This is the black version, como se puede ver, and this is the advanced version with thisa little bit upgraded controller it's a little bit of a smaller screen than the original one. But it's got the antennas mounted on the outside of the controller, and this is going to be an interesting test. I'M gon na I have a dual battery here. This is a dual battery mod. I have a white cable, just a parallel cable. I made myself. I ordered some of these connectors online and I just basically made a parallel cable. I have both batteries connected and then I'm just gon na plug this into the craft, so it's the same voltage. It just doubles the capacity so anyway, what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na go for range I'm. Gon na see how far I can get, keeping an eye on the screen, keeping an eye on the distance and the clarity and also of the control. This is the control antenna, and this is the fpv antenna and what's going to be significant about this little test is not alone. Not only am i doing the dual batteries and the range but I'm also when I run out a range or it starts getting really fuzzy on the fpv I'm gon na go ahead and swap antennas while it's flying out there. Now this I don't shouldn't have to worry about it because it has returned to home failsafe, but this is gon na be interesting, so I'm gon na swap this patch antenna out.

Se trata de un 14 DB eye patch antenna and then I'm gon na swap the control antenna out. Al mismo tiempo, I do that we're gon na push it further and then, if the control, if it loses control I'm gon na slide this parabolic dish over the antenna, this white antenna and then if we lose fpv I'm gon na switch to this helical antenna. This should be kind of like the ultimate fpv range I'm gon na put that right here in place of this one. So we're gon na do kind of a three part swap in real time while it's flying so hopefully all goes well and you enjoy this little test. Pero de todos modos, let me boot this thing up and get ready to go. Bien, por lo que, like all of these copters you've got to calibrate the compass upon boot up, so I just plugged it in and we want to calibrate compass, one so I'm, just gon na rotate. It like this doesn't, really matter, clockwise counterclockwise. Until you see compass, calibrate compass, two they're gon na face it down and do another one of these guys here and this one on this one seems like it takes a little while for the compass to there goes. That was easy so that one quick, sometimes it takes longersome people have said, make sure you're not covering the GPS. So maybe that was it anyway that's calibrated and just need to jam this battery pack in here as tight as possible, without sorting anything out and um close it all up and see how it does.

So if you cannotice here on the bottom, I just notched the door here, so some of the wires can stick out if they need to alright, so I was actually able to pack it all in there. So these wires didn't stick out I'm. Just gon na put this balance, connector just kind of tuck it away here so that's as good as I could get it. You see how there's not really any wires hanging out there's just that extra battery there. Let the thing get it satellites going and we've already got twelve and twelve. Se puede ver aquí: we've got twelve in the purple and twelve in the orange. That means one is the quad and one is the controller, así que deberíamos ser buenos para ir. I want to start the recording, so that's enter so I'm gon na be recording on the craft here, as well as in the Hat cam anyway, let's arm the motors start, my timer let's lift off straight up. You can see how it's a little tough for it to lift off with this extra battery takes a little more umph but I'm just gon na hover here, just for a sec. Now I just have that battery wrapped with scotch tape so kind of a double wrap with scotch tape. De todos modos, there we are. We can see that the fpv is super clear and I'm just gon na kind of start booking it out there. The wind is coming from this direction, so I'm, actually gon na, go ahead and go more in at this angle, just so it's easier to come back so I'm gon na stay at about this height right now.

For my launch point I'm only two point three meters. So I'm gon na go up to maybe three meters and we're. Just gon na go straight out. So I'm gon na go full pitch forward, and here we go so full pitch forward and, como se puede ver, the screen is very clear: I'm gon na point. The antennas perpendicular to the craft as much as possible. I want to point it right kind of at that cloud line that's where the craft is gon na be over there, but just all the while just kind of looking down and seeing what's going on here and since we kind of started the timer right. When we lift it off started the video the video is a good timer as well. The video is kind of ticking down and we can see how that's going to go. You know what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na switch into altitude hold mode, and that would be turning the GP off. So I can zip out a little faster, so we're in altitude hold mode now, and you can go a lot faster in this mode. So I'm, just gon na go ahead and zip out here now on this one occasionally I've had a problem where in altitude hold. If you really jam the sticks, it starts tumbling onto the sky and you got to flip into GPS. Real rápido, so we'll see how this goes so I'm, turning a little bit to the left, because the wind is gon na push it.

You know to my right in that direction, pero, como se puede ver, we are going 10 meters per second I'm going to start giving it more pitch forward. So I want to make sure that I'm really angled perpendicular to the craft, with these antennas 12 meter per second getting a little fuzzy I'm gon na stop here and I'm gon na switch into GPS mode and I'm gon na just keep going out that way and I'M, hoping you guys can see this screen, I don't have anything else recording the video, but I just want to make sure that you know you can see the control on this. The fpv signal on this, so i want to make sure I'm filming this controller anyway. So the maximum speed with GPS right now full pitch forward, is only like 4 metros por segundo. So you can see how in altitude hold. I was going away faster anyway, videos a little grainy, but still good, even if I keep it more down like this it's. Even better we're, en 890 metros de distancia, headed for that green field. Over there you see, as I pick it up, gets a little more scratchy unless I kind of there we go. If I can just turn the antennas like that, it'll be even better, so you guys can see the screen and the antennas can be perpendicular to it. So here we are at about almost 10 1000 meters yep, so we're 1000 meters now cruising out there it's still going so I want to get out there.

A little quicker it's already been four and a half minutes. So I want to go ahead and switch into altitude. Hold Motz want to let off a stick, switch this downtown stitute hold and try to get out there. A little quicker let's see what our speed is when we do switch into altitude hold mode yeah, so we're, getting like 10 meters per second enough to hold and I'm, not even pitching the stick all the way forward. Let me try to pitch the stick. All the way forward. Well see that tumble, whoa okay, that was scary, so you don't want to do that so that's. The problem with this one is, if you do altitude hold, sometimes you will have a tumble out of the sky. I'Ve had that a few times. One time I was flying it didn't do that so I'm, no estoy seguro de lo que es, maybe it's, something something funky with the software anyway, I'm. Still in control I'm, just gon na go ahead and do a roll. You can see I'm still in control here in the video, and we still have fpv signal, keep in mind that I'm completely away from any wireless or anything I've got my phone in airplane mode. There'S no wireless out here so you don't, have to worry about any interference, como se puede ver. Oh, oh it's at Memory full bummer on that video card I had in there so anyway, it looks like that. Video stopped sorry about that.

Tuve un 16 gigabyte card in there and I didn't, I thought it was clear, but maybe not anyway the video caught out, but at least you'll be able to see this fpv screen. So here we are we're at over 1500 meters with the stock system. Here on the advanced controller, y como pueden ver, if I turn to the left, you see how the video gets really splurt turn to the right and point it back right at it and it's fine, so I'm cruising at only 3.8 metros por segundo, I haven't Lost any control yet still have control. You can see how I'm rolling here and still good control go ahead and hold this up a little bit. So you guys can see this so still in control. Por desgracia, we have that memory full icon there on the screen, but a big deal. Bien, hope it looks like we we hit return to home okay, so it looks like we lost signal at 1750, two meters on the screen there. Hopefully you guys can see that 1750. Two metersand it looks like it's kind of doing I returned to home. Now I don't have any more control, como se puede ver. No more control here so I'll get go ahead and kind of let it work its way back there we go so we're looks like it regained control. Let me go ahead and see if I'm still in control, no so I'm, not in control anymore.

Por lo tanto, de todos modos, no control. This would be a good opportunity to go ahead and switch these antennas out so real quickly, while it's, hopefully kind of doing its return to home I'm gon na go ahead and switch these antennas out so taking off the stock control antenna. Putting on the regular antenna are not the regular antenna, but this an aftermarket antenna here and I'm, not gon na put on the fpv antenna. Yet let's see how this does okay, so hopefully we can regain signal or something sometime soon, still not having any control over it. Let me go ahead and try to switch into return to home, see if we have anything going on here, not seeing any control. Yet I hope it's coming back that's for sure that would suck if it wasn't coming back still no control. Maybe that was its limit or maybe it's just popping in and out of control. So I can't really tell let me try to just there. Vamos bien, see how I put that in turn it down and apparently it is coming back, so you can see on the screen here, we're at thousand meters. So let me see if I can go ahead and switch out or return to home and keep pushing it, so it already could come back over 500 meters when it hit it. So you know let's return to home, so I'm gon na go ahead and zoom back out there. I should be in this direction, so you can see the FPV was still pretty clear, it's getting a little scratchy, but still very doable with this existing patch antenna.

Let'S see if we can push it further with this antenna, we're at 11 minutes and I'm going to go out of GPS and riskily switch into altitude hold. I want to push it too hard, but I just want to get faster than its 4, so meters per second okay yeah, so we can get up to like 12 Música, ms or so you can see the video here. It is getting a bit scratchy and it gets a little clearer if I move the controller around let's just see how far we can go. So I still have control. You can see me rolling it a little bit here. It was like we do still have good control. 1500 metros. I think this is around where it dropped out. Last time I still got control here, I'm, just kind of rocking it back and forth. We'Re going pretty quick. 10 meters per second still got video 1700 meters and give it a little more pitch a little more pitch we're, getting way the hell out there we're almost at 2000 metros, 1900 metros. You can see the video it's getting a little some lines in there and stuff, but we're still going 2000 metres switching in the GPS it's like it's. Just on the verge of this, can this antenna, Creo, get a feedback on the controller that it's. It knows. It'S in GPS mode, that's kind of scary, Sí, we're we're, we have lost control. So next thing to do is put on this dish, so we got like 2000 metros, Bien, we're back in business.

We got about 2000 meters with this thing and now check this out. I'M in returned to home, so it's coming back a little bit, so I shouldn't have to worry about it. Taking off this fpv in town, you know what I'm gon na skip this patch I'm gon na go straight to this guy watch this. So this is a helical antenna and the way this works is you have to point it right at the craft. Don'T want to get it mounted correctly on a point right at the craft, so here we go so check this out. So this is kind of tough, because I can't really I got ta, keep it angled like this, but um it's. Te ves bastante bien, you can see how it gets fuzzy when we go that way, and this is a good way to kind of know where your craft is to compared to your controller. So it should be right like that, right there and I'm gon na go out of return to Hall. If I can, is it gon na, let me well, I don't have control still maybe 2000 meters its maximum doesn't seem like this is really doing much. This parabolic dish I'm trying to control it, but I've got no no ability, so that was 15 minutos. So you know what I'm gon na try to book it back and while we're at it we'll leave in return to home. So you can see that this is.

This is probably overkill this antenna for how far this thing can go. Bien, we went 2000 metros, so I'm very satisfied with that I'm gon na go ahead and put it on this. Other patch let's just see how it looks at this distance. Bien, this one even worse. Ah, I guess it's kind of equivalent have the the Stockland might have even been better than this. I think the stock may have been better stock. Antena. Can'T really tell see how this is a little bit fuzzy, but it's coming back looks like we have regained our telemetry new house, counting down it's a thousand meters almost already and it's, coming back at five meters per second, so there you have it. That was a little bit of a test. Creo que tenemos 1400 with the stock and then putting this on gave us about two thousand meters and I'm, not sure about this patch here, definitely more sensitive. I think you know what this antenna. My final verdict on this one: this was like an aftermarket one. I got from one of those stores. I think this patch is as good as that one, si no mejor. It seems fine see that video seems a little better more clear. So if you're thinking about an aftermarket patch, you know maybe just stick with this one. Unless you get a much more high quality one anyway, you can see it coming back, we're at 7 metros, 700 metros, coming back at about 5 meters per second it's altitude.

From our launch point, Lo es 10 metros, so it looks like it buried a little bit. It may have gone up and down a little when I was an altitude hold going really fast watch says 18 minutos, so we've been flying for about 18 minutos. This thing should fly for 30 minutos, we'll just go ahead and since we're doing a kind of an all in one test, with these two double battery mod may as well see how long this thing can fly I'm, the advanced version with two batteries. You can see that if I read if I switch out, a return to home goes back in the GPS hold and if you can see the screen here see, I have control again sum up full pitch back here and it's at 450. Meters go ahead and switch into altitude. Hold. Show you this thing again and pull back on the stick. You can see how much faster will be able to go. We are already going 10 metros por segundo, and this is where you got to be careful. I remember you got to be ready to switch into GPS if it starts tumbling. Watch your altitude we're going 15 meters per second we're going 16 meters per second very fast. I can hear it let off switching the GPS. I hear it over. There let's go ahead and do it return to home and let it go ahead and come back on its own. Then we'll just fly around until that battery um needs to land, so sixty meters, seventy meters we're still at nine meters height from our launch point there.

It is so you look there. Little switch out I'll return to home it's gon na lock its position, let's go ahead and come down a bit hover right here, so it's still very flyable with that second battery, and you can see how it's been doing great twenty minutes of flight. We still have what seven volts we're just reaching the first low battery warning right around seven six point: nine is where it starts to warn ya. Por lo tanto, if you're wondering how this thing kind of hovers, with the dual battery mod check it out Music hands off the controller slight wind coming from my back there, it is hovering, Claro, it's gon na you know, go up and down a little from the barometer Doesn'T have any vision or sonar sensors on it, so it's not gon na be as stable as something like a phantom or something that does have those sensors. But anyhow there you go dual batteries, little less, quick and responsive, but gosh, you know totally capable of flying with double the battery weight and giving you about ten more minutes. If you miss my initial age, five 1s standard version. I also did this double battery mod to it, and I got thirty minutes of flight, so I wouldn't expect less from this one anyway, I'm, just gon na fly around until we deplete this battery 21 minutes and thirty seconds. I know this is gon na be a long video, but I just kind of want to show how long this could think and fly for it looks like this setup.

I'Ve got here on. The controller is probably enough for this one. You know get a little bit higher DB, antena dbi. I think this one is only maybe a 5 DB. Me 6 DB. I in town here replace that small short one they give you. I didn't really see a difference by putting that parabolic dish on there unless somehow it's getting the telemetry through the fpv I'm, No estoy seguro, but even when I switch that helicoil fpv antenna on there, didn't really make a difference either so I'd say the setup they give. You is good enough for this. sujeto, aside from put on a bigger antenna, like I said anyway, just gon na fly straight out here and use up some of our battery power. You can see that really you're only going to go about 4 meters per second between four and five with the GPS on and keep in mind with this one. You don't have any camera tilt functions so that's a little bit of a condo stabilization, no camera tilt. Por lo tanto, if you're looking for a camera quad that has those those features, este no va a ser el indicado para ti, but for the amount of money this one is now let's have all this telemetry to have all these different modes with return to home and Everything man, I don't, know if there's a better quad that has this range and can do all this stuff, pretty amazing to me and the form factor too it's a small little light, quad slap on another battery and you have ten more minutes of flight time.

It doesn't seem to affect it at all. I did bring my temperature gauge with me, so maybe I'll go ahead and slap that on the motors right when I land it and all you guys can see the temperature. If I can remember okay, so first battery low warning we've got that at about six point. Seven volts, Creo, six point six, so I'm gon na kind of stay in the vicinity. Let me go ahead and try to come home just via fpv let's, see so I'm up that mountain there and I'm just gon na go straight forward, see how it does come on back well, so it didn't have it like a little a little battery beep, but It went away and it's not coming back so really impressed with these batteries. You know not seeing any problems with these batteries. These hubsan batteries, these stock batteries I've got two and then I ordered one more extra, so I got one with each craft. I have the original standard version and this advanced version and I went ahead and bought one extra, so that's me up there right on the top of that caution, sign signal on the street that's my car and I'm just gon na kind of book it back in Gps mode, so one thing to be aware of is that altitude hold tumble, just be very cautious of that. I had that happen to the age 501s original as well, and I almost crashed that one coming out of the sky there.

It is cruising home full stick forward full to the left drop a little bit, but it picked itself back up, not touching the altitude we're getting a little bit more beat on the the battery caution, and so there we are in its first low voltage landing. So it'll slowly come down, see how it's slowly coming down on its own at around. I think it was six point six or so. Oh I guess it popped above it I'm just gon na kind of hover. Here we are at 26 minutes on the clock. So you should have at least four more minutes of flight I'm, just gon na kind of keep flying around pick it up a little bit. What this one does is. It goes into its first low voltage and slowly drops, but you can force it up and then it will do a forcible landing, but you can still control it. So let's see it's dropping slowly, pretty sure that's its first yeah, so it's gon na land. If I let it but I'm gon na go ahead and push up on the stick, I think it's six point three force does a forced landing and let me see your time if I can check my watch here. Real rápido, 27 minutos, but you know you can still force it up if you need to and still have full control I'm just barely forcing up the throttle here. I'M, just gon na hover near us until it decides to do an auto force landing which should be happening any second now let's try to catch it.

If I can, when it decides to do that there, it goes okay and I'm holding down on the controller. This one's, no gon na, show off the motors so it's a little bit tough. To do with one hand you have to shut off the motors like this. Both sticks in and we're both sticks out. So I really wish they would have let you shut them off. Just by holding the stick down that would've been awesome anyway, twenty eight minutes stop the clock here, so I didn't quite reach thirty minutes on that one. But you know what good enough for me, that was two minutes shy of my original test and it could have been from a lot of reasons it could have been. I was pushing a little harder in altitude hold. I was really going quite fast out there at range. It could have been from some wind or turbulence or who knows what but I'd say two minutes is not bad at all. A fluctuation there, depending on the flying style anyway, guys you're able to kind of see you can see how it stopped beeping, because the battery voltage went above six point. Seven it's at six point: eight six point: nine now, but anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed that long range test, 2000 metros. De todos modos. I hope you enjoyed the review guys, do a lot of reviews and advanced tests like this range tests and battery mods and all kinds of stuff so go ahead and check out the channel.

I think you'll, like it and I'll, see you in the next video don't. Forget I'll have this guy down in the description in the link, so you can check all this stuff and put together your own long range, hubsan, h5, 1's advanced with dual batteries.