JJRC H47 ELFIE + plegable bolsillo RC Selfie abejón – RTF

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  • Marca de fábrica: JJRC
  • Tipo: Interior,Al aire libre,Quadcopter
  • Modelo: H47
  • Características: Versión cepillado,Cámara,Control de radio,Control de la aplicación de WiFi,FPV de WiFi
  • Tipo de motor: Cepillado de Motor
  • Funciones: 3Rollover de D,Aire prensa altitud Hold,Adelante/atrás,Control de sentido de gravedad,Modo sin cabeza,Vuelo lateral,Tranquilo,La velocidad de,Gire a la izquierda/derecha,Arriba/abajo,Puntos de referencia,Conexión Wi-Fi
  • Tamaño: Pequeño
  • Sensor de: Barómetro
  • Girocompás incorporado: 6 Eje de giro
  • Tipos de kit: RTF
  • Nivel: Nivel principiante
  • Control remoto: 2.4GHz inalámbrico de Control remoto
  • Canal: 4-Canales
  • Modo de radio: Modo de 1 & Modo de 2 (Izquierda & Válvula reguladora derecha),Wi-Fi de la aplicación
  • Mando a distancia: 50-100m
  • Distancia de Control detallado: 80~ 100 m
  • Compatible con cardán adicional: No
  • Distancia FPV: 30 - 50m
  • Potencia del transmisor: 2 x pilas AAA(no incluido)
  • Modelo energía: Batería recargable de
  • Batería: 3.7V 500mAh lithium-ion
  • Tiempo de vuelo: 7minutos
  • Tiempo de carga.: 70minutos
  • Resolución de vídeo: 720HD P
  • Peso del producto: 0.0860 kg
  • Peso del paquete: 0.4200 kg
  • Tamaño del paquete (L x W x H): 18.00 x 16.50 x 7.00 cm / 7.09 x 6.5 x 2.76 pulgadas de
  • Contenido del paquete: 1 x Drone ( Batería incluida ), 1 x G-sensor Controller, 4 x hélice de repuesto, 1 Cable de x USB, 1 x destornillador, 1 x Manual de inglés chino, 1 x Drone Case


Descripción:JJRC ELFIE+, bigger than the previous generation, is superior and cooler. The buttons at the bottom fix the motor arms to avoid displacement when you are flying the UAV. A drone case is also included for outdoor photography. More importantly, it comes with a small G-sensor controller,...

Comentarios de usuarios

Produkt w 100% spełnił moje oczekiwania. Cena jest adekwatna do jakości. Sposób działania drona jest ok, kontroler działa bez zarzutu fajnie się nim steruje maszyną. Działanie na smartphone jest trudniejsze jednak to oczywiste, kamera nie jest super jakości jednak podgląd działa występuje lekki lag... Fajnie że jest futerał. Czas na baterii jest ok myśle że 6 min spokojnie można polatać. The product 100% met my expectations. Price is adequate for quality. The way the dron works is ok, the controller works flawlessly, it controls the machine smoothly. Action on the smartphone is more difficult but it is obvious, the camera is not super quality but the preview works there is a light lag ... Cool that there is a case. Time on the battery is ok I think that 6 min can fly smoothly. Słabo się lata w wietrzne dni bo dron jest bardzo lekki. Dobrze jest zakupić od razu komplet obudów i elementów które są narażone na uszkodzenia. Weak in the windy days because dron is very light. It is a good idea to purchase a complete set of cases and components that are subject to damage immediately.
- if you want to try a drone this is the choice, either if you want him just to speed around and play or to take some photos and videos, this drone can do both for you! - comes with a very intuitive controler that is easy to setup and understand (just read the manual some times and understand all the buttons and you will do just fine trust me!) - the photos and videos are not the high defenition that you usually see but still it is actually pretty good, damn i would even say it's really awesome once you compare the price and what you get! - can handle rough landing and its actually more durable than it seems! - just take my word, you cant go bad with this drone! if you want your first drone to train, this isnt wasted money! - a bit hard to get used to and to control, my advice for first users is to start with the controller and only use the phone for taking the pictures or video taping, its easier to learn to control it with the remote - when the battery starts to die off the drone will drop when you rotate with him on place or are moving to any direction with speed and that can be a litle problem because he might drop on water or get stuck in certain locations hard to reach, so avoid those areas after 3~4 minutes of flight.
Once you get used to the special hand controller, the drone flies well. Alternatively, it is possible to fly it by using a smartphone. Both methods are similar in operation and work well. The battery lasts up to 10 minutes depending on how you fly the drone. Being so light, the drone does not handle the wind very well and can be easily blown away. It would be advisable to fly the drone at close range. The camera quality is acceptable for 720p, being clear on the phone screen. Videos need to be saved to phone storage since there is no micro SD slot on the drone. Video footage appears better at closer range, which suits its intended purpose as a selfie drone. I haven't found any cons about this product yet. But maybe the operation range might be a little problem, but not any thing that actually matters for me with this drone.

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