Almost a week ago. Now we are hearing some claims about geshena tegra backed news sources are making. Some claims well have today, look at these claims about kashina before that. A few words on drones because i received several questions about drones. People say sajid, cant, tdf, buy drones and can tdf manufacture. Drones can tdf manufacture, anti drone weapons. Let me respond a little to these questions. Well, have detail. Look at these questions in our live chat session today. Tdf cannot acquire modern, combat drones, turkey, uae china. These countries sell drones to countries not crops. There is not a single evidence, a single piece of evidence available that a country like turkey, china or even other countries like russia and the u.s have sold drones to groups. It has not happened so far. Iran has been arming some groups with drones in german. It has happened, but in case of tegra i dont see any likely supplier of these drones. Firstly, secondly, can you manufacture these combat drones? It takes years it takes years of research testing its not a matter of days. Even not all developed countries are in a position to manufacture modern combat zones. Turkey took years to get to this level that now they are manufacturing world class stones. What about anti drone weapons? There are no effective anti drone weapons. Only some signal jamming systems are used. Even those are not very effective. Russia is known for being possession of some signal jamming system.

Even those are not very effective, its difficult to counter these stones with signal jamming systems too. So that is why, for degree, defense force, the most important thing is not to manufacture drones or not to acquire drones. Theyll have to make adjustments how to adjust to this new reality that their rival party has drones. Theyll have to make adjustments on the ground theyre, not in a position to acquire these drones or to acquire anti drone vapor. Will our detail look about drones, their use, tdfs likely strategy endfs likely future strategy in todays live chat session at around uh 1500 hours gmt. Nowadays, gashina degrade defense force had to retreat from kashina uh almost uh a week ago, and tdf was retweeting from several places. We saw that it implicated from all its gains in north shore zone from romeos special zone from afar, from dassey from kambolcha from vichali. What happened after that? I told you about vuldia in the morning today that uh leah is still under the defense force. Now, for the past two hours we have been hearing rumors again im saying we have been hearing rumors that the defense force has retaken kashina. The claims the rumors are being shared by some degray backed activists so far, tigray military command, tplf, spokesperson, regional government. No one has issued any official statements in this regard. Ethiopian national defense force or ethiopian government has not talked about gashina so far, but we are hearing uh claims after claims in the last two hours that defense force has managed to re, enter kashina, town and endf and amhara forces.

They have retreated from kashina. Obviously, it needs a further verification. What we can say now is that right now, im recording this video telephone telephones are not working in kashina. I try to connect with someone there. I could not. It means something is happening in geshena, firstly, secondly, tdf after losing sheena Music tried to remain in control of places to the east of kashina, hamusat, uh vagaltana to the south and other places they have been under tegra defense force, endf and umar forces theyve been trying To dislodge tdf from places along kashina vuldiya road fighting was happening, but tdf had its significant presence along this road kashina vuldiya road. We heard about istash to the east of fukushina day before yesterday, that is been retaken by ethiopian national defense force. Amhara farsi, though they did not share any evidence from stylish viewers, so it means that tdf was close to geshena, but especially in eastern in southern directions. It was trying to remain in control of places it withdrew from lalibella. We know that, but in eastern and southern direction productions it was trying to remain in control of its gains. That is why vuldiya has not fallen so far. Had tdf lost the places along the agashina would have been lost by now, so vuldia is under tdf, because areas to the east of kashina to the south of goshen are under tdf now well update. You well try to confirm whats on the ground situation so far.

Tigray backed activists are claiming that kashina has been retaken but endf. An ethiopian government backed news sources. They are denying this claim. Important thing. Words is that, if gashina is the retaken, if its retaken, it would mean that tdf is not going to withdraw from all the areas which it is in control of inuhara region. It means that its not withdrawing from vuldia from mrsa from kobo its withdrawal was tactical. It was strategic, uh, gashina, has changed hand several times in the past. If you have been following this channel, if youve been watching my videos, we have been updating you that gashina has changed hands several times in the past as well. When tdf was close to deborah tabor a few months ago, i think three months ago then endf and amara forces had managed to cut off treaty supply lines in geshena df had to retreat. Then both sides kept on claiming about control of kashina, but ultimately tdf consolidated its control of kashina, so redf remained controlled till uh almost a week ago, when tdf lost kashina. Now, once again, we are hearing rumors again well have to wait for to get some confirmation from the ground. It will take some time uh, because ethiopian national defense force anahara forces theyll, definitely try to retake the sheena if it has been captured by degray defense force. So uh, if you have any credible information, you can share that with me as well. My email, you know, sajid six, seven, two thousand gmail.

com, six, seven, two triple zero, the rate of I am also working on it. We want to verify this important piece of information. If gashina is retaken, it would mean a new twist to this war. It would mean that the forces are not going to withdraw from all the places which theyre in control of it of in maharaja. So that is why very important development it needs a further verification will try to update you in the coming house.