Most of them had noticeable issues from the unboxing to first use. Pelican cases have horrible latches that love to just pop open at the worst time, amazon basic cases usually smell, like a chemical factory in bolivia, where they have never heard of regulation. Mono price cases are just really bad all over and their rolling versions are atrocious. Música. The knockoffs are usually a little bit of each of these. Along comes this nanic, which i had just happened to find because i bought myself a spark for my upcoming birthday, and i wanted a good heavy case with some pre cut holes for the gear. The case arrived today and i eagerly opened the box like a little kid. The only thing that i didn’t care for initially was that the case itself is not textured, which means you’re going to see every battle scar that it gets. Then i honestly didn’t care about the scars. It would see because behold, the latches asterisk asterisk angelic chorus asterisk asterisk. They latch and lock closed asterisk asterisk. Can i get an amen, brothers and sisters asterisk asterisk sure, it’s been attempted and similarly duplicated in other brands, but none of them work. This well i’ve literally been through hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cases through work and volunteer services, and they have never had a single latch work so well.