This is an awesome drone. Have i lost my mind for giving it away, probably but im so confident, youll, like my new youtube channel p.o.s car reviews that im willing to bribe you heres a preview. Welcome to pos car reviews, im ken herron and todays piece of is a lebaron. This is a 1995 chrysler lebaron im gon na have to get in here and steer, while hes pulling me to the wrecker yard, but the steering is locked because once again, no key and so were going to try to break the the locking mechanism there we go There we go a little bit of elbow grease, so okay yeah brakes still work, maybe wish i could put the top down. Oh, you know what i could. I could probably create a sunroof, oh yeah, sunroof time there we go, making a sunroom big break. Sorry, big right turn. If you have a car youd like me to review in the tennessee or surrounding area, you can contact me here if you want to win the autel evo 2 pro 6k. All you have to do is make sure that youre subscribed to this channel and that channel its that easy, then watch the video on this channel and comment. Im subscribed, thats it, and then i will pick a winner from those who commented on this channel. Not this channel on that channel the drawing will be november 25th thanksgiving on tnl thursday night live thats. My live stream in case youve, never seen it, and i know one of you will be thankful for winning this drone.