EL FUTURO DEL RODAJE DE DRONES – Aerialvation Cinestar

Este es el sinistar aerovation. Aquí vamos música ahora. What aerial vacation has put together here with their bind and fly option is probably one of the most impressive drone bundles out there under 250 gramos. We have everything in this box that you need to fly and they've gone a step further by […]

Navatics MITO Solar 500m Wireless Underwater ROV Review – Parte 1 – [Unboxing, Inspección, Programa de instalación]

This company is a sister company of B propulsion. If you remember my propulsion motor on my little mini boat, it's kind of the same company and manufacturers as that go ahead and check that out, I'll have it pop up here and it's, pretty cool video on my mini boat. I also have the […]

PowerVision PowerEgg X Waterproof Kit Ocean Flight Test Review – Vuelo & CRASH Test! – Prueba de mar?

We flipped it hey guys thanks for tuning in it is actually just a fantastic day out here in Wailea Maui Molokini out there, the hotel lobby we got lanai over there. West Maui and we're gon na be testing the power AG X, waterproof kit, so I might have to just jump in the […]

Navatics MITO Solar Subwater ROV Submarino Drone – Maiden Ocean Dive Review con profesionales & Contras

Finalmente, our ocean test, we're gon na see how it does in the ocean. I mean I'm just on the shoreline, but this is where I test a lot of my drones underwater subs. I should say for our Ovie's and this one did super awesome in the pool just the most precision one I've […]

PowerVision PowerEgg X Maiden Flight Test ReviewIn Depth with Pros & Contras

Esto es gon na, be the maiden flight test of the power AG X and I'll. Put it together right here on the field here actually goes this way and we're just gon na fly. This thing around I'm gon na just kind of real time setup on how fast it takes to set the […]

PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Review – Parte 1 – Modular Waterproof Drone [Unboxing Setup & Actualización]

I also did a review on and they also have the power dolphin, which is kind of a boat, slash drone that can look underwater with the camera. They were nice enough to send me a Power egg X for review. Super excited gon na do a full on unbiased review on this. So I've […]

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