The DRONE CAMERA TEST – Aire Mavic DJI, Loro de Anafi, Autel EVO, DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Take the drone digicam check to see for those who can establish which drone took which video footage. All four cameras on this check can document video in 4K at 100 m/bits per second. Digicam settings had been left on AUTO at 30 FPS in 4K decision.

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These drones can be found on AMAZON and a few can be found on the DJI Retailer:

AMAZON – Aire Mavic DJI:
AMAZON – DJI Phantom four Professional:
DJI STORE: http://Haga clic en = hipervínculo&como-0005&ch-MAVIC AIR

CÁMARA: Videocámara Panasonic 4K:

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  1. Very nice test I got about 35% right just go to show you just dont know

  2. Buen video! Too sad that my favourite (fantasma) is to big for me and the evo isn't available in Germany. I hope on the "bigger picture" 🙂

  3. With P4P and Mavic Air i was right. The P4P has the best image. For me the Mavic air ist to saturated (i saw such footage earlier). I interchanged the Evo and Anafi, because 2:03 y 3:44 showed a slightly tilted horizon, so i thought that was te EVO.
    Buen video!

  4. autel incredibly sharp and detailed picture quality, rather cold colors but satisfying.

  5. Gran video!!! Really like how you flipped back on forth. It was difficult for me to choose which I liked the best. Looking forward to more comparison clips. Jajaja. You're making it hard for me to decide!! Mantener el buen trabajo.

  6. So amazing blind comparison! Thanks Captain as usual .So happy for my Anafi ciao

  7. Buena prueba! You cut that very well so as to avoid any shadow hints. 😉
    I picked A as likely the the Phantom Pro and beyond that I had no idea what was in the B-C-D mix. Nonetheless I picked C as the worst, B as the second worst, and D as the second best. D seemed like it was shot in a log format that was not fully brought up.

  8. Impresionante video, I knew right from the start that B- had to be Mavic Air, and A had to be Phantom. Now I’m set upon buying the Mavic Air, just have to wait until the Mavic Pro 2 is released in 3 months and if it doesn’t. Mavic Air is the one to go for. It’s just Crystal clear how colourful and saturated the colours in the Mavic Air footage is unlike the other Drones in this video. Even in your previous video, It was Mavic Air which won me over. Thanks to your comparison

  9. I had C as the P4P, until you zoomed, that is one very impressive camera. I thought B was the worst of the 4 which HAD to be the Anafi LOL

  10. I can always pick out the Phantom 4 Pro every time immidiately. Always the best color and sharpness. Man that Mavic Air footage was garbage, I've never flown the air on auto before it was so oversaturated and just ugly. I always go back to my Phantom 4 Pro unless traveling.

  11. Similar sensor between the P4P and the Evo? Huh? Who says that? 1" 20mp vs 2/3" 12mp camera sensor. I agree it's better than the Mavic Pro, not sure about the Mavic Air but definitely not similar the the P4P.

    I'm curious about the settings as well

  12. DCBA. Best to worst. But all good.

  13. Had the phantom 4 as A , debating between b and C but once you zoom on C I knew it wasnt the mavic air so got them all right, D Autel Evo was the worst in color contrast…Buen trabajo…

  14. I can't believe i worked them all out….the zoom helped lol…..Awesome vid 👌

  15. I Have Mavic Platinum, Mavic Air and Anafi. Bien, Anafi in my opinion is an outstanding little drone in all! AND FREEEEEEE!!! NOT SPYWARE BY CHINA; REMEMBER IT!

  16. As soon as the one zoomed in i new that was the parrot and were some shot with hdr on and then off (mixed) ? Good shots. I cant wait to make this my new hobby!!!!! 8yrs as a bowler, time for some rc fun

  17. Fabulous comparision, amazed how long the phantom has remained the benchmark.

  18. Gran comparación. For all the technical differences, it's great to test if I can pick any real difference. I only got the P4P right (as the best). I agree with other comments thoughthe mavic air footage is off. Take 1:45the left side of the field is out of focus, the right side is in focus. Can see it in a few shorts but not all. Replayed at different resolutionssame problem. Would a smudge on the lens do that?

  19. Very surprising! I thought B was the least desirable? Just seemed the most OOF? D seemed the least saturated. You kind of gave C away with using zoom, although I think one or several others have that capability, but not sure if they can do it that smoothly? Excelente review como siempre! The comparison reviews really put it right there for you to see! Gracias! PARA SU INFORMACIÓN – I already got my lighted props for my spark! I am blown away that they sent a cable to charge all four at once! Those are the nice touches we all wantbut few deliver! I was thinking how am I going to quickly charge these things once I get them! Can't wait to try them this weekend!

  20. Desde el principio dije que me gustaba A y B y pensé que iban a resultar los Drone que no eran DJI hahahaha

  21. A is undoubtedly the winner (its contrast and clarity are much better than the others), and the other three may need some color correction.

  22. tío… I have been a professional (that means earning a living) photographer for longer than you have been alive so I don't need to read any books to know more than you think you do about this. The image quality of the 1 inch sensor on the phantom winsEnd of story.

  23. I made a similar test with my P4P and my Mavic Air. Este video: was made with clips taken from both drones. I can't tell which drone did which clip. As the video capture was done over a 2 year period on 4 días, I corrected the color balance of each clip to make it all appear to have been taken the same day. Given the Mavic Air (más 5 las baterías y 6 filters) fits into my camera bag with the Nikon 750, it is now my drone of choice. POR CIERTO … the sharp close ups were taken by the Mavic Air since it's collision avoidance is so much better.

  24. Thanks captain, nice comparison!

  25. Well that’s just put me off a Mavic Air for good! The quality of the Evo though is really sweet

  26. A and C were obvious. I couldn't make up my mind on B and D and mixed them up. The Evo was the worst of all.

  27. A and c had the best picture, best colors.
    Mi conjetura:
    A phantom 4
    B parrot anafi
    C autel evo
    D mavic air
    I thought b had the worse video so I figured it was the anafi, surprising how good of a camera it has after seeing the results.

  28. Should have added mavic pro in the competition.

  29. I agree in this video Phantom Pro 4 se ve muy bien, but I have seen some awesome video from Dustin's channel from the EVO. Lighting is everything in photography. Early morning, late evening way better than Noon. But still a good video. Gracias. But you pay way more for Pro 4. Check out the EVO with built in LCD and great camera.
    Happy Flying everyone.

  30. If you compare video quality do it right, and record same spot simultaneously with the same angle.

  31. Thank you for a great comparison and nice flying!

  32. They all do take great videos. Sin embargo, it would be much more informative to have actually side by side comparisons on each flight. I guess that would mean you would need four pilots flying them side by side in an agreed to flight path so they would all be recording the same landscape at the same altitude and position, and the same lighting conditions. Now that would be a great video. Your videos are always fun to watch and I think you are one of the least biased guys doing these videos. Gracias!

  33. I had "A" pegged as the Phantom 4 Pro, and "B" as likely being the Mavic Air. The other two, wasn't sure. I have a good Aussie friend who has the Phantom 4 Pro, and sends videos to me periodically that he's shot with it. The color saturation of "A" was the same as his, and "B" very close. The EVO footage seemed to be somewhat "washed out" compared to the other three. In quality of color, I'd rate them just as you listed them, the best being "A", "B" próximo, "C" próximo, and "D" pasado. I'm disappointed with the EVO.

  34. This is a great video and a wonderful way to compareIt would be nice to do a shoot out on video between the Mavic Air and the Mavic Pro. I know almost the same sensor and just a difference of lenses and bit rate. But the question is do you notice the bit rate or the glass on the two drones?

  35. Gran video! I'm Looking forward to the Typhoon H Plus being included in these camera comparisons. Something didn't seem quite right with the Mavic Aircould've just been the sunflare messing with the shutter. The more I see footage from the Anafi, the more impressed I am with it.

  36. Wow, four very impressive results. To my mind it was the Evo that takes first place with the Anafi and the Phantom tying in secondthe Air was way down in last. Interesting stuff!

  37. I think I'm looking at myself now. Wearing the same tshirt color and the same spectacle design

  38. I love how "D" has more cinematic look on it compare to others

  39. I guessed right on all counts. The P4P is the best and that camera is the reason I got it. Best for the money and never disappointed, except when the images are better than my DSLR. 😕. Time to go full frame!

  40. Nice comparisonPresumably, all the drones were running the most current firmware available. EN MI HUMILDE OPINIÓN, the video quality on the MA was noticeably worse than the others (which was a bit surprising).

  41. Well it's obvious,
    un) P4P (well I have one), b) the air (the worst one, the lens is awful) c) Anafi (better than the Air, but still mushy because of the sensor size) d) Evo, closest to the p4p but AWB is not good, the lens is not very contrast…)

    Now the same but 1080p 30fps + DJI Spark, it will surprise you )

  42. whats up with the Mavic Air? Is it's camera that bad? Good thing I didn't buy it, I have been waiting to see more Autel Evo reviews, after this video I think I might get the EVO instead the Air, the footage of the Air in this video is horrible, almost like a spark.

  43. This was an eye opener for me. I thought in some shots the Evo looked better or at least as good as the P4P. Also I think the Mavic Air looked by far the worst!

  44. Interesting clip, Esta – a different take entirely; but I couldn't ID any of the ABCD drones at all… 🙁
    As for personal comparisons, so far my Air's the only one of my 3 DJIs that has refused to tilt its horizons. The P4 and the (Nuevo) MavPro both do it ridiculously often. The more I use the Air, el que más me gusta.

  45. Cappy, been watching way too many of your camera comparison videos as I got them all correct.

  46. A was first choice, closely followed by B….. Going to buy B

  47. I simply wrote down a letter every time I really disliked a clip, for whatever reason. At the end, Tuve 7 Bs, 4 Cs, 1 A and no Ds. So I bought a D. Lots to like about A but on auto it is over-saturated and over-exposed. I wouldn't want B or C as a gift.

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