¿Qué dron tiene el modo FOLLOW ME más eficaz en sus deseos? Mira este video y lo descubrirás.

Necesita un capitán abejón camiseta o una taza de café? Vete a:án-zángano-mercancía-stor

Estos tres drones se pueden encontrar en AMAZON (en caso de que te guste AMAZON):
Aire Mavic DJI:

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49 Comentarios
  1. ¿Puedes hacer uno de los tifones H? Quiero ver el rastreo en él. Tengo uno, pero se estrelló debido a fallas GPS.

  2. sus piernas están felices de ver el sol. 😁

  3. You don't have to hope, mientras disfruto de tus videos. 😉
    I want the Evo but I'm here in Germany and Amazon won't ship over here, ¿hay alguna manera de que usted o cualquier persona que lea esto podría ayudar? Gracias a todo por adelantado que se preocupa.

  4. Para hacer el cuento corto- Comprar el aire mavic!

  5. Excelente demostración en los tres drones. El modo Sígueme es una necesidad para la mayoría de las personas que ciclo,caminata, etc.y el consentimiento y descenso de un dron es una necesidad en estos casos gracias por mostrar esto. Los tres drones son geniales, caballos para cursos.

  6. Mavic es el mejor! Gran prueba

  7. So according to vegasrobbie you don't know what you're doing. Aparentemente, las pistas Anafi con GPS y sistemas ópticos al mismo tiempo. Si desea que rastree sin el controlador o el teléfono, usted tiene que desactivar el seguimiento GPS en la configuración. Supuestamente, it'll follow you up and down the hill at that point. Si usted tiene una oportunidad, darle una oportunidad.

  8. Mavic pro vs Anafi Jeep prueba. Anafi ganó : 😮

  9. Love these comparison demo's, para mí, el Evo obtiene la victoria!! El único que captura imágenes de la vida silvestre local?!! En 5:52 we have the world's first known sighting and filming of "The lesser spotted bearded green ladybird" mostrando de su plumaje de verano. Me encantó tu rápida respuesta de evasión, era mejor que cualquier tecnología incorporada " you're supposed to be watching me, let's see if you can do it if I go downhill?" Lo esquivaste como un profesional!! Si no hubiera paseado por el camino trillado, es posible que nos hayamos perdido este avistamiento raro, it's camoflage perfectly matching the grass and the trees it would have been harder to spot than a Yeti in a snow storm. Usted debe compartir este material con la comunidad científica, I'm sure the intrigue and investigations would be abound, for little if nothing is known about this strange looking creature, although it is widely believed that it is a bit Chameleon like, able to change its appearance not only to match it's surroundings but also its mood. It is also believed, though not scientifically proven that it may be capable of self reproduction or perhaps even able to change its biological formation to the opposite of its available companion in order to ensure "The Survival of the Species" (think I might make a film about that) I'm sure it will be a global blockbuster!! Mantener el buen trabajo…saludos…David Attitudeborough…..

  10. Please check out the follow me/active track mode comparison which is an important feature for me, Ver:
    I guess the mavic air's active track is also crappy compared to parrot's follow me (my spark is also not as good as my bebop 2, actually dji's active track it's just not usable. If I knew this beforehand I would have never bought a DJI sparkdid not expect this from the so-called best drone company

  11. Buena, logical, structured tests, CD. Gracias.

  12. What drones don’t have no fly zone?

  13. Capitán abejón. Very interesting tests, love your video's. I see that you are member (?) of a RC model flying club (Como yo). Can the Mavic Air follow a slowly flying RC-plane? Would be nice!

  14. First of all off course my compliments with your indepth tests and reviews of these little flying buggers. Is there any present software fix for the uphill follow me mode issue you encountered with the autel evo that you know of?

  15. Very important feature for me! Excelente video!!

  16. I root for newcomers and I reaaaallly want to buy the Evo. But saving a couple hundred $$ to get the Mavic Air is seeming almost too tempting. I'm a commercial drone pilot that films farm equipment and hunting. Somebody please tell me a good reason to go Autel!

  17. awesome as usual. my question is: does the anafi respond to the controller OR the phone? could you do the follow me test once only with mobile? Gracias

  18. i don't think the mavic went down with the controller, i think it went down because you bent down, love the videos though. new sub!

  19. Wow the Anafi is way more impressive than I thought. I think it’s actually got the best image quality and most realistic color! Way to step up your game Parrot!

  20. the Parrot followed the controller. it climbed and descended only to keep you in the centre of the shot as you walked up the hill with out the controller. Great demo on all 3 abejones. DJI wins this round for sure.

  21. Sad to see the EVO's epic fail on Follow Me since I've just ordered one. OTOH, couldn't be more impressed with the Mavic Air's intelligence. But I'll stick with the EVO for its superior video quality and hope they fix what's broke.

  22. Do you know if the Follow Me issues on the EVO have been corrected? I asked Autel about it and they told me it had been presented to their engineers for consideration. Pretty much a Bum's Rush! I'm seriously ready to purchase the EVO, but not until this basic flaw has been corrected!

  23. Does anyone know if the Autel Evo issues shown in this video were fixed?

  24. Perhaps it has become second nature but you dropped a handful of "excuses" about the characteristics of the DJI tracking, plus the complements of DJI. You even started the ANAFI at less than a foot off the ground in Tracking mode, while the Mavic OVER a metre from the ground! Realistic comparison? No. NO sensors in the sides of the Mavic funny you didn't point that out, so you never walked it sideways towards tree?? Oh because you staged these reviews for DJI to win. Zzzz.

  25. Sir i have money and can buy one drone plz help me which one to buy dji mavic air parrot anafi or yuneec q500 4k plz answer must as u have also all of them

  26. Hola, just a quick question: I am hearing a lot of good comments about Autel EVO ,which are mostly overtaking the Mavic's or 2 Pro capabilities but I'm somehow surprised why color of the grass on the aircraft camera is so weird? ( @ 5:43) and that man's bedsheet
    dress is more weird :)))

  27. Did autel evo fix height following bug?

  28. Sir sir.. plzz review fimi x8 se….

  29. The color profile of mavic air is way better than the evo

  30. Thanks for this test! I got bad luck to try this. MA followed me when I walked down but MA doesn't follow me (Climb up) when I walked up. Maybe because I took it off by hand?
    See in my VDO. >> Do you have some advice?

  31. The problem with all of these "Follow Me" modes is the that the drone CANNOT fly backwards when following a person showing their face. I need those shots too far more that the BACK of someone's head. Plus if you are going faster that 20MPH the Mavic Air gets left in the dust.

  32. have the fixed the follow me mode on evo so it climbs when subject does??

  33. Buen video. Gracias!
    Algunas cosas:
    1. Evo for $1000 should be better than Mavic Air. It's not.
    2. Mavic Air is great, except way too noisy and no OcuSynch.
    3. Drones haven't evolved enough yet to provide what Mavic Air should be for the $800 precio (quieter and with OcuSynch).
    4. Anafi with so-so obstacle avoidance is not a serious option.

  34. That was helpful because I thought the rear sensors on the evo were always working and we crashed two of them going backwards. I need to fly forwards more! Still love the evo.

  35. Can it go more near to you while follow you

  36. Don't know if you realize this: Your videos are very funny because of your personality! Very happy and lively! 🤣🤣🤣

    En serio! I really appreciate your videos!

  37. I am watching all videos about follow me mode because that's the one feature I most need and, para mí, the Anafi has the best. It's probably going to change but March 2019 there is no doubt they are above competition on this feature. Let's see DJI next move.

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