So i was resistant to let him fly it, but with the mavic mini. Sí, i supervise every flight in the backyard. These prop guards are great. He has caused my mini to wall ride bump into the fence, even bumped, into his sister. Once i highly recommend getting these, if you don’t have them already Music, these worked great, but the mini thinks these are payload, with the mini being so light. These do add a decent percent of weight, thereby affecting flight. They do exactly what they’re supposed to protect the propellers, thankfully they’re easy to get on and off no tools needed. I saw some reviews about them, showing warnings about the weight i’ve yet to see that personally, Music i’ve also heard they can reduce flight speed and distance. But since i use them strictly when flying indoors that obviously hasn’t been a problem for me, Music they’re a must for flying indoors, since the mini has no front or back sensors. I love how protective these are i’ve had them on. Since i bought the drone and they’ve been very protective, even after crashing, the drone 2x haven’t tried them outside, but planning on using them. Until i am more comfortable to fly without, i doubt they’ll ever take them off long Music. These fit perfectly, and i didn’t experience any problems flying the mavic mini with the guards installed. They prevent damage to the propellers, and i had accidentally brushed against a 30 foot tall fur without causing a crash flying it indoors was also easy with the guard.

I highly recommend it and would almost say it is mandatory unless you plan to only fly it in wide open spaces. This one would protect the aircraft. Hence it should come in handy for new drone flyer Music. It does just what’s advertised to do protects. The drone and things you might crash into here is a little extra info. If you install these, it takes the drone over the weight limit for drones. You don’t have to register just so. You know Music either flying inside or outside all blades are fully protected. I crashed once into my neighbor’s window she’s mad cool, though no damage at all to the window, Claro, from this small thing, but i could see some good marks on the blades.