FPV en el campo de golf abandoned Putt Putt (horripilante)

Va a Canadá, a replica of that uh tower it's a tower that's actually over. En Canadá, it's replica of that and a freighter, so i'm gon na do a little fpv flying through this abandoned putt putt golf course and i'm gon na take you with me so stay tuned. Así que si […]

My New Favorite DJI Drone Is Not A DJI Drone

This has really changed my fpv life okay, so it is my third day in a row to come out and fly pretty early in the morning before it gets too hot still got a little bit of shade here, so let's get set up and do it do My so i've flown all of […]


Today I have a new review for you at the drone camps headquarters here. This is the LDA RC king kong DJI DJ 220. Es un 5 cuatro pulgadas. You can do a top mount battery on here, or you can do a bottom mount. Viene en dos versiones diferentes. Viene en […]

MEJOR CINEWHOOP DJI MICRO? – BetaFpv 95X, Escarabajo Transtec, VS Geprc Rocket Lite

You decide which micro you buy this year with DJI digital in there we're gon na review sort of do a mash up. Hoy, we're gon na put in some footage of the rocket from gap RC. This is the rocket light with the cat X on board and I'm also going to show you […]

Prueba de rango máximo del sistema DJI Digital FPV (1200mW Hack) – Qué lejos en 4GLte Parrot Disco?

Hoy, we're gon na fly it as far as we can that away and we're gon na try to see how the line of sight is again with the digital fpv. Las gafas ya hicieron un vuelo en 700 milliwatts strictly but there's a hack, y se puede compensar para 1200 Milivatios. Así que hoy, […]

REvisión del sistema DJI Digital FPV – Prueba de rango máximo (700MW) Qué lejos en 4GLte Parrot Disco

Cricket FPV: Héroe de la ciudad natal de Baltimore

Cricket is the Hometown Hero of Baltimore. He loves his metropolis and is taking up a tour of his favourite spots! Let's go to the place the King of Backwards startedCricket's signature motors are OUT NOW! #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Help Rotor Riot by buying from […]

Rotor Riot Spec KwadHD1 Build with DJI FPV System

The construct guide to accompany this video might be discovered right here: Choose up your DIY construct equipment for this setup right here! Don't wish to construct it your self? Buy a pre-built setup right here: #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Help Rotor Riot by buying from our […]

DJI FPV Alternativa – R2Teck NEXG1 Digital FPV – Revisión completa & Comparación

R2Teck NEXG1 VS DJI Sistema Digital Fpv. ¿Qué puede $339 conseguir que versus $800? Descubre… Dos cables de energía el NEXG1 y también se obtiene TX y RX OSD + Video RSSI. No se requiere Betaflight. Ala montada o quad apropiada. Comprar un sistema R2Tech NEXG1 Digital Fpv $339 Banggood : Código de cupón : toyho Adecuado […]

DJI FPV Digital sistema – FPV HD es aquí! – Revisión completa, Vuelos de prueba, & Desglose de precio

DJI FPV is HERE! and its AMAZING The NEW HD DJI Digital FPV System is offered for preorder on the Rotor Riot Retailer: Additionally accessible through DJI: #DJI #DJIFPV #FPVFREESTYLE – – – – – – – – – – Deseo volar FPV como los profesionales? Comenzar aquí: Get Rotor Riot Attire right […]

DJI DIGITAL FPV SYSTEM acaba de cambiar el futuro de FPV – Freestyle // REVISIÓN DE ALA FIJA

Evaluación completa junto con ala montada y quad fpv estilo libre. ¿Puede este método cambiar nuestro fpv analógico de confianza? Profesionales de la, Contras, y una opinión no sesgada sobre el mayor lanzamiento del yr. – Sistema DJI Digital Fpv. Evaluación por Justin Davis. Capítulos de vídeo : Introducción : 00:00 Pruebas de ala montada : 05:39 Freestyle Quad Testing : […]

DJI DIGITAL FPV SYTEM KILLER? – Ya??? – Fatshark Byte Frost ?

Fatshark publicó BYTE FROST HD Fpv System en su página web oficial de Fatshark. Echamos un vistazo a las especificaciones, el suministro de la placa, y diferentes opciones HD Fpv. Hyperlinks under to the HD Fpv Techniques talked about on this video Fatshark Fb Web page : Hipervínculo aquí : R2Teck NEXG1 200mw HD Fpv Sistema […]