They said they can't see you on sight what safety was 19 on our priority list. I need y'all line up, please one for you, por favor, on your way. Música, what do you need money for? I need some money. That'S a weak excuse get out of my face, one for you in my professional opinion. I think this is gon na help us find gold today get out of here visible. I think you guys look fantastic. Now I can see you, oh agradable, no it's better. I guess you don't. Look exceptionally happy about this. Vaya, I can't even see your beard it's, like your camo sweet. What happened Kevin! Those pants are entirely too small and they're on backwards. What is wrong with everybody, Joe first, it was first, it was Joe. Then it was Lyle and now it's Matt these these are even worse. Those are covered, you're wearing sandals, on a site, Hey, Me di cuenta. Tyler came back to work, yeah really cool. He owes me a lot of money. Sí. Last week you only three years of back pay I'm trying to get it for you, bro yeah. If you take care honey, why did you wrote it? Why did you lie bill? Why did you loan it to help you when you could have just given it to me? I don't want to like be that guy in front everybody, but I think you might be you want to flip that up. It might help you out there you go.

Is that better? Oh welcome back Wayne, Michael White, the show is starting to become unbelievable. I don't even know who you guys are anymore, wait what's going on so she starts creeping backwards. Bien, hold on hold on, I did rebind it so let's plug it in one handed yeah. It just starts moving yep, but when I start it and I go to go forward, it goes backward, but when I go backward it's almost like it needs a calibration on the ESC. You know what I mean. I wonder why it fell out of sync: Bien, well Old, Faithful, Ahora mismo, we'll, look at this a little later on, so bring out bring out already out here, yeah bring it on one two three, you two go Applause, Música, Bien, everything is going well, the water Is starting up the shaker plant is now shaking the conveyors are now set up and ready to rock we're going to fire up the water on the pumps. Here comes the flow one to both of them. Looking nice and even trommel is rolling. Did you turn it on what happened? What happened it was jammed right here I had a rock Hey, so this has to be very carefully adjusted. Claro, this is how it's gon na be wheeling, walking back and forth on here. Gracias a Dios. You were here Lyle. We never would have figured that out. I knew it was jammed, Joe's got the hands and he was all over, like spaceball jammed what we're about to go into plaid.

Dios, look at the wire it drops the pop in the water let's. Try it out great flow. Look at that beautiful yeah turn her down that's good though we don't want it to be crawling Joe or else it's too hard on the motor. It keeps it the motor cooler if it goes faster. 67. We want to be add on the small crawl 69 Joe that's, your coffee right in the middle of the road. No one can get through here: Música, Música, there's, barely anything in there yeah what the hell we got Peter falling off the edge and there's nothing in the bucket. I should have been supervising my whole what's, the matter. Oh again, we just did this last episode. Who was it dude? Definitely on the rock this time, go to the rock sit there and think about what you did all right in your case, you can stand on the rock right forward – belleza, Dios mío, Charles you, don't have a guy in there. Oh, No! No, No, No, No! You got to have an operator we're, not playing make believe here. Now you got to switch out with Matt Music. These are some of the smartest guys I could find that got out of the penitentiary. Are you some of you may have noticed that rookie or as we affectionately call him Pookie is no longer on the mine site. He has moved on to a higher paying job. We wish him well too, in voice overs for pornography shut, er down.

That was entirely wait. I don't have any bubblegum. We do have lunch on the way, though least it wasn't money. I think if I would have waited one more minute, these guys might have a mutiny on me. Cuz there's no beer break yet just continues to pound away here's that large rock got everything washed off of it. Look at all these rocks here these all get prevented from going into the trommel, so you can have a look at it. Good job keV try to have a break. What hey boss got ta, have a chat, what's wrong. You look like you. Look like Raiden from frigging Mortal Kombat. You look awesome. No, it looked like gold there's some bees over there everyone's a team player. I need your load and pay I'm loading, but you're down here, I'm right there. No, your are you working remotely well absolutely isn't that what we do here – Música, belleza, Lord Kevin, getting much better at getting it in the hole. Now that is smaller and tighter, would you agree yeah I'm straight nothing blowing away in the wind everything gets captured. Mira esto! I can't even knock it in there way goes beautiful. You two ball boys yeah. What wow water, off god it's trying to fill the hole here in case we had to bolt pull any larger loads over this area. You don't want an unstable ground, be working on, because you see in my professional opinion.

Esto es esto. Dirt is just too loose. It doesn't pack down very well, so you got to make sure that your your basis, who are you we've, never even seen you before I'm worried? Who is this guy? I didn't hire him it's funny how you can get away with when you just walk on site with masters in a birdie dude, stop stop. We got to fix this right now. I don't know how to get this other one stuck up in place. Anybody: Bien, keep going Music, simplemente hermosa, huge bucket loads right here. The only bucket larger on site is the load the loader bucket, while trying to make me invest in a new paint job earlier than I thought I would made you pretty shouldn't be on a mine site if it looks brand new. No, the sunshine finally came out. Aren'T you happy you're wearing all these visibility, cloaks Music, Loco, Joe using the smaller excavator today, not fearing that a man should be judged by the size of his excavator, but how much pay he can move there that Cobell Co, great color it's got a perfect bucket. We made the hoppers larger, so there's, no real way to miss anymore they're, twice as large as they used to be Lyall. Supervising here comes the pay down and away up Old, Faithful into the Grizzly bars into the Grizzly bars down into the trommel. Hey getting sorted push down into this loose Laxus, this one's a little too far down there.

We go continues to grind away, continues to wash the pay anything oversize goes up. This conveyor gets fit into that conveyor, the shakers not shaking. I thought it was a little quiet around here Joe. Esto es un lío, your sight I'm just kind of plug it in for it, Aplausos musicales, it's, all wash tailings all the boys working as a team beautiful there. You go nice full extensions on the big Johnson sir I'm trying I don't have a shaker on the Grizzly bars better okay manual, grizzly bars, yeah certain rain Applause. Keep it going. Those are some pretty gnarly. Looking clouds over there. I got sunshine right here. Yeah always take shy, hat and work through them. No, no that's just my place. Realmente, there is a tree you guys can stand under over here: yeah cuz, that's, real, relámpago, seguro, it's, very bushy Kevin. Your driver looks like he needs a drink of water he's. Not looking good money again, I got ta pay, my rent grunts man weena. I just gave you gold last payday yeah, but I have to get it back to you. You needed me to pay for the master nice, hopefully there's, some gold in this. This is our version of hard rock mining right here. Wouldn'T be right of me not to take care of the boys on such a nice day. Everyone grab one grab that one just because everyone grab one yeah come on everybody, uno. Dos tres, you do goals.

What is it is like this, so it's, not just so. Why would I give you dish so anybody in anybody with the sandwich and peanut butter? Gracias chicos, spend all this money for you guys. You'Re, welcome. Take the knife. You'Re welcome! Try to help guys out around here and all they want to do is bitch and complain about things for you, it's not like we've, been pulling in a lot of gold. You know I had to pony up for all this PPE. Gracias. I appreciate that. I can pack that away today, this one should definitively no thank you. We work a little harder around here guys we can all enjoy a good lunch together. You two gold fire. Sube. Let'S finish this a strong boys Kevin. I noticed that there are very large rocks getting washed through. Could you do me a favor and run it through payday before you actually run it through these conveyors? Bien, you remember what payday is: what is it no it's, my trommel trailer, we'll haul, it up we'll haul it up here, heck yeah Lyle's, getting in more pay dirt right now these guys keep digging. They keep washing the pay yeah. You know hey. This has been work hard. This is our first rock okay, Lo sé, and on the back that was mostly Pooky it's, a heavy heavy heavy. Oh look at the truck torquing it's lifting the wheels right off the front. I got a rock for 12 brushless in there.

Plenty of power looks like he's struggling hey. We need to pull his nose over get the dozer hey just quit quit before you break a driveshaft, get a dozer down here. Scale change scale chain, who's running the dozer come on down here you rigged your own shot. Hey it's a scale, Chet it's, a scale cable and you got a chain there. You go start up your truck start off the dozer it's going to be a real, even pull watch the front nose. Watch it doesn't come up too far. Go Joe go Joe whoa whoa whoa whoa you're over the cable. There you go whoa watch out Kevin nice boys, nice lifted right off the ground, get him up here under full Mac, whoa whoa. You need to pull him over there. Man turn your dozer around. Go towards your feet, maybe you should be paying more attention to your driving than asking people for money that's. The other way got to go the other way. This is one way only Music, where you going where you going go this way, go all the way around. Go to smart is the rock truck driver. Oh oh man, careful Music! Can you please get to work Music like a reset lady, a plow over here we are at pay date, the trommel barrel going round. Oh it's got a hang up there, you go if it was only that easy and full scale full size. So now what he'll be able to do is grab a scoop, pull from each side and the aggregate is basically sorted there's, this beautiful pile you can see.

It'S much finer over here top down the topper right here, Sí. Bien, some of this dirt is good, some of it's. Bien, tienes ta, be careful where you dig. This is agriculture dirt that's right it is. Everybody knows that the Alberta prairies are rich with gold because of the old glacial movements wouldn't. You agree, that's, absolutely right, and this used to be a riverbed and at one point it was very wide through here and that's. Why we've got this very tidy river beside us? He used to run over here as well and that's, where all this gold came from. It flowed down from the mountains very far, that's, not a very convincing story. You sound like a bunch of bull Lyle went from supervising to playing around with the whole. Well that's another beer, Lyle, mejor, not be the same one. It was a different flavor Lyle. Would you say that our beer fridge represents that cooler at the end of the beer aisle where it's just singles, because all the other ones have broken or fallen apart? It'S a quality mismatch about the holes in there it's good stuff yeah, I smell it. Oh what's! It box there get the ball. I got the box, I'll, pull it that's the end of the shaker clue that that cooked up you can only smell that there's fire in the motor shake her down. Bien, you know I will shut this plan down then that's. The only thing we can do, that's the only thing I can do, or else we can get a collector here but it's not going to be taking it anywhere.

Let'S shut this conveyor downs, it's, just feeding to nothing. We'Ll have to load that paint back into a truck, No, No, no over there. Just let it run into this will collect all the big stuff here at the end, then we'll run it through the other side, but let's just finish out what we got today finish strong and hopefully finish worth these guys being happy and are lots of dirt move. It let's do it. Thank you Bob with perfect attendance, the golden hat didn't he pay back Tyler. Did you borrow money from crazy Joe last week? Did you pay him back? You don't have it. Where are you asking me for money today, Sí, but Joe told me that he you need Bey him, so I could get my money for his bill. They pay to be here. That was in your contract. He knew that. What is wrong with you, people just push his bucket over come on what I'm driving to Johnson well I'm glad you're driving the Johnson. You should know that you're got a beer on the back balancing you out. Pensé que era 72 pounds that's that's fair, but I like to pick up large loads and sometimes well I'm. I need more dirt. I think a lot of us think you pick up large loads. Can you please push over his dump truck yeah? Tienes. It drive forward there, you go farik. Thank you another day, oh agradable, on the bigger side, that's nice yeah.

I see there's a lot of sand. We must have not had a very good floor. This must have been too high on this side. So we had a bummer. Oh, mira eso. Did you just rinse gold down here? Look at that pretty stuff right there, hermosa! No! Oh, my God! Look at ya! Is there lots up there? Oh yeah need some clean water to miner's, moss, yeah right on all there's gold right here, careful guys, there's gold, all the way down the mat yeah nice any in the recovery. Hey, Hey! Hey! What are you doing back it up? Man back it up, no rookies near no, no greenhorns near the the grew the omnibox here like this buddy, so it all goes in here. I don't want anything in the bottom in this tool right out. Bien, these guys have been hanging out at the mine site. All week I know every one of them has no coronavirus right now, isn't that right boys, Keystone bears there. You go that should help you yep, Oh, No, Muy bien, Muy bien, that's good! You look good you're too bold. Maybe you do gold baby, the more of dual space we can cover the better. Oh, there is one third Street for move the water ground, such as anything under the water nice, one Music. Here we go KJ looking for the big gold there's, a piece it's, not looking as promising as I'd hoped there's another piece, that's a nice one, beauty yeah three pieces: they always wind up together for five good six, seven there's a nice piece.

Oh a night pick that up and drop of oil does it have any weight beautiful, like a golden highway, all the way up to work, Evans, team where's, my money, no money from last week when I got it none. I wrote that piece. Lo siento, No! I pay more attention it didn't coming right there, doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor, I concur and I'm Bruce Wow nice yeah looks like a constellation. It was a bucket yeah there's supposed to be a bucket there. Bueno, don't have a bucket cage. The wheel on fire up the wheel. Bien, will goals which why are we using the smaller one, since we can so I might as well double clean it. We have this, yet we might as well use it that's exactly why. I have it if you're not going to use that's right, ir, ir, ir, ir, ir! Ir! Oh you're! Gon na leave that yeah, I think all oh yeah. Up already there go there's lots of gold in there. Oh man in one scoop whole box of gold. Is there a bucket back there keV? Sí, sir great, not a lot to go, míralo! Míralo! Venga, sí! Keep playing around anybody noticed that this wheel, spins the opposite of the other one. The one was made in Australia Wow. You know things are kind of bad items. Er, Venga, sí, look at that beautiful, Qué bien! Mira eso! Chunker Kirkland! Do they always can you believe more people aren't watching YouTube gold? Do you think there's people watching right now, Sí, Venga, sí, comment right now.

If you're watching it, let us know who you actually told about YouTube gold right, because not enough people know they should be watching. You should go to work and tell five friends that's exactly right. Aplausos, tío! You should all be talking about this thing Monday. Exactamente! Gracias, a deetle man by show on YouTube next loading case. That'S. Verdad, have you seen loading Kinks that's right? Venga, sí, impresionante, Joe yeah. Have you nice, I don't. Remember anyone borrowing any money off the loading kings, though none of us one of us want a good chunk night beauty. Look at all the gold dude. We need to not let that rock Oh big, fail on our part there's way too much black thing going in there's still golden walking up adjusting the wheel. There we go Music still go coming yeah, Yo lo veo. Okay shut it out. Oh mira esto. Come on dude, hey I'm, the mine owner I'll water down to have a look at what's in the riffles mine. Not mine makes you wonder, there's another piece. Mira eso! Just keep coming out of here. It'S like the magic wheel, Oro, yours there we go beautiful. Oh yeah rebel, Ryder, their age go Joe. Sorry to that three wants to go three: two one there. It all goes: Venga, sí, Música, beautiful Wow. There is wow it's, hermosa, lo bueno. We use both wheels that's exactly why yeah anybody got estimates on how many today, how many grams boys, I'm gon na, say thirteen point three Wow, thirteen.

Eighteen, you are professional. You should know this let's see if another piece in there bid me bring me the gold buddy ready. What did we get today? Chico? Is it dirty? Oh look, green looks pretty heavy I'm just gon na dump the water out here nice bring me the gold go. Go go yeah! Oh! That actually looks not that large, not too bad that's, no está mal, but actually looks pretty pretty average compared to our first season, that's killing. eso, Aunque, still more than our first season, we had 11 grams total last year. He had ounces. This year we got started late, yeah let's start drying it let's go with. I need a cloth. Primero, there Jimbo we'll soak up all this water. You got one piece of floating gold. There you got the parent one, fine yeah go ahead, just blot it there, while they're drying the gold. I got a fancy new scale for us, because this one seems to suck. Hopefully this one will be better. I find it ironic that I have to use a piece of the old one on the new one. There we go ready to go at is zero right. Now we got a zero. It shows you start dumping it on slow. allí, Joe, we got zero still zero. It just turned off all the light. Turned off wait a second, the light turned off. Dios mío, what yeah point six three six good job you get to clean out the pond of all the tree, pollen! Please thank you for winning.

Hoy, you get to clean out the the pond crazy Joe here is the total that we have in gold so fall so far. Sir 8.1, could you please pour it onto the scale for our season total? por ahora, still on now it's gon na start going on 8.1. Tenemos 10 11, 12, 15 Wow, 16 I'm. Loving this 26 grams what's, the Troy 31 grams would be a troy ounce, there's 31 that's an ounce right there. Oh man keep her going 32. Such a tease, 33, 37, 38 Para 43, 45, 4548 50 – is that it so 54 Punto 2 gramos. My friends mass in the air boys, 1, 2 3 YouTube goals. Aplausos, careful of the gold actually has a terrible idea: increíble, Bien, todos, okay line up single file. Please cavity check single file. I said I thought we talked about this before we did just line up. This is what you said. You said you want to be first line get in line yeah well, you're gon na be through que se off no good yeah.