I put some new 2.2 size tires on this new ready to run axial jlu. Claro, the mudslingers on these amazing aluminum bead locks that i have this truck. I actually did my first run with it in the backyard trail park, and it was absolutely fantastic. It has an optional two speed transmission or the way i have it set up. It has a dig feature, which means it can drag its back axle and pivot. Like crazy, look at that now, you might be asking yourself right now why the heck would that be even useful. Pero, of course anybody that knows anything about uh trailing competitions knows that a dig can get you around the tightest spaces, the tightest areas and you're able to get out and do some of the greatest obstacles with it. So here we go i'm ready to go down into the park down to the creek and really give this thing a test. Yeah the jeep off road. With some proper big tires on it. Some people will be like that's not to scale, but if you guys have ever seen off road jeeps, it doesn't matter, you've got tons of huge tires. I love the axial ready to run platform, and i know a lot of people will be like. Why did you change it? I want to see you run it. You know than at stock form, but i encourage you to buy one yourself change it. Sin embargo, you see fit and get outside and have fun with the hobby.

You know i am so it's just kind of rolling under its own drag break right now, but let's say it was about to get very steep. I could simply put my rear dig on and all of a sudden it acts more of it. Like an anchor. You see that so a super steep area. I can even pull myself along if i want and then release and go Music done, just no problem, one gear, Bien, here's going to be a problem. Mira esto! This is a huge hole here and, Claro, whenever i'm doing a video, you can never quite get the scope of how difficult things are. Other rc videographers will agree with me, pero mira esto, so i love these tires. They have tons and tons of grip. Ahora, with this axial the jeep having portal gears, it has a ton of clearance. But oh as always, Mira esto, the back tire is the problem. Once it starts going into a hole, you start flipping over let's back out of here. Let'S go a different approach. Angle here, Oh, i hesitated that was my mistake. There it is there, it is see. Persistence pays off Music, Música, Música, Música, Música, Música, so drag break is just doing the work. It'S leading me down the hill, no problem at all Music. Oh right there you can see it start to slip and it rains so it's extra muddy. A little bit of throttle got me up the first section.

Oh, it wants to tip right there. Oh nice throttle. Oh, i shouldn't have hesitated right there. That hesitation will get you every time there. It is wheel, velocidad, good i'll, bring it around just let that drag break where the motor itself is slowing. It down you'll see that i've got nothing, but you can hear it's turning at a very controlled descent and then a little bit of throttle to help make it way all the way down. And here we are a small med pit with some widow makers right above it, so nice Music, si ustedes, are thinking about checking out this product i'll, leave a link in the video description box down below. You can have a look for yourself with this new axial ready to run. Como dije, the only difference is is the tires. Vaya, and today you can see how well balanced this vehicle is let's bring it back. Let'S do a little bit of a little bit of power here i figured for sure it was going over Applause, Aplausos musicales, Música, Aplausos musicales, Aplausos musicales, Música, Aplausos, Música, así que la música. I could play in mud with radio control vehicles all day, long it's, just something that brings me peace and joy about it. What a great shot Music, also my favorite time of the year to be our scene right now, the summer the spring getting out with all the vibrant colors and capable vehicles a little happy on the throttle there trying to turn it around eye centered right there.

Don'T worry, this is what my fingers are for, that is high centered come on baby come on that's, why you don't go wheeling alone unless you've got a winch here's. The problem right here, even with the big tires high centered, come on baby don't leave us stranded. Can'T go forward at all. Oh, Vamos, come on work, your way out come on. Sí, Sí, that was so worth it. Sí, i could have just picked it up and made it less dramatic, but why would i do that that's? Why i'm in the hobby yeah the sense of relief slightly less that of when you're stuck in your full scale, yeah time to get all washed off? Sabes. Every year we see a radio control hobby truck, make it to market and every year, they're always offering something more amazing than the year before, allowing you to get outside and have a good time with the hobby of radio control. Look at this no snorkel getting to wash off my tires. Now there we go. Oh my back one's! Not not going! Mira eso. I wonder if it's my driveshaft came. Undone! Oh it's! Turning now! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! You don't! Want that to happen back up a bit, my back tire is still not turning, but if i dig right now can i swing myself around? I can so the lock still helps so that was gon na help me get back to shore, even though i'm only turning one wheel now i'm upside down yeah it wants to spin.

It must be the placement of that dig servo. Maybe it was engaging without me. Even noticing, if it was only that easy to flip over full size trucks in the mud, bien, there you go guys. I hope you've had a good rc adventure with me today. I love the new axial. It is definitely a competitor to all the other trucks that are out there if you're an axial fan, you'll love to see this kind of stuff. Volver, ever since horizon hobby took over from hobbyko they've, been starting to figure out new ways to improve these axial trucks, and i think they're definitely on to something good now, especially for a ready to run vehicle, to have a dig like that.