Blinks also shows a message on your mobile device screen that battery has damaged it cannot be used anymore. This is my drone and other setup devices on the table. Please watch carefully every single step to fix your battery. You can actually fix your battery within five minutes to test the faulty battery. Please press the button you will see the battery has just one light blinking, as indicates low battery Music. Ahora, if you connect a charger, then you will see two lights: blinks together, then other two and then goes off all the lights. It means battery is faulty and not chargeable. Don’T worry. We can fix it very easily watch and follow all steps to repair, because if you don’t follow full steps, then you can damage the battery or injury to yourself, Música, please unscrew all eight phillips screws. Four on each side. Please note that one of the screw is hidden under a white seal. I will show you later Music. Después de todo, screws are out, then press the releasing buttons which are on both sides of battery and then lift up to take the cover off. Please be very carefully because there is a cable of switch and for lights, which are connected on top cover as showing unscrew two black screws with phillips screwdriver, which are holding the cable and switch carefully, remove the ribbon and switch and separate the top cover. dar la vuelta. The battery the back labels are actually part of battery, which is stick with adhesive glue on the bottom of battery itself, push hard with both thumbs, withholding the casing from outside with your fingers as i am showing after a strong push.

When you see there is a little gap on back of battery casing now, it’s the time to use the scraper tool to remove adhesive double sided tape, como se puede ver, on screen, Music use this tool with extra care and only to the sides and middle support To remove the battery Music Music Music now push the battery again with pressure, but with care lift the battery slightly up as showing with care, because few cables and connectors are attached with its pcb Music. The pcb and main connector is locked with two clips use. The scraper again as showing Music Music, put some pressure fingers, while using the scraper tool to move locks. Do Music do Music now carefully remove the pcb with battery. These are two clips which were holding the pcb Music. This is the full naked battery pack. Please be careful with it Music. This is the connector which has four wires: black red, yellow and green. This connector is sending information from each battery cell. This battery has three cells. We need to remove this connector for two seconds. Only then reconnect again Music, please remove the paste which seal type it can be removed with any sharp tool or blade, but with care Music. After removing the seal, paste gently hold the small connector from both sides twist it left and right and pull it gently. As i am showing on screen Music and now connect it back after two seconds, this process will reset the pcb components and its system, which was blocking to charge the battery with charger.

This is an intelligent system by fimi drone makers for safety reasons, pero, para ser honesto, this system is bad, which shows a healthy battery as useless in the mobile device, and it also prevent to charge the battery. I am connecting the battery with charger. The battery indicator is blinking. That means the battery has started to be charged and no indications of faults anymore. Please be very careful here, because it can be opposite connection which can lead a huge damage to battery and charger as well. I am doing it because i have memorized the connection sides. It is highly recommended that please reassemble the battery after this process, then connect it to charger to test and charge. This is because full assembled battery cannot be connected on wrong side according to its connectors design. Music now reassemble. The battery first step is to align the naked battery to its casing. Entonces, charging connector to its place then push the pcb until you can feel it solid or hear the clicks and place the battery as well in the casing. Carefully push it hard down to seal it again to casings bottom supports now: connect the ribbon and switch to top cover of battery casing with two screws. Please watch it on screen. Music do align the top cover to base battery and push down firmly until it clicks. Now put all screws back to cover to secure it properly Music, Music test it again with pressing the top button connect the charger to battery.

You will see that first led light is blinking as it’s, showing the charging status Music now leave battery with charger until it charges in full 100 Música. The battery has fully charged in one hour, Music connect the battery to the drone press, the power button to turn it on it shows battery fully charged and drone is functioning properly enjoy Music thanks for watching universal information and entertainment. Tv please like and subscribe our channel for more updated videos, Noticias, information and entertainment.