I, like it, i’m happy with it so far. Let me start some video up now when you use the thing to turn the gimbal up and down, you have to use the buttons, the other the thing on the screen doesn’t work that well you want to use the buttons, though, like that Music Music, we have Some ferocious glare out here, Music um, oh we don’t whatever that was. We don’t want that? Okay, i guess that must be the land button, so we don’t want that either. Okay, there’s! What i’m? Looking for the rate? Sorry about that, i pressed the land button thinking it was the speed but or the rate button, but it’s, not some kitties running around over there so i’m not going to be able to go over there too much just flying it around. This thing does fly nice i’ll, give it that it flies really nice. I think everybody’s telling me this is one of those uh. I don’t know what they call it a monster or something the beast: yeah it’s a copy of the beast. It also will dive into the ground if you’re not careful, with the pitch um, hey there’s, a little increment of the camera Applause it’s awfully sunny out here, getting to be sunset, so getting all that damn glare, ugh, Music, okay, so let’s go over here and try One of these see, if i can get that orbit, going, never could get it to work.

I don’t think okay, keep hitting it get down and then hit execute there. It is it turns and then it kind of just stops. I don’t know wait there. It goes again starting now am i supposed to hit it again and it says circle fly yeah: okay, um. I don’t. I don’t really understand how this works. It just it goes and then it oh, i must be okay, it’s called retardoville, but you know what i can do, because it’s not circling anything it’s, not okay, forget that i don’t know what this is now: let’s tap fly or whatever. Now this is this joe there’s jesters. Maybe this is follow me, Music. Okay, let me start that again because i’m, not sure it even knew what the heck. What was going on here, okay, so let’s, try that nope Music! You go up a little bit more. Maybe i can get it just to do it this way. Laughter boy, oh boy, screw it. You know what i say screw it Music. Follow me. Who cares these things it’s uh, so annoying just make it easy to use. You know follow me, hit a button and start following what the hell is so complicated, ah so annoying and like that circle mode, that’s, the third time i’ve been out trying to get that circle mode to work, and i can’t get it to work. I know i’m a doofus, but i mean what the hell okay let’s see.

If we can just do it manually, okay, the battery’s getting low. So i got time to do a little quickie here so let’s see if i can make this happen right so i’m making it happen by just doing it manually. I mean you just do this yourself and you ain’t got to try to mess around with this buggy software. Okay, so i did it daniel manual circle mode. There you go all right, it’s, so annoying. I can’t get that crap to work. Applause, there’s a photo! Video we’re gon na land it up. Let me cut the video here: okay, Music, yay, the ranger Laughter. Oh, i get a kick out of that’s, my cat’s name, that’s.