SKYTECH H100 Racing Boat Review – [Water Run, Pros & Contras]

Now this is a brushed, a little mini racing boat. You can see it's, not very big it's. Only about a foot look foot in length and here's the controller here, but anyway I didn't really do an unboxing with this one but I'm just going to run it we're just going to go straight […]

PowerVision PowerEgg X Waterproof Kit Ocean Flight Test Review – Vuelo & CRASH Test! – Prueba de mar?

We flipped it hey guys thanks for tuning in it is actually just a fantastic day out here in Wailea Maui Molokini out there, the hotel lobby we got lanai over there. West Maui and we're gon na be testing the power AG X, waterproof kit, so I might have to just jump in the […]

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