GDRC 4D F4 Low Cost Two Axis Gimbal Brushless GPS Drone Flight Test Review

Así que felicitaciones buenos días, Quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new gdrc, 4d f4 gps. Drone. Ahora, why am i interested in this particular drum? Bien, for one thing, this is a folding motor folding drone for maximum portability, with two axis gimbal, que es agradable, but what i like about it is […]

SG906 Pro 2 Unedited 2K Video (No Sound)

X73 JUMPER MINI FPV – Revisión completa – [Unbox, Inspección, Vuelo/Crash Test, Pros & Contras]

Esta es una mosca vinculante, so it's already got a receiver built in there's, ya un poco fpv mini cámara arriba con un VTX incorporado en ya transmisor de vídeo, y por lo que todo lo que tenemos que hacer es vincularlo a un controlador como el trance, which I'm Going to be using here and […]

Eachine US65 Pro 2S Micro Racer Drone Outdoor Flight Test Review

That i promised for the um us65 pro now. I have two batteries attached in there. Let me center them here first folks, but this will give us the 2s power i already got one of them plugged in, but i need to plug the other into the bridle and that'll power it up and […]

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