Now I've gotten a lot of questions about it on the channel over the last couple of weeks, and what that's telling me is, you guys are not reading the manual and I know that's a boring exercise, but you should definitely sit down and read that manual cover To cover at least once there's a lot of really good information, packed in there and I'm more than happy to cover it on the channel and to be fair, a lot of the questions weren't. ¿Dónde está el botón de pausa? Pero ¿qué es lo que el botón de pausa hacer? I thought I'd put a quick clip together, sólo para mostrar dónde está el botón de pausa porque lo que DJ hice fue realmente minimizar el número de botones en ambos controladores remotos. So here I have the Mavic mini and that's the Mavic air to the pause button is actually a dual function of the return to home button. Así que si quieres que el quad regrese a casa, you'll hold the return the home button until it triggers and it'll head home. If you want to pause the drone you'll tap it once and that'll, detener el dron justo en sus pistas en el aire, so there's. The return to home on the Mavic mini and there's the return to home on the maverick air 2. Ahora el botón más es increíblemente importante porque, if you're doing any kind of autonomous flight, so if you're doing circles or drone YZ or if you're chasing a car and you get into trouble or you get a little bit panicked tapping a pause button will immediately stop The drone in midair it actually forces it back a little bit.

It actually pulls back from where it's heading. So if you're heading for a branch or somethingand you have the presence of mind to hit that it'll, en realidad evitar que golpee esa rama. La otra cosa interesante sobre el botón más es que en realidad congela los controles del joystick durante un par de segundos. Así que cuando golpeas eso, incluso si usted tiene el joystick duro derecho, the drone is going to stop and stay there and it's going to give you a couple of seconds to collect your thoughts and then it's going to continue on its way. So it's an incredibly important button, especially if you're flying in areas like this, where you're kind of in close quarters around a lot of pine trees, y tal vez los drones llegar un poco demasiado cerca de una rama. Y quieres detenerlo. Pulsa el botón de pausa ahora en drones antiguos. Eso era un botón separado y tenías que recordar dónde estaba, I kind of like the fact that they've included it as part of the return to home button. porque, in my mind now I know if I want to return to home that's kind of an emergency situation. I'Ll hit the return to home button, but the pause button is sort of a lesser of an emergency when I'm flying. Si necesito detener el dron, Puedo pulsar el botón de pausa y congelarlo en el aire, so I'll show you how it works in a second and then I'll come back with some final thoughts, pero mantente atento a eso.

Está bien para esta prueba, I've got the Mavic air off to the side I'm, va a deslizarse a través de frente de la cámara. Cuando llegue a aquí, I'm gon na hit the pause button, we'll see what happens so here's the pause button and I'll hit the joystick pause, Decir: oh it stopped and all he did was tap that pause button you'll also notice. I still have my thumb on the joystick pushing right the drones not going anywhere and that's a really nice safety feature, because the reason you hit that pause button is because you've gotten into a situation that you're not comfortable with and a lot of times when you're Panicking you don't, dejar ir con el joystick, por lo que pulsa el botón más. Se detiene por un segundo. If it didn't stay there and you let go the pause button, podría continuar en ese árbol. Así que me encanta el hecho de que lo detiene. Lo sostiene cuando sueltas ese joystick un par de segundos más tarde, you're back in control, por lo que realmente le proporciona ese tipo de mecanismo de seguridad. Al igual que un regreso a casa donde, si te metes en una situación esquebosa, you're flying around trees like this with a lot of brambles and branches hanging off, and you get too close to one hit that pause button it'll, detenerlo justo en el medio del aire. Le permiten obtener su compostura, take a couple of deep breaths and then you can start flying again so that's how it works.

That'S it for today's, punta rápida, y realmente espero, you're enjoying this content, porque planeo hacer mucho más de estas formas cortas. Videos where I answer questions that viewer send in about their drones or other high tech gear they're using. Así que si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre algo, I've covered today drop those in the comments below, and I promise to get back to you as quickly as I can or if you've got questions about a drone, you're flying or a piece of tech you're using send those In as well I'll do some research and I'll put a clip together and try and answer them for you now it's, a beautiful afternoon I'm out here in the middle of the pines in New Jersey out in the wilderness, I've got 12 batteries charged in my car And I can't wait to get that drone up and start flying, y espero que ustedes están recibiendo un montón de tiempo de aire, así, porque estos son tiempos realmente estresantes para el país y el mundo en general. There'S, no hay mejor manera de aliviar ese estrés que cargar las baterías, apilar su familia en el coche conducir a un área remota como esta poner su dron y sólo relajarse durante un par de horas. It'Ll. Definitely do you wonder so I'm glad you guys are watching, Eso espero, you're, all safe and happy if you haven't subscribed to the channel.