Now this is a pretty big deal, because not only are we getting a single drone release, like you usually see, were getting a full series of drones, which is two models with a sub model in each one. So four column four drone releases today now this is the first video in a series and in this video im going to geek out a little bit and im going to give you all the specs and give you an overview of the series of drone. That is the xo blackhawk 2 series of drones. Now this new release of drone is pretty cool because it includes not only a mini, but it includes a full size series as well. Now i have flown these drones for the last couple of weeks so that i could give you a real first hand view of these products, but were not going to go through those flight details and what happened during those flights today now that being said, if youre Not subscribed make sure that you do because im going to come out with a rapid fire series of videos here, thats going to cover all kinds of facets of these drones, so keep an eye out for those youre not going to want to miss them. To keep this video just a little bit shorter im going to focus mainly on the xo mini pro and the blackhawk 2 pro. However, as there are differences in the specs ill be sure to point those out so before i get into the detailed reviews of these drones, a few of you might be saying: whats, an exo or whos exo, never heard of them before.

Well, i have done a few videos of their other products and ill put those links up here. So you can go ahead and check those out when you have a moment, but ive also done an interview with the ceo and founder of exodrones. Charlie cannon now ill put that video up here as well youre going to want to go ahead and take a look at that video because he was gracious enough, not only uh, to tell us a little bit about exo uh the background how it came to be, And where they plan to go, but he was nice enough to tell us a little about the drone industry in the internal workings uh factories and how they work around the world. So youre not going to want to miss that video, because, as a drone consumer, if youre watching this video, it is fascinating to hear about the industry and some of the inner workings so make sure you bookmark that and come back to it. So to kick this off, this series of drones is a collaboration between hubsan and exo drones. It is a completely new design and a new series, and of course i mentioned it does come with the mini and the full size versions for the pro now. This happens to be the xo mini pro, but we do have the xo mini standard right back here, and the weight of course, is below the 249 grams or, of course, as the blackhawk 2 pro is not its about 550 grams.

So, a little more than twice the weight so lets just go through the specs on these and, of course, were going to start with the camera now on. A camera drone of course, thats really important that we do have a good camera sensor and they didnt shortchange. Us at all in this series, in the pro series – not only of course, do we have a 4k 30 video. The sensor itself is a 48 megapixel sensor, but they open the aperture 1.85, which is fantastic, which is going to give us a better low light sensitivity. Give us some hdr capabilities its going to give us some huge dynamic range, which of course, they also added a log mode. So thats going to give us a better dynamic range for our color profile and the pro models come with a 1 over 1.3 sensor and the standard models come with a 1 over 2.6 sensor and it has up to a 6x zoom and of course they all Come with full 3 axis gimbals and they did include an awesome battery on these as well theyre claiming a 35 and 40 minute battery life, but in the mini standard they actually claim a 45 minute battery life. They do also include in the box smart chargers. For these, and i have tried them and theyre pretty cool – they go around and charge each one to make sure that theyre good, including of the remote as well. Now, one of the more advanced features on these pro models is, it does have three directional obstacle avoidance.

Yes, it has forward obstacle avoidance, rear and downward facing. Not only does it have the obstacle avoidance, it has the software and the firmware to go along with it. So, of course, it has a forward path technology, which means, if youre coming up to an object. Not only will it sense it and has the ability to notify you, you can set it to where it can stop and not run into an object in front of you or you can set it to try to navigate around it. So, if youre pushing full forward on the stick or youre doing some following mode – and it does happen to come up near an obstacle, it will actually fly around and navigate around and continue forward. So it has this path forward, technology, which is pretty awesome again. I am going to be doing a video testing just that in a future. One so again make sure you watch for those because ill do a further review on that in detail. Now it is worth noting that, on this series, when you are in a standard, the xo mini standard or the blackhawks2 standard, not the pro models, they do not have 3 axis optical avoidance. They only have downward sensors. So of course, thats. One of the ways theyre going to take these models and drop the price down if thats, something thats not needed for you, you can get a model with a little less technology in it.

Itll just cost you less money. Now they do have some pretty awesome modes included as well. One of them that takes advantage of the obstacle avoidance that i had mentioned was they do have an active track type follow mode where you can choose a subject, and it will completely track you and keep you in the center of the screen, and it has additional Versions of that, where you can follow directly behind you or you can fly from the side or you can do an orbit while youre doing the active track, and it keeps you in the center as it orbits and if youre moving it will continue to move along With you, but orbits you at the same time, so a pretty cool cinematic look. In addition, of course, it comes with the standard modes like youd expect like a regular orbit or regular, follow mode things like that, and it does have some pretty interesting, additional smart modes that they call a creative mode like a helix and droney things like that. So pretty interesting modes that these can do as well and it does have hyper lapse mode as well and theres multiple versions of that you can fly straight sideways. You can guide it things like that, so its pretty full featured for hyperlapse and each model does come with remote and they all use the same remote and theyre. Really nice theyre, very substantial. You can feel that theres just some weight to it.

Some heft feels a really quality. Build does have a place where you can put your device here, and it does connect to your device via a cable that comes out the side here, which is a micro usb connection here, which is a little surprising. I wish they would have upgraded that to a usbc and one thing: theyve done is they created a new transmission protocol which gives us a five mile range on all of the models here, except for the mini standard, and that one is 3.75 miles so no slouch Either and of course, we cant fly that far due to the visual line of sight here in the united states, but in those areas that does have a lot of interference, give a normal transmission. Some difficulty shouldnt have any problem whatsoever with a solid fpv signal off for quite a ways now. It is interesting in that the cable that goes from the micro usb to your phone. They do include cables that have the different ends on them for a usbc, a micro and the lightning connector for an apple, and one thing that i did. I had a video years ago with the original mavic, where i replaced that cable and came out of the bottom of the remote now. The interesting thing with this one is that there is a hole that looks like it could be for a future usba. But right now, alas, it is empty, so hopefully in the future they do put a usb a connector in here that allows you to connect your phone and the reason that i would like that is because, when the wire comes out and connects to your phone and Your phone is in, of course, the end of the wire is kind of in your hand, which is a little bit awkward.

So it would be really nice if at least one of those wires was buried in the drone, and you wouldnt have to worry about that. While your hand was sitting on it also on the remote there is a scroll wheel for the gimbal, so you can move the gimbal up and down and it is very sensitive to where. If you move the gimbal a little bit, it will move very slow. So you can get a very cinematic move which thats missing on a lot of the budget and drones its usually very fast up and down or clicks up and down. But this one is fantastic. You can just barely inch it down as youre, making those moves, or you can move very fast, which brings me to the other button here, which is a function button which is assignable to a few of the functions by default. It will re level your gimbal, which is really nice if youre making some moves. You click that and immediately you will be pointed directly forward. So lets talk about the drone bodies a little bit and some of those specs of course well start with the mini pro here, which has a wind resistance of a level five, which is pretty good and thats. Pretty typical uh for a drone of this size and of course it is limited because of the size it does get pushed around. Of course, now the blackhawk 2 model i have found to be a tank in the wind.

It is just stable as a rock. Of course, it has a little more weight which gives it that functionality and the motors are more powerful, so it can keep itself in place and keep stable video and it has a wind resistance of a level eight which is up to 36 miles per hour. Now i didnt fly it in a 36 mile, an hour wind, but i did fly it in about a 15 mile, an hour wind and it never even flinched. I did all kinds of functions like the droney, the helix, the hyperlapse. While it was windy and you couldnt tell at all, it was solid as rock now also on these. There is internal storage, so you dont have to worry about an sd card and i wasnt sure if i liked that at first i usually like having my card. I know i have it in my hand. I can change it out if it gets full, but on the blackhawk 2 pro it has both. It has not only internal storage, but it has an sd card slot as well. So you can use the internal storage or an sd card if you like that now, both the pro models do have a takeoff altitude of 12 500 feet now. Also with these models, you can fly above 400 feet now, if youre recreational pilot, you cannot go above 400 feet agl, but as a 107 pilot that was very frustrating with some of the lower budget type drones where it would hit about ‘5 feet, and it would Stop now, as a 107 pilot, there are times under certain circumstances.

You can fly above 400 feet agl, and these will allow you to do it so that just shows you, the professional level of this drone theres three speeds to this drone as well: theres, a normal mode, a film mode and a sport mode and in the sport Mode, it can do about 35 miles an hour plus, and indeed when i was trying it out depending upon the wind direction, i got up to 38 miles an hour, so its really zippy now another thing they did really well is the gps is a quality gps. Now, when i did connect, it did take a little bit longer than i thought to connect, but i did get sometimes 16 17 18 satellites and once it was locked in, i never had one problem and ill show some video here to where they just stayed solid. As a rock in position and a very, very precision gps now, something that i havent confirmed, but i suspect right now is that theres not geo fencing built into these now, and the only reason i say i suspect is because i did go in one of the Areas where i typically fly and many times with the dji models, it will pop up and say that im close to a geofenced area that i have to be careful and im usually right. Next to it i know im not in it now i didnt get any warning like that popping up so either i wasnt quite as close or maybe the geo fencing was a little bit different and that it wasnt close enough to mortify me yet or it doesnt Exist, i am not sure i will update that more when i do some flights, but for right now, fingers crossed theres, no geo fencing to get in our way.

Another thing that is a professional level in these that they are all updated via firmware and because i received these before they were actually released. There has been multiple firmware updates already. You turn it on the remote pops up and tells you that theres a firmware update available for either the remote or the drone itself, and it will go ahead and tell you what to connect or disconnect. And, of course, if you get one of these drones – and you have an issue, make sure you report it because its likely, because exo is built on being a very support, centric company, that they should respond and take care of those problems right in firmware. So you dont have to wait or buy a new one. A firmware can be shoved right to it and take care of a problem. One thing i did want to mention also is: the app itself is very clean, very easy to navigate. I had no problems whatsoever and i do have an android, unlike unfortunately, uh with some of the dji models that ive used just recently boy. I really struggle with android, and i know some of you have in the comments so with the android phone with this app from the blackhawk app. It has really worked. Well, i have not had one glitch. I have not had it lock up on me or do anything so its very clean and very easy to navigate. So, of course, what everybodys thinking right now is: okay, yeah.

But what are these costing right? Theyre gon na start at a thousand dollars and go up from there. Well exo has done a really good job. I think at hitting this market really well, so the exo mini standard is 4.99. The xo mini pro is 650.. The blackhawk 2 is also 650 and the blackhawk 2 pro starts at 7.99. Now i dont have all the different options of the pricing right now. They should be available on the website soon, but of course, starting at 499 for your mini model going for 7.99. For your top of the line, pro model is really good for what youre getting here. This is some really nice technology and, as i mentioned before, of course, theres going to be multiple videos on these drones, showing the flights themselves going through im going to test them in different conditions, going to go through all the different versions and whats in the box. All those types of things so make sure you keep an eye out for those because youre not going to miss those and, of course, if you found any value in this video so far, dont forget to hit that like button lets us creators and myself know: hey Were doing something thats of value, so i really do appreciate it and of course i realize i am geeking out a little bit trying to rapid fire a lot of specs and information at you because, as a drone consumer, this is incredibly exciting.

These are some fantastic models and i have to say the blackhawk 2 pro is quickly becoming my favorite drone. It is becoming my go to drone wherever i go. It is compact, it works. It flies like a tank, i have to say it has really impressed me. So far, if i did miss something which is possible or if theres more information that you want to know on a particular item or something of course make sure you put it in the comments – and let me know because not only will i try to answer it.