This drone is easy to learn. It came well packaged; this is a must buy if you are wanting to purchase a drone. I was very concerned because i didn’t know how was to come. The drone that i bought, but when i saw it i knew is all that i wanted. The package is very illustrative and beautiful. I learned immediately how to use it and seriously. I am very happy now. I always thought that the price of one good drone could be too expensive. Sin embargo, the price of this one is more than fair. I recommend it a lot Music. I bought it to learn how to fly, how to shoot stills and video, maybe as a hobby and maybe more. This aircraft is super easy to fly and it has multiple methods of interfacing, with both flight control and the camera through the app, as well as the remote. The app actually works consistently and i am, and all of them work quite well. I especially like the one key take off the camera is much nicer than i expected it does, as one would expect capture image better outdoors in bright light than it does indoors. Truly though it doesn’t do too bad indoors, either with enough light, the on board video that you see here was captured by wi fi on my phone. I haven’t tried to capture image on an sd card on board yet, but i would imagine that the quality would be significantly better.

I will be doing that soon. Es, pretty sturdy, too i’ve crashed into a wall a couple of times once into the asphalt and into a satellite dish and no broken pieces yet i’m.