support up to 100 watts of pd power through the hub to the laptop thatll, actually charge your laptop and provide a power to these external devices. That are connected here so overall, its a nice compact design and all the technology inside here is designed to support these ports and take the workload off your laptop for making these connections. Now that youve gotten a closer look at the hub and youve seen all the connections you can make to it ill show you how i use this hub with my own laptop now. This is the laptop i take out in the field with me all the time and the display on this is just about 14 inches, which i think is the perfect balance between screen real estate and portability. I know a lot of people like bigger displays, but then youve got to carry a heavier laptop with you, so this serves me perfectly when im out in the field, i can respond to emails. I can edit video footage, but when i come home and im spending more time in front of the laptop i like to have a larger screen, ive got a 32 inch on the desk and theres no way for me to natively connect that up to this laptop. Without using a hub, so the first thing i do when i get home is plug in the hub. This is a usbc connection, ill plug that into one of the usbc ports on the side.

Did you hear that noise there? That was an indication that the computer actually saw the hub connected. One benefit of this hub is unlike a lot of other models on the market. Theres no drivers required so the minute you plug it in its plug and play compatible with the operating system. So when i plug it in all, the ports become active, theres, no confusing drivers to install or any of that nonsense its also thunderbolt 3 compatible. So if youre running an apple product plug it in youre good to go now once i plug that in ive got a desktop monitor, set up with an hdmi cable on it. Im going to use this one as an example, i just simply plugged the hdmi connector into the hdmi port on it. It takes a couple of seconds because whats happening is the hub itself, is sort of figuring out. The resolution of the monitor versus the resolution of the laptop and its making the adjustments to give you the perfect picture and now im actually mirroring the screens between the two. So this can be a really large, monitor and again, 4k 60 frames. A second means im going to get high resolution video over here and im, going to see my screen in perfect resolution now. In addition, that ive got two usb a connections on here, both of which are powered. So when i come home for the day, i like to use an external keyboard and a mouse, and some other things just to show you that theyre powered ive got two small usb lights right here.

Let me plug those in and show you that they light up. So you can see that ive got five volts going to those two ports and heres the second one and youll notice for a second that the display blinks out, because when i plug those in the hub itself has to recognize that there are other external devices plugged. In so its going to readjust for a couple of seconds, but anyway, both of these are lit up, you can see that ive got 5 volts to both those ports. Now, what i typically use, those for are things like a keyboard and mouse im, going to use a wireless connector here ill plug that into one of the usba ports. Did you hear that thats the computer, recognizing the fact that i plugged it in and then immediately ive got a keyboard and a mouse that i can use to do whatever i need to do so? What im essentially doing is turning my laptop really into a home computer, because its just that powerful by connecting all these external devices. Now, in addition to that, because those ports are powered, i can even charge my phone or other devices. So if ive come home and ive got a action camera with me that im transferring content off of, i can actually charge that action. Camera from this available. Usba port ill just use my phone for that. But you can see right away. It starts up so that one hub immediately gives me power to charge external devices power to use like external hard drives.

If i want to, it also gives me a data connection, so that if i want to connect my phone up to my computer, i can actually transfer data through there, so it really is a pretty versatile product. The thing i like a lot about it as well is the fact that its got pass through for power, because im lucky that this laptop actually has two usbc connections on the side, which means i can use one for power to charge my laptop and operate it. But if i only had one on there, which a lot of the laptops have nowadays, i would have to choose between using the hub or using external power. The fact that this has got a usbc, pd port right here means i can disconnect this plug it in here and provide power to both the computer and the external ports and still free up that second, usb port, which is pretty incredible so right now its going Through the readjustments because ive added power to it, but once it settles down im ready to go so i can put the laptop off to the side. Look at my large monitor on my desktop and treat it just like a home computer, and it really is just that simple and for me, the best part about it is. I dont have to worry about drivers because boy, if youve ever installed some of those third party hubs youve got to find the right drivers.

Youve got incompatibility issues with the operating system and its a headache. This one being plug and play compatible means you just plug it in you can start using it and its just that simple, okay, i hope the closer look and that demo was helpful now a couple of things to keep in mind if youre in the market, for A hub like this, for starters, a lot of the hubs plug directly into the usbc connection on the side of your laptop, and that may seem like a convenience, but the challenge is youve, got a big box now hanging off that really fragile, usb c port. So i like the fact that they built in a nice short, cable, thats, a heavy duty cable that can handle 100 watts of power, supply connections and theyve got a really nice strain relief on the end of it. Some of the hubs out there have really long cables. You dont really need a long cable. You want it close enough to your laptop, where youve got some flexibility, but it still is close enough where you can connect up all your peripherals, so i think theyve done a good job, with keeping that cable short and building in a heavy duty cable. As far as the hdmi connection goes on this, a lot of these hubs have an external monitor connection, thats hdmi like this. What you want to look for there is the o ray hub will actually support 4k at 60 frames.

A second and thats really important because of the laptop and display high definition content. You want to make sure you get it in the highest resolution possible to your monitor so being able to support 4k at 60 frames. A second means youre not going to have to upgrade the hub if you buy a newer laptop down the road. As far as the two usb a connections go, i love that they built two of them in there. Both of these are usb 3.0, which means theyre going to be as fast as possible for a usb a connection. Theyll transfer data at five gigabits, a second which means youre, going to actually be able to connect up external, solid state drives and external thumb drives and get incredibly fast data transfer between these two ports and those external devices. Another thing that o ray did was: these are powered ports, which means you can plug devices into them and it supplies power to external devices. So a lot of the laptop external drives require external power to be able to run those you can plug that into the usba connections here and know that youve got enough power to spin up those drives, and the last thing ill mention is the usbc connection on The end, a lot of these hubs have a pass through for usbc, so you can actually power the laptop but theyre smaller. They might be 40 watts or 60 watts, which is okay for charging your laptop and operating your laptop, but its not enough current to actually supply external power to the usb, a connections around those hubs.

So the fact that this can support up to 100 watts of pd external power coming in through the usb c means you can charge your laptop. You can operate your laptop as well as provide plenty of power for both of the usb a connections. So in general, i think o rays really thought about what im going to do with the hub and it does everything i needed to do, but they built in all those extra features that i talked about, which again a lot of the other hub manufacturers. Dont really talk about on their website and here youve got them all built into the hub. So i think, if youre looking for a way to expand a single usbc connection into some external connections for a monitor or usbas, this is the perfect hub to go with. So thats pretty much all i had for today. I hope you found this clip helpful. I love talking about technology like this, especially things that i use all the time in my daily life, and this is something that goes with me everywhere. So if you have any questions, please drop those in the comments below and ill get back to you as quickly as i can. If youre interested in this hub, i have a link below as well where you can go to amazon.