I should say look at this. I know who goes with orange and blue. Sí. I think it looks. Awesome i even painted in the back look at in the back box. It is blue and it also has a blue interior also, underneath the body is all blue as well. These are my 2.2 sized vanquished bead lock wheels on an off branded super sticky compound tire, which is good because when you get cold air you know it starts to firm up most tires. If you have some slightly softer tires, it does help look at that. Just beautiful the jeep gladiator, a one uh tenth scale trail truck uh. It is an axial scx10 axial is the brand i'll leave a link in the video description box down below? If you want to check it out or some other rc's that i've showed on the show before, but uh let's get on the backyard trail park and see how it performs yeah, i love this radio one handed driving and all this. This is how it comes. You can't take this off the steering wheel, but it does help you if you want to go out and have something in one hand like a camera or a beer or a pop or whatever you want. I guess i should put my body on straight i'm, not ready for all this snow, yet thankfully it's melting i'm sure that we'll get a few of these days where it snows and it melts i'm.

Sorry to show it to you guys. Lo sé, but you know what it makes for some great traction up: the hill of doom for sure lots of axle hangers on here, but because my truck my jeep, Yo diría, has portal axles on it. It should have lots of clearance, wouldn't, be the backyard scale park run without a seesaw. Look at this super slippery, ah that's, Bien, i'm ready for my winter training. This is a weighted obstacle and what i mean by that is you have to climb to the end. Got to make sure i'm on there we go and then there's a weight on the other end. That'Ll actually help reset this for anybody that was crawling behind me or to make it extra hard. When i dismount and you'll see what i mean here, viewers of my show will know right here is a sticky spot, but nice and high lots of clearance with these portals and, Claro, everyone's gon na ask me: did you give it like a lift or like What did you do to get these tires on here? All i did was trim the inside running board right here, like this rock slider. I trimmed it and just basically moved the collars of the shocks slightly higher, which gave me more clearance. Now it makes the shock setup a little bit more stiff, but look there's plenty of room for it to move around. I love this area there's just something about watching an rc truck or a scale truck or any truck that has huge suspect, suspensión, movement uh.

Just to let it do its thing, hey it's always appealed to me. Mira eso, so nice let's try it again there. We go better angle, better angle, oh i'm, stuck again right here! I didn't build it to be easy. I always like to challenge myself when i'm building a course that way you can see when you're improving or make a a difference in your truck that helps there. Está ahí, it is oh yeah, one handed people say why don't you get a gopro and just stick it to your head and uh. I just don't find that the gopro, even though the technology is amazing, i've been working with my other cameras for so long i'm just used to it. Sí. Look at that that's that's, not a camera trick, that's just vertical the long wheelbase of the gladiator absolutely helps it when it's climbing, even when it's lifted up and has so much clearance underneath it's got to have at least four inches of clearance underneath there you know. So long wheelbase helps you crawl. Also helps you descend. Look at this no flipping. Here we go up the hill of doom, oh cakewalk, cakewalk, the hill of easiness. That was not even. We should try that in reverse dude. This is what i mean. This is how far trucks have come like ready to run in the old days. You know like it was so hard to find a trail truck. When i started this channel, we had to make our own what an evolution, especially with the birth of portal axles in rc trucks, Música, it's, Bien, Sí.

This is much harder. Oh, if you're, watching right now. Please comment below a lot of people say to me: does it bother you when you have so many subscribers and not so many views and the answer is no as long as there's some people that are watching and being inspired to play, then my job is done. Bye bye, oh agradable, i was hoping for all my wheels next time, Music from the parallel bars into the side, hill side, hill, nice and slippery. Are we gon na make it? We are oh good thing. I had some movement in my suspension there. I would have rolled it over bring it up to the parallel bars as i slide off the rock nice. Oh yeah baby. Now this is not easy. Look at this wesley pipes right here all the way down to the end, so slippery with wet tires. Can we do it? I don't know looks like i'm gon na have to line it up a little better, oh gon, na roll into it. Can i mount it? Puedo? Sí, i think we can pull it off. The secret is, is don't, put on the brake and make sure you can see where your wheels are at at all times. Venga, sí. That is how it is done.