This one here is, Creo, it’s called the d135 pro there’s, a regular d135 and then d135 plus and then there’s. The um d120, which is for two and a half inch propellers this one here, is for three inch propellers, so it kind of depends on which one you’re looking for and what kind of performance you’re going to get this one here comes with the 1105 3500 Motores de kV, if you want the bigger motors the 1408s, i think that’s the plus version, so this is going to be heavier um, tambi茅n, three inches but i’m. Probably gon na give you a little more performance. I think they all come with the same stack, es, Umm, 300. Milliamp hour or 300 milliwatt um video transmitter power, switchable get an f4 flight controller there you can see with a usb type c port and a 20 Amp 401 esc blle s, and it comes in wide variety of receiver versions. I’Ve got the this is called the ac900 receiver and they routed the antenna kind of like down like this and for some reason it looks like they burned. The end of this with a soldering iron looks like so my reception isn’t, so great on this one, but in general that receiver is okay, with the exception of when you cut the damage to the antenna, then you’re gon na you’re gon na have bad reception. The different models come with different cameras. This one comes with the foxier razer nano camera and the other versions come with different cameras.

So if you’re looking at this model, look at all the links and read the full descriptions because um the components you get are going to be a little bit different depending on the exact setup you get. So i think the frame for the three inch is all the same three millimeter bottom plates as you can see: it’s a single uh single bottom plate. So if you break an arm you’re going to have to replace the entire bottom plate but it’s, not that heavy. So three millimeters is probably gon na, be okay for this unibody and it’s, a pretty decent carbon, it doesn’t, really flex a whole lot, es, actually pretty stiff. Ahora, if you do get into a lot of crashes, what’s probably gon na break this canopy um. It is injection, molded plastic, it seems fairly tough, but they do give you a second one. If you in case you break it now. The camera protection here is pretty much non existent. Como pueden ver, the camera just sticks out, so they must have designed this canopy for a different camera at one point and changed the camera, and this one happens to have a lens that sticks out. So this canopy doesn’t really do anything to protect the camera. Por desgracia – and this setup here for three inch in terms of this thing, this is the gem fan 3016, three billion prop. You know it’s um, they’re kind of using old, i guess old tech.

El 1105 motor was popular once like two three years ago, but now we have much uh better motors, como usted sabe, uh 1303s 1202.5 that are going to be better suited for this propeller and this just sort of classes of a lighter three inch, um weight class And so i’m, not exactly sure why manufacturers are still using 1105 y 1106 motores. There must be a factory out there somewhere that must have have a billion of these and they’re trying to get rid of them, because manufacturers keep continuing to use old motors like this. That really aren’t the best for these um lighter three inch class type of micro quads. So you know in terms of the rest of the stuff here you know it’s pretty generic uh. Sabes 20 Amp, 400 sc. I do like the type c usb port that’s. Muy bonita, the stack is very like tight, so you can see the components are there’s, not a lot of space between them. Uh just keep the stack low, there’s plenty of space there to put a receiver or whatever. Si quieres hacer eso, underneath the canopy um in terms of the pit the pit tune, everything seems okay, Ahora, i’m thinking that there’s. You know this it’s a limitation to how much you can do with these motors, because uh because of the weight of this and the way it flies um. You know this is like kind of rehashing an old story here, but for those of you guys that haven’t been around for a while these motors aren’t the best for this size, because they can’t control the propeller, especially if you’re doing a lot of tight turns and Maneuvers, because the mass of the propeller is more than the torque this motor can handle in terms of maneuvering this quad around so that’s sort of the the short story or the short end of the long story.

Basically um it’s more complicated than that. But basically you can get pretty good, i mean in terms of the top end motor performance, es, Bien, you get. You know plenty of speed but it’s when you’re making the tight turns that’s when the limitations of the 1105 motor come into play versus something like a 1303 o 1202.5 motor is going to be able to handle those changes in throttle at the low end better than This low note, 5 monitor so believe that i’ve talked about this in great detail on plenty of old, my older videos. So if you’re interested go back to some of those and you’ll hear me talk about this motor, some more, Sabes, Umm, the price is okay. For this it’s, not the greatest it’s kind of interesting that sky zone, adam rc, they’re kind of new they’re getting into the space, and they i don’t, think they’ve really done a lot of research in terms of like what how to put stuff together um, i think They’Ve kind of gone on the source of blueprints of older models that have made the same mistakes that people just don’t like and so they’re i’m, not exactly sure why they’re rehashing older stuff that that wasn’t that popular? If you guys disagree, let me know down in the comments below um it. I mean it flies: Bien, es, just that if you’re doing a lot of you know maneuvering and a lot of tight, turns and stuff that you’re going to find that’s going to be a little bit harder to control versus if you’re, just going like in like drag Race type of drag race, you know type of racing you’re, it that’ll be okay, because you get you can get a lot of speed really quickly, but then you know making the turns is where this motor and the setup is problematic.

De todos modos, Umm, i think that’s going to do well for this this model, and you know there’s, going to be i’ll, put links to like a general search for the other ones of this month. You may have better luck with say, como el 1408 motor, if you want something a little bit more powerful, uh that’s a different version, and then i have no idea how the two and a half inch versions fly, because they only sent me the three inch version. But in general, for for this setup here basically have everything is the same it’s. The weight is not that much less because it’s just slightly shorter arm uh going to a two and a half inch prop. It makes the characteristics even worse, as铆 que estoy, thinking that, based on the same motor, which i’m pretty sure that the two and a half inch has the flight characteristics are gon na, actually be worse than another three inch. Por lo tanto, if you’re gon na, if you can’t decide which one to get between two and a half inch and three inch get the three inch if you’re gon na get this model, porque el 1105 motor is gon na handle the three inch better than the two half Inch anyway, so let’s just go and show you how much this thing weighs and definitely not the lightest out there still 81 gramos, and then i flew with the forest 450 and coming at 135.45 gramos. So if you’re looking at, como usted sabe, comparing this to say like a three inch toothpick, which is what this prop three inch prop, is typically used for uh, the all up weight is gon na, be under like 100 gramos, so you’re carrying a lot more weight With a weaker motor, which you know generally doesn’t really mean a good thing overall anyway, that’s gon na.

Do it for this video here’s collect footage and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one. This is actually pretty quiet running it. On the 4s 450 outline battery and stock tune stock, everything a little bit of prop wash actually don’t, even know what version of betaflight this is just charged up the battery and bound up the receiver set up my modes Music that’s, pretty much it um. I think these are even the stock rates on here. They look, they feel like the default air flight rates, yeah there’s some prop wash there. So i feel this is an older version of betaflight that doesn’t have rpm filter turned on it’s, pretty zippy for just an 1105 murder Music. Ah, so this is definitely more of a racing style frame versus freestyle. You can tell that they definitely fast. So you have to be pretty quick on the stick to make those sharp turns it’s quite floaty, too Music hear uh, see what the props sound like here up close it’s, almost full throttle, es, pretty quiet, yeah more prop, wash there not the best tune if they Probably have optimized this for racing, only not doing any kind of tricks or anything like that. Just that and then more skillful turns to manage the prop wash. Oh, these rates are really low, actually interesting, so not feeling that it was uh actually normal rates, pero son. Realmente, really low rates, so they probably have optimizes for racing, and the battery is about three and a half minutes 14.

4 voltios, no est谩 mal, not going too crazy on throttle, though it’s pretty nice in this on how you come out of the turns and come out Really nice and smooth, sometimes a little rough Music, Muy bien, everybody in the battery about four minutes of flight force. 450.